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No Faith? Hill's Body and Face Replaced!

7/20/2007 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The cover of this month's Redbook has a stunning photo of country megastar Faith Hill. Well, someone resembling Faith Hill!
Faith Hill photoshopped
Thanks to our friends at, who dug up the original photo, TMZ readers can have a look at Faith in all her real glory, and see how she was "cleaned up" for her cover. Through the miracle of Photoshop, they gave 39-year-old Faith a body like 24-year-old Carrie Underwood!

For a mother of three just a few months shy of 40 with a non-stop schedule, the real Faith looks amazing!


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I think she looks better WITHOUT the retouching. Beauty is real not so-called "perfect." I think most of the so-called "women's magazine" are so full of it anyway. A total waste of money.

2638 days ago


dolly sounds like she's JEALOUS of Faith Hill. MEOW....

2638 days ago


I can't stand that whiny bitch. Let me photoshop her...

2636 days ago


I think that anyone who says anything bad about Faith and sits there and puts her down is nothing but jealous. She is beautiful on the inside and out. She is a very caring and unselfish person. In my book she outnumbers any of these 20 or 30 somethings. BY the way turning 40 is just starting your life and I think anyone who sits there and puts her down are just eat up with envy and jealousy. What has she did to you? Age is only a number. It is how well you take care of yourself. YOU GO FAITH HILL. YOU ARE A VERY CLASSY AND BEAUTIFUL PERSON INSIDE AND OUT. KEEP UT THE FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2618 days ago


I think we should not be able to defend Faith Hill as a classy lady if we do not know her personally. She lied to get a job at the label, married a producer Dan Hill, divorced him later for no good reason, got engaged to another producer and cheated on him with Tim McGraw, got pregnant before she was married, never changed her name to match her childrens'
and acted very jealous and mean to Carrie Underwood's win over her for top female vocalist last year (then claimed she was joking). There were enough witnesses backstage that feel Faith was not joking at all. She was infuriated, just watch the footage in slow motion. These are all facts written in her biography in the library. So, with all those defending her as a classy lady, you are mistaken. She has lied and cheated in front of our eyes. Not like a sweet southern belle! Tim has a bad reputation around Nahville for being a drunk. That has been witnessed several times. Let's see her w/o make-up or hair dressers for a friends in Nashville say she is not pretty at all. They couldn't believe how different she looks in person. ANyway, I am not into the looks, just her character. I have no respect for a liar and cheater!

2616 days ago


She is still beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

2651 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Must have replaced her skinny ass body with Nicole Ritches.

2651 days ago


It looks like they shrunk her head for the magazine cover!!!


2651 days ago


Eww, her arm looks too skinny on the magazine cover and her face looks fake on it too! She's beautiful - they don't need to make her look like a mannequin!

2651 days ago


The retouched one has a young Ivanka Trump vibe in the face and Faith Hill SO DOES NOT look like Ivanka Trump. I love Faith Hill for being a natural beauty, why do magazine publishers do this crap? it messes with young girls psyche and makes older woman feel terrible about themselves.. Maybe thats the point... Keep it natural. She looks better in the untouched photo and approachable...

2651 days ago


I could strangle these magazine people. She looked great in the original picture, and then they mangle it to make her look emaciated. Not skinny, but emaciated. Okay, I can see lightening the teeny tiny eye bags and the little bitty area of skin squooshed out above the dress top, but they went WAY too far. Her arm doesn't look human, for God's sake.

2651 days ago



I don't think she looks that different.. okay some work done with photoshop on the FACE, and arms, but everyone does it! Hell I do it..LOL

2651 days ago


the original picture on the right actually looks a lil more zoomed in than the magazine I dont think there was any head shrinkage. The only photoshopping i can notice are her shoulder and arm. She looks great in the original though :)

2651 days ago


I think she looks better in the original its so much motre natural

2651 days ago

All American Girl    

She looks good in both pictures.

2651 days ago
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