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Charlie to Denise -- You're a Nanny Goat!

8/7/2007 9:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a declaration filed by Charlie Sheen in his ongoing custody fight, in which the actor grumbles that the nanny situation just ain't working.
Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards

In the documents, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Sheen explains he's now engaged to Brook Mueller, whom Sheen says "has a strong relationship with my children and she and I provide them with a structured and safe environment." Sheen wants more time with the kids, without the intrusion of nannies approved by the court who must be present when he has the kids.

Charlie says "I am capable of selecting my own child care provider and I request an order permitting me to make that decision."

Click to launch!Sheen alleges recently, Richards "has repeatedly made unnecessary telephone calls to me and to my home. These calls have resulted in disputes between us." Sheen wants the court to 86 all non-emergency calls. He's also asking for extended visitation -- he'd like to pick the two kids Saturday morning and return them on Monday every third and fifth weekend of each month.


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NJ Aunt    

You know, both of them are nuts. She's nuttier though.

2603 days ago


So sorry that the children get caught up in all this. Can't they just think of them FIIRST? I am a teacher, and I just hate when this happens between parents. PLEASE - just do what is best for the children.

2603 days ago


And Denise, she had a fling with her best friend's husband, and her career has sunk to hosting Playboy parties. . come on. . . at least he's trying. .

2603 days ago


The guy obviously wants to be able too see his kids in peace. I think Denise is just angry and jealous of his new relationship.

2603 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Hey he's older and wiser. Didn't she cheat on him with Ritchie Sambora. Didn't she hurt her best friend heather? She ain't exactly mother of the year. Give the guy a break! #20, you sure are fired up over this.

2603 days ago


none of us ..knows what really is going on..all we know is what we read in the media...the real story...only Charlie and Denise knows...

2603 days ago


Who cares? Any man who marries a woman who constantly spreads her legs for magazines deserves what he gets. She should be the one monitored, She can't keep her pants zipped either. Both of them are unfit parents. I hope the woman he's with now is a porn actor because that is the only women he likes besides hookers, but then again what's the difference.

2603 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

His demands sound completely fair....why the hell should his ex force him to have a nanny? And, why should she be allowed to make dozens of calls to his house per day?

His ex has control issues. And, I hope the judge sees right through her.

2603 days ago


Denise seems to be a bit of a control freak
Sense she got dumped a few months back her concentration has been focused on her Ex's relationship.
I don't believe she had any right to send the future Mrs. Sheen flowers either.
Just another way to get in to something that is none of her concern.

2603 days ago


For God's sake, Charlie Sheen is a nut job. This guy thinks our government had hand in 9/11 and that they put mind control agents in children's vaccines...FREAK SHOW CENTRAL!!! He is also an admitted alcoholic/drug addict/sex addict/gambling addict. Believe me, courts do not institute supervised visitaiton without a VERY good reason. It is in the children's best interest that they have equal time with both parents..when both parents are sane and stable. Charlie has yet to prove that he is capable of being a human much less being a parent. Denise doesn't seem much better, but I'd bet a rabid wolverine would be a better parent than Charlie Sheen.

2603 days ago


Charlie has never been charged with doing anything like that with the children, #23, Sandy, and until it can be proven that Charlie is guilty of what you are asserting he MAY do with the children in some fantasy scenerio that has not actually occurred as yet, that fantasy scenerio of yours is just the trypical custody accusations that always come flying out of left field from lying spouses who want to use the kids to hurt their ex. And that is what Denise is doing, using the kids to hurt Charlie because Denise cannot stand to see Charlie happy.

Denise was having an affair with Richie, dragging the kids all over the place half the time while she was hanging with Richie, and the other half of the time she was leaving the kids while she was hanging out with Richie. Denise was hardly providing a proper environment for those children while she was whoring around. So at the very least, Denise is no more fit than Charlie, and Charlie should not be punished just because he is happy with someone else and Denise can't take it. Using the kids like this to punish Charlie just shows what kind of a mother Denise REALLY is - a selfish, spiteful one that is not above using the kids as weapons just to hurt Charlie. This isn't Family of the Year, trying to single out one parent as the best or the worst is a lesson in futility here, best to give each parent a fair shake and that does mean Charlie should get the kind of visitation he wants. He has yet to be proven a worse father than Denise is a mother.

2603 days ago


Charlie...When I went through my Divorce that visitation was not even in the mediator scale of a visitation order. With this request you will have to see a mediator and so will you child/children. As long as the child 11 is yeas least 11 years 0ld.

Charlie it really seems like you don't want much time with them to me. The order should be she drops the off at school on Thursday then you pick them up from school and drop them off at school on Monday. That’s the 1st 3rd and 5 weekend. That's the order that we entered for our court order. The week that’s not yours you get a Wednesday night visit. They will them spend the rest of the time with the mother. Just get a calendar and plan all your activities with your future wife around your children. Just so you woman wants another woman to be a mother to her children. Even if the new woman isn’t trying to be their mother...the real mother will never believe it. You have to realize that having another motherly figure in their lives could affect their relationship with their biological mother. You'll see when she gets a father figure for your children.

By the way He can get a court order for emergency calls only. Yes he can get a court order that they can call her, but she should not call them when they are with him. This is the Bitch that sent his fiancé congratulations flowers. He's over her and she can't believe she's stirring up the pot. A lot of this stuff went on when me and my husband got a divorce. Its two people that are just bitter about how their marriage ended and forgot that they were ever in love. Once you get that back from the insanity everything will be alright.

I will never forget the first time after my divorce when someone called me a single mom...I was dumbfounded. Never had that title before and really struck hard. DAMN!

2603 days ago


I have to side with Charlie. He's at least always admitted to his vices. Isn't Denise the same nutcase who flung a laptop off a balcony hitting an elderly woman in a wheelchair... and she was also photographed on the beach with Rich Sambora with a coke spoon up her nose! I definitely think she's the one who should be monitored.

2603 days ago

are you new?    

I heard Charlie could only get it up for her if she was
doing the reverse cowgirl

2603 days ago


Don't forget. Denise was the one who told the photogs where to find her and Richie, in exchange for $100,000. Charlie needs to get into this angle in court about her. She's really manipulative, to put it mildly.

2603 days ago
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