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Britney Bustin' Out!

7/31/2007 11:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What does a gal do when her divorce is final and she's officially back on the market? Why, she dons her best cutoff britches and a boob-bobblin' bra, wraps her weave and goes to Starbucks!

The weave-a-horror, pink flip-flopped, blue-brassiered pop mama was snapped fetchin' coffee in Pasadena, Calif., accompanied by her manny/guard, while her tots waited in the car. They must have lost the recipe for coffee back at Ranchita Popwreck.

She's available, y'all.


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dont lose sleep    

too bad brit is not the young kid anymore ! it seemed she had some kind of common sense at that stage in life ! now, she is really scarry ! she is like a true rounch ! yuk ! the way she dresses, the way she cares for her kiddies, i heard the kids eat crap and drink sodas and have rotton teeth ! what next ? we'll be reading the kids have lice ! she is worst than a nasty , skanky , pirate hooker ! cps please step in ! !

2536 days ago


The more I see of Britney...the more I miss the cold weather. She is easier to take when she covers up some of that nasty ass.

2534 days ago


While her kids wait in the car ?!?!?! if Brit and the Manny when in ............. what they do leave lil SPF in charge since he is the big brother ?!?!?!

2533 days ago


Britney appears to be suffering from some sort of mental disorder brought on by the birth of her children. Look at her mind, body, and spirit (even her work ethic!) pre-kids and look at her just after Sean Prestion was born. Already a huge diff. Post-partum at its worst. She needs some (legal) medications to bring her back. Plus, she has got to make an album soon. If not for her fans, then for her bank account. Between K-fed's child support (how this happened when she has the kids I dont know?), rehab, vacation hotspots, and Starbucks, she'll be bankrupt before she's 35.

2533 days ago


Looks like the Holllywood "machine" is angry with this young woman and has decided to destroy her. Five years ago she was doing the same things and she was called sexy and the "pop tart".....interesting

2533 days ago

georgia diener    

Britney is just like another girl, it hurts when you get divorce especially if you still love the person. I am and always will be 100% behind her. I feel her pain!!!!!

2533 days ago


Brit is very smart all this so called crazy life she is living is all a planned publicity stunt even when it looks bad. I work in the business and im impressed how it works. Im also stunned how people fall for it all.

Eddie in Santa Monica beach...

2533 days ago



2537 days ago

are you new?    

what a disaster this skank is

2537 days ago


That doesn't look like Britney.

2537 days ago


She's starting to look somewhat like a troll these days, and not in a good way. Not sure why, but that's the immediate impression I get lately.

2537 days ago

ooh that hurts good    

were her kids alone in the car or did her manny stay with them.
Someone take those kids away from this train wreck. At this point they would be better off being raised by Lohan's mother.

2537 days ago


Um, no drive thru Starbucks in L A huh?

2537 days ago


Doesn't look like Britney, but if it is, at least she found a bra and gave her knees a break from having those things flopping on them. The bra looks dumb, but it is an improvement over her usual look.

2537 days ago


I'm really sick of the nast comments you keep posting about this girl. When her music comes out I WILL be buying it - like her millions of other fans.

2537 days ago
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