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Goes on Strike

With a Mic

7/12/2007 4:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rap superstar T.I. doesn't take s**t from anyone -- especially when he's on stage! What a performer!

According to several TMZ spies, T.I. was pissed when a fan launched a cup at the rapper during a performance at an ESPY pre-party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Tuesday night. We're told T.I. was so upset, he jumped off the stage, leaping over stars like Brody Jenner and the Duff sisters to confront the person face-to-face.

When he got to suspected tumbler tosser, T.I. allegedly struck the individual with his microphone, and the bloody patron was quickly escorted out of the hotel.

Calls to T.I.'s reps were not immediately returned.


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John Denver Rules    

2 be true- Why are you calling me sad for letting you get to me. Obviously I got to you or you wouldn't have taken the time to respond to my comment. I'll bet you're just a big FAT loser with pimples all over you face. I on the other hand am a beautiful southern girl who would love to kick your pathetic ass. Oh no!!! Can you handle it? I'll bet smoke is just poring out of your ears you are sooooo mad!! Hurry go tell mommy someone is being really mean to her ugly baby.

2668 days ago

Lacy Bell    

I think you all don't really understand rappers adn where they come from so how can you sit up here and talk about someone. I know some of you have never had to go threw what some of these guys have had to do.

2668 days ago

Johnny SoCal    

TIP Comin Live From The VIP.....

2667 days ago

Molly Wallace    

First, if you are not a T.I. fan don't bother to attend his concerts and wild out.
T.I. has the right to perform and entertain folk that adore hime without the yang yang of haters.
I would not have done what T.I. did by jumping off the stage and confronting the hater, but pulled my pants down and mooned him, in other word "Kiss my A- - "and waltz rigt on to the bank.
Stay stron T.I. there's always going to be folk out there who don't like to see another brother
do good.

2667 days ago

2 be true    

#57 How interesting is this? I had a feeling you would respond like you did. You made this fun. I apologize for hurting your feelings....even though I don't know you. There must be some deep emotional wounds your tackling with to get you all riled up like this; hense the need to fight and take martial arts for the sake of knowing how to kick someone's ass. This is how senseless violence begins. Over what???? WORDS?? You actually want to kick my ass even though you have never met me, and have no clue of who I could be or who I am??? If you knew me you would change your mind-quick! Come on southern girl! Words can hurt if you let them. I guess you did. xxxooo's!

2667 days ago


you guys have some real issues...

confrontations like this happen frequently at concerts of all kinds of music genres, but you guys want to throw these words like "ignorant", "ghetto", "gangster" around cuz this guys is a rapper/black. If this were about Steven Tyler kickin some ass you guys would be saying he rocks. It's really ashame that some people will take any opportunity they can get to belittle those who come from meager backgrounds, just because of the fact that they come from a different kind of place than them.

2667 days ago

Eric C    

It's funny because someone stated that " an ignorant rapper, spoiled entertainers" what are you people talking about. If someone was to do this to you on the street, then you would do the same thing. 4get all that, oh you're a professional and blah blah. Ok whoever threw the cup was an adult, and you don't disrespect another human being. Like someone said, if you don't like T.I. nobody is forcing you to listen. Just leave.

2666 days ago



2666 days ago


That was not T.I. guys T.I. would not act in such a way that was T.I.P. and T.I.P. did wut he should have done and got some straightning about the situation if that means going off stage to get in some @$$ then so be it. The fan will no better next time. 50,000 can be put on his head also. YA DIG

2666 days ago


This does not surprise me at all I went to a T.I. concert during the spring and someone threw a water bottle at him and he went off on an all out rant threatening the kid if you go on youtube there has been two instances where he has had stuff thrown at him so i think part of this microphone bashing is acting out of frustration of a lack of respect of fans

2664 days ago


TI didn't do this, it was TIP

2663 days ago


I think he has a right, he came to bring a party. The pooper should've stayed home. You go TI let him know!

2662 days ago
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