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Good Will (Gay) Hunting

7/20/2007 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt DamonIn the latest issue of GQ, Matt Damon talks about how, when they were younger, he and Ben Affleck wanted to buy the exact same car. But each tried to talk the other out of it, "Because we knew it would just be so gay to get the same car." Maybe not the best choice of words, either.

TMZ had qualms with the usage of "gay" -- since it's not exactly politically correct to use the word "gay" to mean "bad" or "negative." But then, after thinking about it -- for two best friends who wrote and starred in the same movie, won an Oscar together and have generally been linked together for their entire careers -- buying the exact same car really is sooooo gay!

What do you think?


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Zenophobe Alien    

Been to Boston and wouldn't want to be from there

2599 days ago


I am a born and bred Bostonian.

The fact that this is in any way a big deal is wicked gay. Get over it.

2599 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

Stop hijacking the English language. We need to use our words, our language. Too bad if special subgroups want to claim those words for their own use and not allow anyone else to use them. Tough. Arrest us all, why don't you?

Gay was a perfectly fine word until homosexicals hijacked it. Disgusted.

2599 days ago


Well why is it ok to say "So Gay" (which I say too) but not ok to say "N word" (which I don't say)

I pose this question to myself as much as any one I guess because I will say one and wont say the other.

2598 days ago

Rocco and David    

People are so amazing. We pry into the lives of these people (celebs) and when they tell us the truth, we get all pissed! Whatever happend to free speech???? Overweight people are offended byt the word 'fat' - Underweights are offended by 'skinny' - Those with no butt are offended by 'flat ass' or 'gone ass'... It doesn't matter who is doing the talking, some-damn-body is gonna get offended. I am offended that this was even brought up. I used to call my brother gay when we were young - and yes, I meant it in a bad way! It's like TV - If you don't like what's on, turn the channel - If you don't like what I say, DO NOT LISTEN! If you don't like TMZ - go somewhere else.

2598 days ago

ok, # 46, stfu    

ok, i am sick of hearing from christians that homosexuality is a sin.
first, i welcome you to read corinthians i in its entirety rather than taking things like 6:9-10 out of context, because you'll notice that paul frowns upon any expression of sexuality resulting from lust in general. this includes people doing it within the so-called loving confines of marriage are committing a sin if they bang as a direct result of lust. you want to call homosexuality a sin? go for it. but paul seems to think heterosexual sex - unless done in the complete absence of lust, and in fact, done to prevent any feelings of lust, and within marriage - is a big no-no, too, so feel free to call out heterosexuality too. +

2598 days ago


The way he uses it has no 'real' meaning to anything. It is common Boston vernacular to use 'gay' to describe things. So stop being a 'wicked retard' and reading between the lines. He's from Cambridge - facristsakes - the most 'alternative' neighborhood in the Boston Area. Der, my comment was wicked gay.

2598 days ago

ok, # 46, stfu    

something else i want to point out . all you people who have such problems with the use of gay, i will gladly stop using 'gay' as an metaphorical adjective if you will stop using the words gyp, lame and dumb.
they're only words, people, but if you're going to make such a big freaking deal over this word, you better make a big freaking deal over all un-pc words.

2598 days ago

Give cool a break    

How do you call a gay dinosaur?


2598 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Click. That was so dumb is was funny. I am standing here beside myself.

2598 days ago


Hey, has his photo been retouched in any way like Faith Hill's was? Huh, huh???

2598 days ago


Oh my gosh - it is so 'gay' to even bother with this! Give me a break. We used to use this word in high school all of the time. Same thing as the word 'cheesy' that bad too?!

2598 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

Don't be fooled--the two of them are as gay as geese.Nothing wrong with that. It's the pretense that gets me. I had them both, and believe me, neither is a bargain--though at lest I was able to examine their wienies without a microscope--which is more than I can say for Tom Cruise, whose wienie looks like a misplaced pinkie. He must've used a turkey baster to get Katie pregnant--assuming he did in fact get her pregnant--which in itself is a heady assumption.

2598 days ago


click ,,,,,, means= butt-plugger,,,,,,,,,haha gross!!!!

2598 days ago


This entire conversation is so gay.

2598 days ago
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