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Dourdan's B.S. Statement

7/18/2007 8:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary DourdanStill too pissed off to speak with TMZ, Gary Dourdan's reps released (to another media outlet) a sorry excuse for an official explanation of Dourdan's vicious attack on a TMZ cameraman last night.

Despite video evidence of Dourdan beating and then chasing our photographer, the coward's people blamed TMZ, saying, "Gary has always been respectful of the media and the paparazzi but also values his privacy. It's our belief that this is a minor incident exaggerated by an eager paparazzo in order to create a story."

Sure, our photog was eager to have his head repeatedly slammed into the ground. Watch the video again -- it speaks for itself.


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Please let it go...
If you don't want to get beat up or oushed around then stop chasing people around just for a story line, get another job PAPARAZZI is not for you, no pain no gain and the paparazzi have caused allot more damage all around the world, so maybe it is a good thing that the tables are turning.
It is not right to beat up on someone but if it is called for then eh, he did say get the camera off my face or turn it off, I think one time or one request should be enough to make this camera person to stop, this is how it goes, no, stop or get off my face should always be heard and respected.

2631 days ago


Please...let go already. Looks like you guys got a taste of what it's like to be stalked - consider that he simply turned the tables for once...good for him...

2652 days ago

Heather Dawn    

Sorry TMZ but your photog's are always looking for a fight. Sounds like a good lawsuit and a buncha money for you! You hound people day in and day out. Not sure I wouldn't kick your ass either if you were in my face. No sympathy here. Go Gary!

2652 days ago



2652 days ago


did the photographer press charges?

2652 days ago



Go Gary!!

2652 days ago


This incident is terrible. I don’t know who this guy is,
But he should not be attacking photog’s. WTF is his problem?
Motorcycles are so dangerous, and you need to have experience
Riding on them. Sounds to me like he should have his driving
License revoked just like P.H.

Was he drinking or drugging while he was driving his motorcycle?

It sounds to me like he must have been intoxicated while driving.

2652 days ago


Uh, actually, it doesn't speak for itself. First of all, all he does is shove the camera away. How is that bashing his head or beating him up? And secondly, maybe you should turn the blame on yourself. You are constantly invading the privacy of people. Sure, take a million shots at the red carpet and at events, but the guy was by himself trying to have some privacy. Your idiot photogs provoked him.

2652 days ago


let it go, noone feels sorry for him

2652 days ago


My, my, my. I guess it's a slow news day. TMZ, you have whined about this mess all day, give it a rest already!

2652 days ago


It's everyone's belief that this is minor incident exaggerated by an eager paparazzo in order to create a story.

Keep acting like a 6yo girl that had her jacks stolen, TMZ. I hope you pursue this in court and get another smack-down.

And tell the simpy photog to grow a pair.

2652 days ago


This bully must have been using drugs and drinking,
to cause such a fight with the photog. There is no lawsuit you idiots!

If anything the photog could press charges for getting beaten up
and attacked by this shmuck and he should pay him for a new camera too!

This C.S.I. also should enroll in anger management.

2652 days ago


I'd take Gary's azz down quick, old school style....

2652 days ago

tired of cry baby    

where is his head being beated into the ground?i hear 1 slam, but if you have your head smashed into the ground over and over! never once the the guy complain about his head! if this turns out to be a bunch of nothing then i hope TMZ has the balls to tell the truth, there has to be more to the story, i cannot belive the camara man just did nothing

2652 days ago

Jake Thomas    

What an absurd beat-up!

There is nothing in the videos that incriminates Gary Dourdan.

You people at TMZ need to take a good long hard look at yourselves.

2652 days ago
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