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Britney's Shopping Trip Turns Chaotic -- Cops Called

7/23/2007 7:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There was pushing, there was shoving, there was flower crushing -- all because of Britney Spears.

Moments ago, all hell broke loose outside of Lisa Kline clothing store in Beverly Hills, as Britney's bodyguard desperately tried to clear a path from her car to the store. According to several on-scene witnesses, a gang of overzealous photogs went wild trying to score a shot of Spears as she bobbed, and, ahem, weaved her way into the place. Witnesses claim that the bodyguard and sea of photogs violently pushed back and forth as Britney and her new assistant tried to dash inside.

TMZ was told that LAPD was called, but the crazy scene had already calmed down before they arrived. Cops checked in with Spears at her next stop. No one was reported injured, but there were definitely a few pricey casualties -- including a $4,000 flower bed in front of the store, which was crushed during the melee, and the bodyguard's shirt was torn.

Inside the store, Britney didn't seem to be bothered by the mess. Sources told us that she was, "a delight ... she was very sweet."

Afterward, the chaos continued as Britney tried to get back to her car. Brit's massive bodyguard plowed a path to her Benz, while the gargantuan beast roared for snappers to move. They did.


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2647 days ago


good heavens... all you photo peeps need a life

2647 days ago



2647 days ago


Photographers have a right to try and earn a living doing their jobs, but they really act stupid and moronic when it comes to this sort of thing. Celebrities aren't prey, so top acting like a bunch of vultures. As a non-celebrity, being unknown and lacking in the financial area definitely has its benefits and perks.

2647 days ago


I wish the paparazzi would just leave her alone, and other celebrities for that matter. When they are not working, or at celebrity events, it is stalking and should be illegal. If it were any average Joe they could charge the person following them with stalking for this sort of behavior. Why shouldn't celebrities have the same rights? I am scared someone will be killed before any of the laws change. I hope not though, I hope our legal system will see this problem and make tighten up the laws before that happens. However you feel about a celebrity they are still human beings and are entitled to a private life.

2647 days ago


Britney has a "new" assistant? LOL, what the heck for, if this assistant gives her any "assistance" that might make the trashy Britney look like less of a trainwreck, Britney will just fire this "assistant" like she did everyone else that tried to help her look/seem halfway human. As for Britney being "sweet," of course she was, the paps were alerted she would be there, and everything worked out as planned, the attention-wh#ore got some attention.

2647 days ago


So you're not going to make a big deal out of the body guard being violent like the Gary D episode huh? I notice you're not calling the paps the scourge or society for causing a ruckus either.... does Rupert M have a stock in all this??

2647 days ago

She needs a vacation!

2647 days ago

know it all    

UUUuuuuuggghhhh !!! Please someone make her just go away !!!

2647 days ago


Just leave her the hell alone you morons! Are you trying too injure her or kill her?

2647 days ago


That poor bodyguard's shirt

2647 days ago

Heather Dawn    

"overzealous photogs"? Say it ain't so!

2647 days ago


A paparrazzo will say that their activities are protected by the first amendment. But dont celebrities have rights under the Constitution too-life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Without someone shoving a camera into your face every five seconds. Someone is going to end up getting hurt or killed. I feel for Britney and Lindsay-could you imagine living life in a fishbowl????? I guess Im just as guilty because I peruse these sights.

2647 days ago

know it all    

They had to call the cops on them for Lilo's shopping trip today too.

2647 days ago


Why doesn't she just shop online?

2647 days ago
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