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Paris Hilton -- Get a Cab!

7/12/2007 1:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Yes, she's really changed since serving jail time!

Miss Hilton was snapped by paparazzi -- getting home from a Wednesday night out on the town -- at 5:00 AM! Mornin' Sunshine!

Arriving in a taxi (she's learning!), the heirmess ditched her size 11 heels and shielded her exhausted makeup with a towel. Home at last!


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solid snake    

lol to go away:the random guy must have been the L.A. county sheriff ;)

2625 days ago


she needs those big feet to support all that BS and swelling fantasy of herself in that head of hers.

2625 days ago


At least she took a cab and is not on the streets in one of her pricey rides. Maybe she learned ONE when is she planning to start her charities and halfway house? Is that between partying and clubbing or between her acting/singing classes?

2625 days ago


She's really changing her ways since jail, eh? Looks like all those do-good declarations were just b.s. God, she makes me sick. I hope the public turns on her and the paparazzi stops taking her picture. Without that she's nothing.

2625 days ago


#26, I felt the same way you did. I am still waiting to see some charity work being done. Taking a cab home is a step up. she's still partying just as much as she used to party though.

2625 days ago

Pamela from Michigan    

How pathetic that she is continuing to carry on with her self absorbed, partying lifestyle. She obviously has time to party til the wee hours of the morning. It is too bad that she hasn't found the time to donate her time to worthwhile causes/charities as she vowed to do. The publicist who scripted her Larry King appearance should be shot. Lie after lie after lie. Did she really have any intention of turning her life around and helping others in need? Doesn't appear to be the case. It was merely a story that sounded good at the time and was crafted to garner sympathy from the non-cynical public who still had a morsel of faith in Paris. I hope those people are now wise to the conniving ways of Ms. Hilton. She has used up all of her chances. Odds are that she will find herself in some sort of trouble down the road. Who will have sympathy for her then???? Not me! Anyone???????

2625 days ago


She's a worn out hag, my God, I don't care how much money she has, or that she has no job, how much frickin party'n can you do? I used to go out alot, it's old after awhile. She is just so addicted to the limelight. Pathetic.

2625 days ago


What are they feet or gun-boats? Did she register them as a sea-going vessel under Bahamanian flag?

She cleaned up her life alright!, Now she parties every other night, does only half the smack and drinks one shot less than usual.

What a waste of a life!

2625 days ago

Linda B    

I KNEW that vapid bitch would not change one bit! She is useless and I don't buy the prison home for wayward inmates or any other bullcrap that came out of her head on Larry King. She needs new PR people! I chortled so hard over the "bible verse", the dumb bitch claimed she read the bible, but yet could not name any verses? Yeah her feet are huge! My ideal punishment for that twit would have been no media and no papparazi ever again, like completely forget she exists, but then her parents would hire photographers as this bitch loves that camera as much as Al Sharpton does. Wonder which one is worse?

2625 days ago


#36-your nuts, those feet are far from lovely.

2625 days ago


My granddaughter is only eight years old; she thought Paris was "so cool" a couple of years ago. She now feels as most adults; Paris you won't are a rich, spoiled young woman. You are how old???? If I remember correctly it is 26....I have children your age they do party in Chicago; BUT they also are responsible adults who have jobs, pay taxes and I know with all my heart if they had served time for such an irresponsible act (that they were solely responsible for) they would change their ways. Doesn't seem to me that you were very sincere in what you told your "adoring" public.

2625 days ago

Go away!!    

fellow canuk, public has already turned. She only has a handful of fans who are delusional and can't see (or ignore) what a racist elitist skank she is.

Anonymous=kathy hilton, good morning, ready for your day of trying to make people think your daughter is anything else besides what I mentioned above. Boy, your fingers must be getting tired..............

2625 days ago

BOEING 787    

At least Paris took a cab, though she is still a frequent clubber, at least she did not DD,
so long as Paris Hilton is not hurting anybody else who should anybody be pissed off.

2625 days ago


Well I can die in peace now,, Cause I have heard it all..

2625 days ago

Ms Kris    

Hey ex-con liar slut, where is your bible?

2625 days ago
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