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Bruce Takes a Dip with Hot New Chick

8/8/2007 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Aging action star Bruce Willis is looking to "Die Hard" with yet another Ashton-aged babe, Karen McDougal, as seen here while "yachting" in Porto Cervo, Sardinia.
Bruce and Tammy
Bru and Kar managed not to get their hair wet (easy for him) as they flirted and floated on a sunny day in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The famous action-packed father of three looked relaxed, while a world away, racy pix of daughter Rumer found their way onto the net. Daddy must be proud -- or is it the other way around?!

The father-daughter duo (Bruce and Rumer) are set to star next year with "OC"-ousted actress Mischa Barton in "Assassination of a High School President." Meanwhile, it looks like dad's doing some role research.


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That "racy" picture of Rumor really isn't so racy, but that's a good thing, Rumor shouldn't be doing REALLY racy stuff, she is still a kid. But I couldn't help but notice that Rumor looked amazingly like actress Keira Knightly - but with some actual flesh on Keira's WAY too bony frame. Rumor looks terrific in this picture, even though I think the costume is a bit weird. I hope Rumor is taking acting lessons and not just relying on her parents to make herself a name in the industry. Eventually, it will take honest to God talent to keep her acting career going uphill. I think Rumor will do really well if she is actually talented, as her pretty face does not look like a hundred others which gets boring. As for Bruce's girlfriend, come on, they look happy and neither one is married (I don't think) so what is wrong here? Single people dating is quite common and not considered an aberration, and Bruce is a lucky guy and she is a lucky lady. Would she bother with Bruce if he weren't famous? Who the hell knows and why speculate. As for Bruce being judged not very intellectual because he sounded uncomfortable in an interview , it is not uncommon for very intelligent people to be uncomfortable with public speaking, so that is not really proper criteria by which to judge a person's intellect, IMHO, and I wouldn't throw Bruce back just because public speaking is not his forte - what I would want to do with Bruce Willis wouldn't require a whole lot of dialogue anyway!

2631 days ago

alex milstein    

She is Playboy's Playmate of The Year for 1998.

Good work, Bruce.

2631 days ago


Right on, Holly. You are about the only person I've seen say something positive about Rumer Willis' looks. I think she's a pretty girl. She looks really bad with curly hair but she's a Demi clone with it cropped short. She'll be fine. And her name will only carry her so far if there is nothing behind it so if she's no good she'll be weeded out; I don't understand everyone's issue (as if this is the first case of nepotism ever). I still think Bruce needs to find someone his own age (even within 10 yrs would be more palatable for me) but to each their own. And regarding the speaking in interviews, he overcame a stutter as an adolescent or young adult. Perhaps he "uuuhs" and "uuumms" a lot to cover slipping back into a stutter when nervous in interviews?? Who knows. Just thought I'd throw that out there....

2631 days ago

Crimpy Bagshaw    

Atta' boy Bruce, never leave the Playboy Mansion empty handed!

2631 days ago


I 've got nothing against Bruce, but WOW he sure looks like HOMER SIMPSON in this picture...DOH!!

2631 days ago


Bruce looks just like Homer Simpson in this picture....DOH!!!!

2631 days ago

The Dutchess    

Relax everyone: Ms. Karen is 36 years old...

Still looking fab. Was 1998 Playmate of the Year.

2631 days ago



2631 days ago


Thank you #30. I was wondering how she could be twenty-something and been a Playboy Centerfold in 1998! I mean she could have been one but just barely, though. Thanks for clearing up!

2631 days ago


What the Heck Happened to Bruce's Eyebrowes... is He on Chemo or Something?? :P

2631 days ago


My, my, my. Every member of the Willis/Moore family is such a class act. Bruce hides the sausage with some young chick, Demi goes down on much, much younger Ashton while getting Botoxed in every conceivable place on her face, and fugly Rumer wears a metal dunce cap while pretending to be a serious actress. Is there a shard of talent or integrity in any of them? Nope.

2631 days ago


Bruce is a horndog. If he had any backbone he would have stayed with his wife and children. I don't blame Demi for having some fff'd up self esteem. He's not worth it. And I agree, he can't converse intelligently unless its from a script. He's all ball no brain.

2630 days ago


She dose not look that young to me and they are just two consenting adults having fun.
TMZ could put a dead fly on a blog ( no article) and everyone will rush in to comment.

2630 days ago


Just when I thought it was safe to go back into the water!

2630 days ago

Cincinnati here    

eeeeewwwww - can you say manorexia

2630 days ago
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