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Tammy Faye

Dies at 65

7/21/2007 11:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tammy Faye MessnerTammy Faye Messner, who as Tammy Faye Bakker helped her husband, Jim, build a multimillion-dollar evangelism empire and then saw it collapse in disgrace, has died. She was 65.

Messner, who had battled colon cancer since 1996 that more recently spread to her lungs, died peacefully at her home Friday, said her booking agent, Joe Spotts, in an e-mail to the Associated Press.

A family service was held Saturday in a private cemetery, where her ashes were interred, he said.

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What a beautiful, pure, divine soul. It is darker, sadder world without her in it. She was one of the most NON-judgemental christians I have ever seen. Everytime she was on Larry King she just radiated.

Her last interview brought me to tears... She looked so frail and sickly. It is a shame what cancer does to a person.


2653 days ago


I am happy for Tammy, she will be missed but she is certainly with god in the heavens which she faithful talked about, her pains are all gone and she is smiling with the angels, May God bless and keep Roe, Son and Draughter and grandkids in his percious care. This is heartfelt for all of us, I was very proud to watch the strenght that she showed.

2653 days ago


Tammy Faye was a inspiration and she will be missed. She is now in a better place. My heart and prayers go out to her family.

2653 days ago


You will be missed, Tammy. She was a kind, caring woman who loved others.

2653 days ago


#50 you're an ass.
Dear Tammy, I only met you once, but you touched my life with your kind words. When I told you I was gay, and dying of AIDS you did not shun me as so many others have. You gave me a big hug and said, "God loves you just the way you are, and so do I" You didnt know how much that meant to me, but now you do. You can now see what you have dreamed about all your life....the face of God. You are now what you always were in life.....a true angel. I love you Tammy and miss you already, I know I will see you in Heaven, probably soon, and we will talk again. Thank you sweet lady.

2653 days ago


RIP Tammy Faye

2653 days ago

Fabian Fabrashay    

Too My Dear Friend, Tammy: You have been in my prayers. When I met you in Palm Desert, Calif. a few yrs back, you were so sweet and kind. You were truly a work of art, your love of life, other people, your make-up, and mostly your Lord. I hope you rest until that grand day, God calls you from the grave. May we meet in Heaven and share a million laughs and smiles again. Loved you, Fabian Franciso Fon Fabrashay

2653 days ago


RIP...she was a true example of what to do when you fall down....ask for forgiveness and pick yourself back up.

2653 days ago

Fabian Fabrashay    

Just a little P.S. here If you can't say something decent about the dead, please go away, how would you feel if people spoke that way of you at your funeral...Fabian

2653 days ago


She fought a very courageous battle against a viscious disease, with grace and dignity. I was not an early fan but she seemed to have a very generous heart. Rest in Peace.

2653 days ago

James S    

Tammy - If ever there was a "true christian" you were one...I so agree with the many posts here that you will be very missed and always loved/remembered. As someone else posted let he/she with no sin cast the first stone! Everyone has done things in this life that they are not proud of but it's what you learn from those mistakes that make you what you are - any of you who saw her last interview on CNN could plainly see Tammy obviously found peace and was aware of her fate. It is so fitting that she be able to tell us 'goodbye' and leave us with one last thought....That she's loves us and wishes us all that says enough for me. It is patheitc that some wish to be vile, rude pigs at this time...says more about you than Tammy! RIP Tammy Faye! WE LOVED YOU TOO!

2653 days ago

chillout music girl    

Messner, who had battled colon cancer since 1996 that more recently spread to her lungs, died peacefully at her home Friday, said her booking agent, Joe Spotts, in an e-mail. A family service was held Saturday in a private cemetery, where her ashes were interred, he said.

Messner made her final television appearance on CNN's "Larry King Live" just days before she died, reports CBS News correspondent Drew Levinson. During that last interview, she said goodbye to her friends, loved ones and fans.

"I genuinely love you. I genuinely care. And I genuinely want to see you in heaven someday," she said on the show.

She had frequently spoken about her medical problems, saying she hoped to be an inspiration to others. "Don't let fear rule your life," she said. "Live one day at a time, and never be afraid." But she told well-wishers in a note on her Web site in May that the doctors had stopped trying to treat the cancer.

In an interview with CNN's Larry King two months later, an emaciated Messner - still using her trademark makeup - said, "I believe when I leave this earth, because I love the Lord, I'm going straight to heaven." Asked if she had any regrets, Messner said: "I don't think about it, Larry, because it's a waste of good brain space."

FYI. Tammy Faye Messner was married to Roe Messner in 1993.
The woman has 2 children and 2 grand children..

PS. When I saw her on larry king - gasping for air to answer the questions - I knew her time was near... But , I feel she knew it and accepted it..
Her husband has prostate cancer as well. He fed her, stayed up with her...
I guess in the end - she found the love of her life....
I seen her in person - The woman always was a ray of sunlight.

2653 days ago

makes me wonder    

Tammy you will be missed. You have touched the lives of many. God Bless you and your family.

2653 days ago


To those that have unkind words about Tammy Faye: She'd love you, too. Maybe even more.

2653 days ago


cancer is a horrible disease, i watched a person close to me wither away to nothing...reat in peace ms. messner, you are no longer in pain, god bless, and god speed.

2653 days ago
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