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Jenna Trades Sword Swallowing for Swordfighting

7/25/2007 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She's taken down all sorts of bad guys, good guys, girls, etc., but now Jenna Jameson is turning her attention to monsters -- of the two-eyed variety.
Jenna Jameson
TMZ has learned that the porny business juggernaut is creating and starring in her own series of comic books, featuring a leather-clad, g-string wearing heroine named "Shadow Hunter." Even though she's practically pulling her shirt off in the exclusive cover art obtained by TMZ, we're told that Jenna's animated alter-ego will not expose her sketchy smooth southern parts. How easily hope is snatched away.

And get this -- the company behind the comic book? Virgin. How appropriate.


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At Least she doesnt GIVE IT AWAY free like ALL THe OTHER SLUTS....Think about it, she charges so what...The college girl, gets drunk and gives it away....The housewife sleeps with a husband she hates(Not all housewifes) The gal at the Bar gets hi and drunk and goes home with a complete stranger and has sex for free, ON and On....Half the world is having sex one way or another..I dont condone Jenna J as I feel sorry for her...Shes cute, great bod but probly is dying of an eating disorder....She is a bigger slut than all the other Male and female sluts right?? Selling sex is smarter in some ways than.......whatever

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2645 days ago

The King of the World    

TMZ this photo is borderline......If it is one of the more modest of what you had to choose from..I'd like to say thanks for sparing us.

If you turn this into a porn pic site...your going to cut of your nose to spite your face....Stick to your original purpose, that's where your popularity is coming from.

If you are going to ignore us, and continue to display porn stars, don't insult out intelligence, show Hugh Hefner quality, Playboy Mansion quality or nothing.

2645 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Oh right, So TMZ wants to talk about this slut. Another Hollywood prostitute who makes her living slutting herself on camera. I guess that's what it takes to make youself famous in Hollywood these days. Just ask Paris Hilton. Sex on camera is what Hollywood is all about. Jenna Jamisen is a Whore and that is it. As far as I'm concerned, Prostitutes are the second lowest form of life next to the politician.

2645 days ago


I don't give a damn what she does. She's effin H O T!!!! Love you Jenna!

2645 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Skank City Disco

2645 days ago


Don't hate....just cuz she's hot. don't be jealous!!!!

2645 days ago


MORE PARIS NEWS. i love paris...

get i get i little more of your L.O.V.E?!!?
can you spend a little dough on me?
can i get a little bit of your T.I.M.E.


2645 days ago


Jenna as a comeic book hero??? lol.. yeah o.k.... well why not...she has enough plastic nowadays to make herself into one.... well desperate times call for desperate mesasures....she osnt getting as much cash as she used too..... coming soon to DVD...Jenna the skinny MILF series....ok Jenna..15 minutes are can go away now....desperate to hold onto any type of fame

2645 days ago

give the dog a bone    

I say bring it on.... Jenna has more brains than silicone. Strike while the iron is hot (and it is hot)

2645 days ago

John McCormack    

John McCormack (Dana House's old neighbor) says hey Harvey

2645 days ago

SOMP Artist    

It is a real shame that she doesn't look like that anymore. She used to be a real hottie, but now her face is jacked up due to all the collagen injections (that's my guess as to what caused it at least).

2645 days ago


TMZ only covers female porn stars because it is SEXIST AND HATES WOMEN!!!!!

2645 days ago


Hey number !0, she does have a plastic doll, like Barbie that is a Jenna Jameson doll so make sure you know what your talking about first. She has been around for a long time so where is this "15 minutes of fame" bs. Most of you on here are too young and naive to know about people before posting. Oh by the way, I am a hot female blonde and I am confident of myself so that I don't have to belittle others because of jealousy or misery. Heck my life is the pitts too, but I'll be damned if I am going to insult others especially another hottie like her. I don't like porn either, not my thing, but at least know this is her career and path in life, deal with it. By the way, do any of you have jobs to sit here all day and insult others. It will not change a thing. Get to work, or do some volunteer.

2645 days ago
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