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"The Hills" Don't Have Eyes for Paparazzi

8/2/2007 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LC and Audrina are a staple of the Hollywood club scene, but apparently aren't fans of the snapping paps who greet them each night. It seems they'd like to remain relatively obscure. Sign me up for another season of my reality show!

TMZ spotted the twosome outside of Les Deux last night, shooting scenes for the upcoming season of "The Hills." Conrad and Patridge were then caught complaining to a producer about going back to the club because there was too much paparazzi around. Uh, hello? Tick tock ... 15 minutes girls!

These girls -- not exactly household names for the non-MTV demographic -- should be thrilled they're even recognized!


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all day all day    


2642 days ago


this made me laugh. You couldn't have put it better. Why go to clubs where you know the paps are going to be and then complain...whatever

2642 days ago


I agree, they should be thrilled that anyone would want to waste film on them, nobodies that they are. But they just don't want everyone to know they are hard-partying floozies, and the fact that they ARE club "staples" means they don't want this PROVEN with the pics. Sorry skanks, the truth has been LONG out, LOL.

2642 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Never heard of them or seen the show. These types will complain if there are too many Paparazzi and turn around and bitch if no one recognizes them. Who cares...

2642 days ago

waka waka    

LC needs to get over the picture taking and get naked. Audrina, you can join too

2642 days ago

tired of cry baby    

why is that complaining? who want a bunch of gay guys taking your pictures, if she show up with lance bass, you photog's would be wacking off!! L.C. is a cool girl,

2642 days ago

all day all day    

i think they are both totally insane! i mean they signed up for this show and they tour promoting it. whatever......

2642 days ago


Who? Never heard of either of them...

2642 days ago


I believe the phrase you guys are looking for is "spoiled rich bithces." That's all they are and ever will be. They have only a sense of entitlement, not a sense of humility, shame, or of caring for anyone other than themselves. I just may throw a party when these overprivilaged a-hole OC kids' shows get cancelled because the ratings FINALLY dip below an acceptable level for MTV.

2642 days ago

simon birch    

Arrogant photogs think they are the reason for their popularity? Another stupid pap strikes again! Come on LA where is the vigilante justice when you need them to thin out the photog heards that seem to be everywhere! LA is so hip you should at least spay or neuter everyoone of them...not that any could actually have what it takes to make little paps. Some you at least should crawl back under the rock you came from.

2642 days ago

I love u Travis    

I would rather watch paint dry then watch spoiled kids run around all day.

2642 days ago


I would like to charge them for the waste of 15 minutes.

2642 days ago


WHO ARE THEY ANYWAY? Get over yourselves girls. You are meaningless to anyone under the age of 18..........

2642 days ago


Wow, you are getting paid well for "The Hills" despite being non-talents, non-educated wannabees who were in the right place and the right time, and you have the audacity to complain about the lack of privacy?! Wake up - it comes with the territory. Five years from now when "The Hills" will be long gone and your viewers have moved on and grown up, you might actually have to work for a living!

2642 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

The new season of their reality show starts what? Today? MMM Sign them up for 3 more seasons then they will have something to complain about when people actually notice them. Give me a break

2642 days ago
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