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A Huge Win for Lane Garrison

8/2/2007 3:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a stunning ruling, Judge Elden Fox set the stage for Lane Garrison to become a free man in 90 days.

The judge ordered the former "Prison Break" star to go to state prison for 90 days. The purpose: for shrinks and others to determine if he's a suitable candidate for straight probation. The smart money is now on the judge letting Garrison go free after a mere 3 months in prison.

The order followed dramatic, gut-wrenching testimony during Garrison's sentencing hearing at the 90210 courthouse.

The father of the boy who died in the car Garrison was driving testified that Lane is a self-absorbed person: "He's selfish. He took no responsibility. He could have come to us the next day and apologized, but he didn't."

The father also said he was furious at Garrison's PSA, first run on TMZ. The PSA shows a remorseful Garrison fronting an anti-drinking spot recreating the fatal crash. The dad testified, "He is an actor. He is acting. He killed a human being and he killed our son." The dad said, "Yesterday was one of the hardest days. It was Vahagn's birthday. He would have been 18."

Garrison then testified, "I relive that night every day and I think about the bad decisions I made." Garrison, who plead guilty to vehicular manslaughter, said, "All I can say to you is that I'm sorry. I tried to contact you every day. This PSA was not a publicity stunt." Garrison added, "We can't bring him back, but I'm sorry for my behavior that evening and that is not representative of who I am usually."

Garrison's lawyers, Rich Hutton and Harland Braun, suggested the boy who died was partly responsible. Braun said, "The young man died because he was sitting in a car with a drunk driver." Braun also suggested Garrison may have been a victim as well -- and that before the crash, someone may have slipped him a drink with the date rape drug GHB.

The D.A. vehemently opposed the 90-day diagnostic exam, arguing that Garrison should get four years in prison.


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skeptical at best    

that is outrageous!

2639 days ago


I hate him and first!

2639 days ago


What happened to the last story everybody was writing on??!!

2639 days ago


Anyone who drives drunk and kills someone, should be charged with premeditated murder.

2639 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Reality bites! This is not everymans justice. This is celebrety justice. the judge should be hanged!!!!!!

2639 days ago


A drunk punk kills someone with his car and gets 90 days in jail. What a bunch of CRAP!

2639 days ago


this is the worst thing to ever come out of the beverly hills court house. this guy was driving high on coke and drunk, allowing minors to have alcohol and killed a person! there needs to be a serious investigation into these procedings!

2639 days ago


Once again TMZ has over-estimated its reader's interest in a topic.
Hey - - maybe it could work Lane into a story including Kimberly Stewart!

2639 days ago


I am not surprise that he got off so damn easy. seems to be the norm for hollywood stars to be able to do what they want , when they want, and how they want. I'm sure Lindsay Lohan will get a slap on the wrist too!!! Hollywood justice at it's best.

2639 days ago


I can't believe you can be drunk and wasted on drugs, kill a person and get a slap on the wrist. The judge who ruled on this case should be disbarred!!!

2639 days ago


I can't believe it, Paris get 40 days or whatever for just driving under the influence, and this guy KILLS someone and only gets 90 days...albeit the victim was in the same car. The dead boy's parents must be sickened.

2639 days ago


I think the outcome is fair, he is obviously remorseful. It was an ACCIDENT. No one forced that kid to get in the car with him. As far as the dad being mad he didn't call the next day to apologize, whatever. If he HAD called the next day I'm sure we would be hearing how it was wrong for him to try to call that soon. Nothing is going to bring their child back, but it was his decision and his decision ALONE to get into a car with a drunk driver.

2639 days ago


I'm sure "gut-wrenching" was covered in acting school. Doesn't matter, ALL that matters is what HE did behind the wheel. HE killed a kid, HE drove drunk, HE had coke in his system. Doesn't matter what any of the posters here have done or not done behind the wheels or other cars, WE are not on trial, HE is. And he deserves a few years behinf bars, just like the rest of us would get. Justice must be served, and justice is not about ignoring criminal behavior just because someone can act sorry.

2639 days ago


this guy is becoming more famous for killing someone than he ever would have as an "actor" maybe a couple months in an actual PRISON will actually straighten him out -

2639 days ago


this is just beyond insane, this can not be serious! The guy gut drunk, did drugs, drove, and a child is dead (yes a 17 year old is a child)... the judge in this case deserves to be ass-raped by some gang members for this crazy decision. How can he just spit into the face of those poor parents who lost their child and let this cokehead off so easy.
I hope the parents take Lane Garrison to civil court and sue him for every penny he has and will ever earn..

2639 days ago
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