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Michael Bay Transforms Spector Trial

7/17/2007 4:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today's testimony at the Phil Spector murder trial took a strange turn to "Transformers" director Michael Bay. Friends of slain actress Lana Clarkson, who was found shot dead in Spector's house, took the stand today and testified that in the days before her death, Clarkson was distraught over a run-in she'd had with Bay.

Years earlier, Clarkson appeared in a Mercedes Benz commercial directed by Bay, and the struggling actress was hoping that he would remember her and help her find acting work. But when she approached him at a music industry party, he blew her off.

"Michael Bay just dissed me, didn't know who I was. I hate this town and I don't want to be here anymore," said Clarkson, according to testimony of her friend, Punkin Irene Elizabeth Laughlin. The defense says that this, along with spiraling depression, job and relationship unhappiness, prompted Clarkson to commit suicide upon entering Spector's foyer.

If convicted of murder, Spector faces 15 years to life in prison. Bay's reps had no comment on the case.

UPDATE: On his official website, Bay calls the Spector trial a "friggin circus" and the testimony of Laughlin a "dumb story."


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You can paint this case any way you want too, but Phil Spector killed her. He came out of the house repeatedly saying to his driver, "I just shot someone!" Case closed. Lock him up and stop wasting tax payer money.

2655 days ago


I'll bet he walks free.

There's just not enough hard evidence and too much doubt to convict this man.

2655 days ago

Marty Ward    

Oh my goodness, I find this story absolutely unbelievable. We are to believe Ms. Clarkson was waiting around to find any notable celebrity to latch onto and commit suicide on their premises in order to establish her fame in death that was denied to her in life. Yeah, right.

2655 days ago

chillout music girl    

It is very sad for lana to go from being in movies to being a hostess at a bar.
Sounds like she was on a slow decline into depression.
I am not sure either way, if she commited suicide or not.
Obviously she wasn't thinking clearly at the time to go anywhere with Phil Spector.
He looks absolutely Nuts now..
The man has talent..but he looks like a serial killer/ tranny.
Maybe, she thought phil could help her career???
Lana was a lost soul.. I hope there is peace for her now.

2655 days ago

Marty Ward    

Lana's life was little different from all the other thousands of "actors" you run into in LA who are usually waiting tables, parking cars, walking dogs, etc., waiting for the big stroke of luck or f**k that will help establish them. I'm sure most of them are depressed most of the time, but hope springs eternal. These people are the ready, willing, and able companions of the likes of Phil Spector. I doubt they kill themselves in any appreciable number of the general population. Phil looks like a Jekyl/Hyde preditor.

2655 days ago


A lot of the instances of suicide are commited by people who "seemed fine". Everyone is totally shocked- just like here. A mentally ill mind cannot be judged...

2655 days ago


Chris Benoit involved his whole family in his suicide. No one saw it coming, either.

2655 days ago


What is this, are they going to blame him now for her death.....How many people does this man know and forgets everyday - are we going to start blaming him for everything that happens to everyone he meets give me a break. So he forgot her big deal. Spector is the one on trial, not him.

2655 days ago


Maybe she was depressed, but what about all the other women who testified Spector pulled a gun on them? I believe he shot her.

2655 days ago


Let hope when Spector is convicted,he takes one his guns and blows his brain out all over his castle.

2655 days ago


Appears you went down on Spector and enjoy guns to the head

2655 days ago

Rosarita Rivera    

Not enough evidence? At the time he commited her murder, he walks outside and tells his car driver he thinks he just killed someone? And this a man who as wittnesses testified had threatened other women's lives and abused previous wives.

If he walks, it'll be another case of money talking and the wealthy priviledged being able to buy justice with top-rate defenders.

The man committed cold-blooded murder. But every eight seconds in this country and throughout the world, women are being beaten, raped and murdered. Women are the victims of violence more than any other "minority" group in our country and around the world. Justice will be served when this man spends the rest of his life in jail and women are given financial restitution for all the crimes and injustices committed against them since the beginning of time as the physically weaker gender and then especially once men declared "god" a man and women inferior beings.

2655 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

Wonder how much was paid for this farfetched testimony! He murdered Lana!

2655 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

All actors at one time or another have been depressed over the same issues as Lana..Still doesn't mean that she went to a strangers house to blow her brains out..Spector has a sordid history with guns and an obsessive control over women..If I was a juror on that trial that would be all I need to know.

2655 days ago

Marty Ward    

#10 I agree with you. Petite - your agenda is a little transparent.

2655 days ago
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