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Lindsay's Dad to TMZ: "I'm Partly Responsible"

7/24/2007 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan, Lindsay's estranged dad, who was recently released from a two-year stint in a New York state prison over a DUI, tells TMZ that he's partly to blame for his daughter's constant problems with drugs, booze and the law.

In an exclusive conversation with TMZ, Lindsay's dad said that he doesn't believe that the 21-year-old can survive this latest DUI storm on her own, and wants to put the nasty custody fight with his estranged wife Dina on hold, in a last ditch effort to save their daughter's life. "I want to withdraw everything -- court wise -- sit down with Dina as Lindsay's parents and figure out how to help her," Lohan said. "Lindsay can't do this on her own ... when we were together, none of this was happening."

Last month, a Nassau County Family Court judge ordered Michael and Dina to see a family therapist as part of an ongoing custody war over their two children, Ali, 13 and Dakota, 11. The couple was also ordered to stop speaking negatively of each other in front of their kids and undergo counseling at a hearing on Monday.

TMZ also contacted Lindsay's mother Dina, who had no comment.


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just asking    

Parental values or not... she knows right from wrong.. its called get a driver, it's called stop lying to your self.. ..your an addict..'re not special..'re no a cute little girl anymore.... you are spoiled and one day will either kill yourself or someone else..

time for a time out.. in jail...get off the streets

2646 days ago


Where is her driver she has enough money, is she so crazy????????

2646 days ago



They learn these crap values because no one believes in God anymore it seems like. Kids run amok because parents are trying to be their friends or spoil them with the things they as parents never had so we are seeing a generation of spoiled, pampered brats like Brittany, Paris, Nicole and Lindsay. It's sad but this the way of the world now it seems and kids act like they are entitled to have stuff also so that makes it even more sad. No one is willing to work for things or have respect for each other let alone themselves.

Anyhow that is my opinion....

2646 days ago


This man needs to stop speaking to the press about his family. Until he does, there will never be trust between him and Lindsay. Why should there be? Dina drop the drama and work things out amicably? Don't think so. No matter what happened in the past, Lindsay has now been to rehab several times and jailed several times. At this point, she is the one responsible for her actions. She knows right from wrong and has been given chance after chance to get it together. Friends called the cops because they didn't know who was chasing them? Right. Being chased by a drunk and drugged-up Lindsay Lohan behind the wheel... they were probably scared s**tless. You don't chase people down the street for no reason.

2646 days ago


Daddy feels PARTLY responsible for Lindsay's troubles???? DO YA THINK!!!!!! Is this a forerunner for her siblings? What chance do they have!

2646 days ago

give the dog a bone    

...DUH!!!...It's all about family dumbass. Well, at least you weren't planning her furneral before you came to that brilliant observation. Unfortunately, at this point I think 'ol Mike just looking to but himself in a better light w/ the pulbic and could give a rat's ass about his kids. Too little, too late. Don't worry folks, you can go back to your fight, Lindsay's needs will be overseen by the Dept. of Corrections. As for the other children, they should be awarded to the state before Dina and Mike screw them up worse. Don't wait be the door for the Mother and Father of the Year trophies.

2646 days ago

mike d    

You know who should be arrested? The people in the car with her on some kind of aiding and abetting charge. I wonder who these a**h*les are, knowing what trouble she's in and not doing a thing to stop her. Seriously, there should be charges brought against these two.

2646 days ago


leave her alone it is very sad that this poor girl is that addicted to drugs and alcohol. i was too when i was young. it is a sickness. leave her alone don't think she is kicking herself in the ass right now.

2646 days ago

ooh that hurts good    

Partly?????? oh that's right she has a mother too. my bad you are only 1/2 responsible.

2646 days ago

June Trubee    

Having just gone through rehab dealing with alcohol and drug abuse. I think that Lindsey's dad is taking the right path. If the family can't come together and support one another, Lindsey's chances of SURVIVING this terrible disease will be greatly diminished. Family support is key!!

2646 days ago

I call bullshit    

WTF- Dina has 'no comment'- usually by now she would be spouting to the press how 'proud' she is of Lindsay.....

2646 days ago


to the person named Jen, that made the comment " Well when one family member is a lowlife, pretty much the rest of the family are ones too", I think you should reconsider what you are saying there. Plenty of people in the world have had black sheep in their family and the rest are just fine. I personally know someone who's family has had a terrible time overcoming one person's terrible actions, but the family as a whole is a good, kind and moral family. Lindsey's actions may ultimatley reflect badly on the family, but that does not mean her sisters are just like her or will end up just like her. However if we bring them down to her level with our insults and unkind hearts, then they, as most teens do, will live down to our expectations.

2646 days ago


If he really has helping Lindsay on his mind, why is he announcing it to the public? Isn't that a family matter? Do what you need to do to help your family but keep it to yourselves. If indeed the life of your children matter. From where I sit for you to have to announce it, seems a little self serving.

2646 days ago

ike Warren    

I wish Drew Barrymore would talk to this young woman

2646 days ago

Fran Wright    

Until the family comes to know the Lord, there is no hope for any of them. Their human weaknesses are the same as those of everyone on this earth, except theirs' are more public. A recognition of their need for a savior from sin and trust in Jesus Christ would be the only thing that would turn any of them around. They are seeking satisfaction in the things of this world, which do not satisfy the soul. Who are any of us to condemn their behavior? But for Christ, there go I!

2646 days ago
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