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"Dog" Chapman Not Out of the Woods

8/3/2007 7:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dog ChapmanThe Dog isn't completely free and clear yet.

While all charges against Duane "Dog" Chapman have been dropped, A&E has learned that an appeal was filed by the prosecution, trying to overturn the lower court's decision. But don't fret -- A&E says that in Mexico these appeals are just a matter of principle. Arriba!

A&E, which broadcasts "Dog the Bounty Hunter," tells TMZ, "Our thoughts and best wishes are with the Chapman family as they await the outcome of the appeal, which could take many months."

Until then, boycott Mexico.


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F U C this old crackhead..................................

2636 days ago


Man, that mullet flows like ribbons of gold!

2636 days ago


Why boyccot Mexico?

Imagine if a mexican bounty hunter (of which there are none because bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico, as is in all of the other OECD nations), came to the U.S. to arrest someone and to then try to smuggle him out of the U.S. without having being allowed the U.S. constitutional rights.

Would this be acceptable? NO WAY.

Dog did wrong in Mexico, and the Mexican government has tried to let the case go without trial. If the Dog would not publicize this, his case would be dismissed (as it is being).

But don't open fire against Mexico, he violated Mexican and international laws. He's being let out the nice way out of the problem. He should stay quiet and thankful with Mexico and with the Mexican attorneys that helped him out.

2636 days ago

hello, it    

He's yucky, and his wife looks like trailer park trash.

2636 days ago

MISS C    


2636 days ago


dog did the world a favor when he did what he did we do not need trash like the man he got off the streets of mexico or our own streets we need more men like dog and more women like Beth she stands by her family .god bless both of them .Dc in clearwater florida

2636 days ago


Keep doing what you are doing Dog... get after the criminals; keep spreading your message.

2636 days ago

Steven Millan    

I'm no fan of the Dog,but I'm glad to see that he's happily settling his problems with Mexican authorities(and he's free to go back to his bounty hunter gig)and that this isn't another one of those endless "Britney,Lindsay,Nicole,and Paris,Oh My!!!!....Britney,Lindsay,Nicole,and Paris,Oh,My !!!!" stories.

2636 days ago


TMZ I wouldn't say boycott Mexico. There alot of mexicans in the U.S. and your just stir up more racisim that we shouldn't be stirring up. As a mexican I am more of an american than anything and I probably will never go to mexico but that was kinda of wrong. I take a lil offense but not that much because I am a mexican american and was born in the states as well as my parents but your probably going to get some hate response from people now.

2636 days ago


Hey # 4

Imagine ( no really, close your eyes and imagine) Andrew Luster raped your mother, your wife, your sister and your daughter.

Would that be acceptable? NO WAY

Not to mention, if someone commits a crime in Mexico and then comes to hide in the US and a bounty hunter ( even tho they don't have any) comes to take them back to Mexico and tries to sneak them out of the country, denying thier constitutional US rights, well THEY DONT HAVE ANY US RIGHTS THEY ARE NOT CITIZENS

Im sorry but Andrew Luster is serving a 124yr sentance for his crimes. What exactly Mexican Rights was he denied by being brought back here to Justice? And why would you care. The boycott Mexico thing was obviously a joke

geez man :)

2636 days ago


Good for the prosecution. Chapman is an out-of-control, vicious, self-righteous bully who needs to be put in his place -- even that place is jail for awhile. These bounty hunters are out of control; they have killed people.

2636 days ago


Why boycott Mexico when he broke the law in Mexico?

Stupid TMZ, an example i get to the U.S. illegaly, then deport me, should we Mexicans boycott the U.S. when i broke the law in the U.S.?

TMZ is plain stupid

2636 days ago


Totally Pistor!
It's not like Mexican Nationals break US laws and get away with it all the time, IS IT??
Nope no precedent for that.
And saintly Mexico is so helpful in extraditing them back to face the music,and is in no way hypocritical or unwilling to hand their citizens over for such minor crimes as murder and rape.
Dog is not blameless (he's a doofus,and should have known better), but all this self righteous defense of Poor old Mexico is ludicrous.

2636 days ago

Jus D truth    

I have never like Dog or his fat 'ol lady....both are Ugly, that's w/a capital only regret is that Mexico is being so darn nice. They should of give the Dog, a real taste of Mexico. I'm American as very proud of it, but I also have a 2nd home on a pristine beach in Mexico, where I'll be permanently once I my quack of a USA dr. signs me off as disabled. which he will in afew more visits.

2636 days ago


To Pistor (#4)

I don't think anyone would have a major problem for the US to waive protection for a Mexican-national CONVICTED SERIAL RAPIST. I mean why does Mexico want to protect Andrew Luster so badly? You'd think that Mexico would want nothing to do with this guy....

2636 days ago
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