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Miss New Jersey Exposes Blackmail Pics

7/12/2007 4:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss New Jersey revealed some of those supposedly salacious blackmail photos this morning, and while they're a little embarrassing, one thing's for sure -- she's no Katie Rees!

Amy Polumbo showed the country some of the most "revealing" pics on the "Today" show, and while one shows her boyfriend chomping on her (clothed) breast and another finds her (fully clothed) legs spread wide in a limo, the rest of them (that were released) were decidedly PG. She decided to make the pics public in advance of a meeting today with New Jersey pageant officials, who will determine the fate of her crown.

Meanwhile, three snaps that the New York Daily News "turned up" of Polumbo partying at Disneyland turned out not to be Amy, she told Matt Lauer. They're actually of a "good friend," said the beauty queen.

Update: Pageant officials have just announced that Amy Polumbo will not be stripped of her crown.

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That's what I see and I wish I'd been there too!

Posted at 4:21PM on Jul 12th 2007 by Bina

are you a HOE too;

can i buy you a drink

2658 days ago


I'll doubt the other contestants werent sitting at home knitting when they were in college.
It's not as if she was a drug addict, porn star, or posed in Playboy.

It's a shame the lengths people go to destroy another person.

2658 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

Maybe they are not exactly pornographic pictures, but they are generally crude and disgusting. I wouldn't kick her out of the contest for these pictures, but I sure wouldn't endorse these pictures as being a decent representative of the contest. I doubt she will win any further titles anyway because she is really not pretty at all. How did she win the title she has? She's rather horsey in the face and definitely not attractive.

No girl should date a man who would disgrace her in public like that. He shows no respect for her and no respect for women.

If AOL people voted them okay, most of the voters were young and with similar mindsets to hers. Fortunately, there are plenty of people who don't see this as okay.

2658 days ago


Why does she pick such ugly boyfriends?

2658 days ago


128. Why does she pick such ugly boyfriends?

Posted at 4:56PM on Jul 12th 2007 by Linda

because they are like CATS... they will always be there went you get home.

2658 days ago


RE: # 76,

those were his/her words not mine. Just pointing out that # 76 was goofy.

2658 days ago



2658 days ago


AGREE: Attention seeking or publicity seeking/She had to know it was a non story.

Will it help her win Miss America title now that everyone knows that Miss NJ is whatever, famous for being famous I guess. Stay tuned for the pagent results. Whenever that is.

Here's the rub:
Gotta figure if she was so internet savvy to state her platform as internet safety. She then researched the platform and was aware of internet risks. Then why be so clueless, and not delete facebook once you sign on to run for Miss NJ, as in a year ago? You have to file ahead of time so it was not yesterday that the pagent issue came to mind.

2658 days ago


Grow-up and if you decide to go further, please become classier

2658 days ago

kim suck    

thats soo funny -'make a wish' i want to ***** her ***

2658 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

What decent blackmailer would think these harmless photos would cause a Miss New Jersey to give up her crown?

I still think it was all a publicity stunt.

2658 days ago


For Heaven's sake!!!! Talk about much ado about nothing.

She's just out having a good time. She's not doing anything wrong.

I can't believe anyone is having issues with these pictures.

2658 days ago


These pics are hilarious!!!

2658 days ago


I don’t think she's unattractive.
I realize looks is a big part of the judging but isn’t the pageant supposed to be based more on talent, and the charitable work they plan to do?
If she feels ashamed and embarrassed over those pictures, this proves she is a decent lovely woman.
I did a lot worse when I was her age. I’m glad I’m not a public figure, because everything in the past and present gets plastered in every tabloid, and on the media.

Soon we’ll get a list of when and where she went to the bathroom, and sneezed.
God forbid if she got a parking ticket in her past! The media will really rip her apart.

2658 days ago


The point is she milked it for publicity.

2658 days ago
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