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Amy Winehouse Treated for Exhaustion

8/8/2007 5:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Amy Winehouse was rushed to the hospital this morning after some sort of incident.
Amy Winehouse
Winehouse's rep confirms to TMZ that the tatted up singer was taken to a London hospital and treated for "exhaustion." The rep says Winehouse has since been discharged and is currently at home. She has been ordered to take "complete rest."

Frightening Fangs -- click to launchWhen asked what prompted this, the rep would only say "it came about quickly." No other details were available.

Winehouse's rep says that the singer's grueling world tour schedule is most likely to blame.

For now, no no no more shows for Amy. They've all been canceled.


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This is still August -- too damn early to be October 31st

2603 days ago


shut up, i'm sure all of you are fat, miserable losers.

2603 days ago


To this person's husband: WAY TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR WIFE, DUDE! This girl is the next Janis Joplin, and will be dead just as quickly.

2603 days ago


who cares if some of you are exhausted because you have kids?!!? like that's hard!! the whole world breeds, it's mindless there's nothing difficult or interesting in that. at least amy winehouse produces something like art, and there is a lot more work involved in that than there is reproducing. ANYONE can do that - there's nothing special about it.

2603 days ago


being a junkie must be hard work

2603 days ago

Real idiots    

Hey Neme. You try working 60 plus hours a week to put food on your table and a roof over you and your daughter's head, plus pay the phoe, car insurance, gas for the car, day care and all the other things you need while your ex doesn't pay a damn dime to help raise his child and then say that raising a kid isn't hard. That's what I do everyday, and I can't take a couple days off for "exhaustion" and go relax in a hospital or the supposed rehab facilities. If I or any other single parent out there in the real world did that, we would 1 lose our job, or 2 not be able to pay the bills. So, After you have taken on a typical month of a single parent, and you survived with out needing a break cuz of exhaustion, then you can bitch all you want. Oh yeah, there's nothing like getting the house work done at 10:30 at night, getting to bed, and having your little one wake up cuz of a bad dream or they are sick and then you are up for at least 2 more hours with them and have to get up at 6 am to start the new day. THAT'S EXHAUSTION!!!! ALL THE STARS NEED TO SHOVE THEIR EXHAUSTION EXCUSES UP THEIR ASSES!!!!!

2603 days ago



2603 days ago


she looks like a dirty, anorexic junky.. ewwwwwwwwwww!

2603 days ago


"I haven't had food in weeks.....I live on heroin and booze......they asked me to go to rehab...I said, NO>>>NO>>>NO......."

They said I could go to a Hospital and get some meth-a-done.....I thought they meant METH, so I said.....YES>>>YES>>>>YES!!!!

When I figured out their tricks...I demanded they release me....boy am I exhausted!!

Someone pass the spoon, the lighter, my belt, the needle and my big ol Hefty Bag o smack. That always allows me my complete rest.....

Here's laughing at all you bitches who give me money to feed my habit....roflmfao!!!

2603 days ago


What an UGLY FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!

2603 days ago

laughing at you    

That's what happens when all you ever eat is cigs.

2603 days ago


She fell out of an ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down !!!!

2603 days ago


Someone, feed her!!

2603 days ago


why don't they treat her for something else???????????????

2603 days ago


If we all work together, we can will the battle against the celebrifliction known as "Lohan Syndrome".

2603 days ago
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