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Charity Case

7/25/2007 4:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0725_lindsay_sugar_dvdIn the wake of all the bad Lindsay Lohan news, there's a ray of porny sunshine! In honor of "Firecrotch," an adult film website is offering half-off on all videos with redheads. Spicy!

SugarDVD is offering the "Firecrotch DUI DVD Special" featuring titles like "Cherry Pie" and "Nasty Little Redheads." The best part-- they're all 50% off retail price. Snatch 'em up while you can!

But what does this have to do with Lindsay Lohan? Loads! SugarDVD will donate 13% of the sale's proceeds to Mothers Against Drunk Driving of Los Angeles.

Pornography, always offering society a helping hand.


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BOEING 787    

Interesting, worthy cause.

2616 days ago


initially - hilarious.
after thinking about it - actually pretty cool. good cause.

2616 days ago

The Shoparazzi    

These sick bastards could at least have the tape of Gummi and Linds together!

2616 days ago


That was nice of them?

2616 days ago

Inspector Gadget    

I'm not a big fan of the porn industry - but I gotta say this a pretty cool idea.

Good reporting TMZ !

2616 days ago


.....Felony cocaine possesion,,,,,,,,,,,,OUCHY!!!!,,,,,2nd dui.........CALIFORNIA::::30 DAYS JAIL:::::1500.00 FINE::::18 MONTH ALCOHOL PROGAM:::18 MONTH LICENSE SUSPENSION::::CAN GET RESTRICTED LICENSE AFTER COMPLETING 9 MONTHS OF ALCOHOL CLASSES::::::::i actually have a couple myself, get it together girlfreaky fridays,,,,,hahahahaha2muchluvntheworld.

2616 days ago


Finally, an excellent reason to buy some dirty movies!

2616 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Well now that she has blown any chances of a legitamate carreer in movies it is nice she has Porn to fall back on. Guess they love Red headed firecrotches.

2616 days ago

Inspector Gadget    

How much weight equals felony possession?

A teenager? eight? half ?

2616 days ago

kissy face    


2616 days ago


Degrading and deameaning. What more can I say!! Lindsay Lohan has major problems with alcohol and drugs and her father was recently released from a two-year prison term for a DUI. He said on CNN that he's made some very bad choices when it came to having to leave his go to prison and I'm sure that that affected Lindsay in a profoundly psychological way. She needs both parents for support, not just her father. Is Dina Lohan living her life vicariously through her daughter?? The woman needs help and now.

2616 days ago


Chinese New Year (2007), "Year of the Pig"....


2616 days ago

brian scott miller    

You can take the Girl out of Long Island, but you can't take the LongIsland out of the Girl.

2616 days ago


As is everyone's opinion I believe that unlike Paris, Lindsay has a serious disease and although she had put many lives in danger as well as her own I believe that jail time will do her no good but may cause harm with her medical issues, jail will not change the disease that runs through her family? I strongly believe that she needs to go away to an actual Medical Rehab Facility for 6 months or longer if need be where she cannot leave to go to the gym, nor to celebrate her birthday or holidays but intense treatment because this girl is such a talent to Hollywood and she really seems to be a real girl that is just lost from her childhood life that she had or didn't have? I want to see her make it and Paris has her family and Brit is also in a bad place and look at her upbringing? I know you cannot always blame the family and can make an example for yourself by not following there steps but sometimes especially at there age and there lifestyleand what is available to them I really feel for girls and others in this career field and again that is just my opinion? They started so young and had access to the lifestyles that a regular person can only wish for but it is getting way out of hand!!! I belive that Hollywood Directors, Producers, Editors and so on , not that I am blaming anyone but begin looking closely and know who you are working with and not just the name that will bring in millions at the Box Office? I know it is not your job to parent these actors/actresses but with the talent you are fortunate to have working with you bringing in the millions makes it almost part of the business to some extent? I believe some want to just want to make a fortune at any cost and they should open there eyes to what is happening and be role models for the young that never had this in there lives? Get to know the talent that are making the Blockbusters and have a safe place for troubled teens? I believe with all the talented people that bring us the films with there ceative minds should pull together and look at what is happening to all the talent involved and make a safe haven for anyone that seems to be under distress, get involved, they are making the movies with all the other talent, writers, producers, directors. They should be cared for as a Hollywood family, the cost is not even a question, look at what the movies make in the Box Offices, where would the writers, producers, directors and so fourth be without all this wasted talent? It is a tragedy to this generation, not that it hasn't affected the older generation, it is like a pattern, you can only push them so far and put them in the under the light for so long before they start to dabble and become tempted and curious and the people that run all the club scene, restaraunts offer such drinks to under age as well as other substances to them to keep them coming because of there names and the business they bring to the businesses with the lifestyle that they live in day and night and the pressure of the media and you have the strong and the not so strong and nobody should be judged!!! We only know what is open to us and the real facts may be that we are all the same but they are under a microscope??? I watched Larry King live last night and I must say Alec Baldwin looked amazing and he had a lot of knowledge for the new generation and I to think that they need a transit place between Rehab/Jail to the real world because as great as their lives all sound there is alot of troubled people in Hollywood and it is healthy to bring it out and it helps us on the outside see that it is not all Glitter and Glam although that was all we saw for so long??? I just wish good for anyone going down this sad road in Hollywood or in the real world...

2616 days ago


SugarDVD you Rock! Glad to see a porn company doing some good! Didn't Paris say she was going to maybe work with MADD? Happy to see you beat her to it :) What an "explosive" idea!

2615 days ago
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