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Thandie Newton's Bulimia Battle

8/5/2007 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Pursuit of Happyness" star Thandie Newton battled bulimia for a year.

The tiny actress told People that her eating disorder started when she was a teen ballet dancer, and that she ate "nothing but cottage cheese" in order to stay thin.

Years later, after a string of emotionally abusive relationships, Newton had an eating disorder relapse. Her bulimia was so severe that she has "scars on my knuckles from where I put my fingers down my throat."

It wasn't until she went to a therapist years later that she "made the connection between shame and self abuse."

Newton has been married for the last nine years and has two daughters, Ripley, 6, and Nico, 2.


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She's so pretty. She seems so normal!!!! I never would've thought this could happen to her.

2634 days ago


yeah you get scars on your fingers from your teeth scraping against them dumbass

2634 days ago


She was in the movie CRASH too

2634 days ago


She was awesome in the Oscar winning best pic of 2006, "CRASH". Even though it was an ensemble of terrific actors, she and Terrance Howard commandeered more than a couple scenes!

2634 days ago


Yuck!! You are sick!! She looks nice and I'm glad she can get through the disease. I have not seen her in any movies or maybe I have but I can ony remember her in Pursuit of Happyness and the only reason I saw the movie because my Will Smith is in it and I have been in love with him for years. I'm really his #1 fan although I don't like to talk much about it because when other women say they like him too, that makes me so jealous. I was in love with him even before he got married but even as a husband I can tell he's awesome and as a daddy also. I can't say enough about that man.

2634 days ago


for "who cares".... um, she had one of the starring roles in a tiny little academy award nominated film called CRASH!!!!! what rock do you live under?

2634 days ago


AOL is getting desperate. Now they're headlining (frontpage) with "Actress admits fighting Bullimia" Then when we click to check it out it's somebody most of us have never even heard of. Must be a slow day for AOL's Enquirer style news

2634 days ago

gg mexico    

Was watching pursuit of happiness with my daughters, oneof them said, mommy i want to be skinnyl like her when i growup. itold herits unnatural and a way for women to compete witheach other inhollywood. no one is that thin naturally unless you work out 12 hours a day and eat macrobiotic like madonna. but that wouldeven produce toomuch muscle this girls need help

2634 days ago

Marabelle Blue    

I haven't a clue who she is and who cares...who in this world has not starved themselves to stay thin...and this is supposed to be big news?

2634 days ago


She was in Mission Impossible 2 and also Dr. Carter's wife in ER.....hope she gets better

2634 days ago


Who's she?

2634 days ago


Thandie, i am glad you came out, what about the others who do the same thing. There are old and young actresses who look tooooooo thin. I am sick of it hollywood thinks a size 6 is plus size, give me a F^n break. Well in this world holloywood demonstrates the crookedness in the world. Heck most of them are also on drugs, thats why some are thin as well. Hollywood full of money, but lack of lust of life.

2634 days ago


For those of you who dont know her, she was in the movie Crash. She was the one that got felt up by the cop.

2634 days ago


The reason why the majority have never heard of her is because you are too ignorant to understand anything. And all much younger then the movies she was in.

2634 days ago


It is so much fun to read these comments. This comes to no surprise when most of Hollywood seem to be suffering from bulimea, anorexia, or drug addiction. I grew up being skinny all my life, at 5'8 and 110 pounds I could never figure out why anyone would want be so skinny. Now at a later age I have put on weight on all the right places and I don't regret it one bit, and i also dealt with issues. Being naturally skinny and being accused of being anorexic, now that's depressing!! Looking good and having meat on your bones....Priceless!!

2634 days ago
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