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Lane Garrison Relives Deadly Drunk Driving Crash

7/30/2007 6:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a chilling video in which former "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison relives the night someone died while he drove drunk behind the wheel of a car.

Fighting back tears and with his voice trembling, Garrison has gone back in front of the cameras -- to record a powerful and graphic public service announcement was directed by Andrew Gallery for The Troy and Alana Pack Foundation.

Hoping to prevent people from making the same deadly mistake he did in the December 2006 crash night, which resulted in the death of 17-year-old Vahagn Setian, Garrison warns drivers, "Just don't drink and drive, it's not worth it, it's just not worth it." Eerily realistic recreated footage of a drunk driving accident plays between clips of Lane's emotional plea. Amid the devastating wreckage, a frantic woman can be heard screaming "My boyfriend is dead!"

Garrison pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter, felony DUI with bodily injury and one misdemeanor count of providing alcohol to a minor. Sentencing is scheduled for August 2.


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This incident is extremely sad, yet it happens everyday to many families and noncelebs who do not get such large responses and media attention. I only hope that the more celebs obtain media attention for alcohol abuse and related offenses that atention will be brought to the innefective DUI/DWI laws currently inplace. Hopefully the govt will begin to implement laws that create actual disincentives for driving under the influence. I worry that if this P.O.S. is given leniency that people of all ages and status will understand his PDA to be a victory in overcoming a justice system that punishes people for trying to obtain better lives (immigrants) but gives second chances to murders with celeb status. Poor him, he killed somebody let this kid rot in prison and see how different it is in real life.

2603 days ago

The Hank Garland Family    

We are continuing to pray for Lane Garrison and the famlies involved. We know Lane and he would not have done this for anything in the world. We love and support you Lane.
The way God tests us is "How We Love One Another".
Just know our prayers go out to you Lane and all the families. You are a wonderful person and we just know you and know that you would have never hurt anyone.
God Bless You Lane & Know in your Heart & Soul that we will always love you and support you,
Amy & Billy Garland
The Hank Garland family

2603 days ago


This is a horrible, graphic, gruesome, EXTREMELY TACKY and class-less PSA. And because of the "drama" and high production value, the message is COMPLETELY LOST and this tool comes off looking TOTALLY PHONEY.

2602 days ago

Edina & Patsy    

I think this is extremely powerful however did anyone else notice the stop light behind the driver it was red which means the vehicle that hit them ran the red light. My Aunt was killed by a drunk driver and I think they should throw the book at the "stars" that think they can't get in trouble cause they are famous. Its BULL CRAP they are getting off with a slap on the hands. If it was any of us we would be in so much hot water it wouldn't even be funny.

2602 days ago


this guy doesnt give a damn about drunk driving.
he's just trying to make himself get away with the least amount of jailtime he can.
and its working.
hes an actor, its his job to make those fake tears.

2602 days ago

britstarr from mississippi    

he is such a phony, he does not have his heart into this at all !!

2602 days ago


Hey , if YOU decide to become a fireman, YOU risk your life dying in a fire. If YOU decide to become a policeman, YOU put YOURSELF at risk of dying in a gun fight/ i.e. an un-natural, untimely death. If YOU decide to rob a bank, YOU put YOURSELF at risk of being killed. No sympathy on my part for any of these decisions that people make. If YOU decide to do anything that endangers your life, you have no recourse, period. If YOU decide to go shark diving, YOU put YOURELF in harm's way. YOU may get YOURSELF killed. Stop bitchin' about stuff like this. The kid new he was getting in the car with a person who was possibly intoxicated. Who is to blame again? Maybe the kid should have had some better judgement, know what I'm saying? Maybe if he did not get in the car, he would be still be breathing? I'm just saying, think about it. Everyone is so eager to place blame on the driver, but go back to the start of this. Better thought process on the kid's part, maybe he'd still be alive. Nobody held a gun to the kids head to get in the car as far as I know? Let me know if there was a gun held to the kids head, kidnapping, etc. and maybe we'll talk.
Total crap. Get real America. Figure out who the real culprits are. Stop being brainwashed by the man (GOV, FEDs, POPO, Etc.) Think for yourselves for once in your lives. I for one can see the wrinting on then wall, it doesn't take a scollar to see the BS that's all around that's happening to the world. Happy to shag off to Canada, maybe to a place that has some sort of reality going on.

2601 days ago


you won't see this psa on FOX especially during prison break anytime soon because...

2595 days ago


Paris has less money to spend on herpe medication!

2605 days ago


Im sure hed still be drinking and driving if this did not happen he jsut got caught in the worst possible way him and lohan should hook up

2605 days ago


I'm sorry that it had to come to the loss of a life for him to realize what he did was wrong, but I thank him for the public service announcement. It's VERY powerful...and may save many others' lives.

2605 days ago


Which escaped prisoner was he? I'm racking my brain. At least he looks contrite.

2605 days ago


at least he is admitting that he was wrong and telling trying to prevent others from making the same mistake that he did. I am not sayting that his actions were okay because they were definatly not... i mean he killed someone.... but i think that the rest of hollywood should look at this situtation as a lesson of what can happen to them if they are not careful... because he will be going to jail for a couple of years for what he did.....and this is going to be lilo's future if she doesnt change her ways

2605 days ago

Dawn Day    

"relieves the night someone died...."????

2605 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

The only real question is "How much time will this bastard serve?"

2605 days ago
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