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Mel B

Secretly Married

in Vegas!

8/8/2007 7:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed that Scary Spice Melanie Brown was secretly married to beau Stephen Belafonte last month!

Melanie B, Stephen: Click to View!

As first reported by Perez Hilton, Scary and Stephen were married in a quickie Vegas ceremony on June 6. A clerk at the Clark County Marriage Bureau confirms there is a marriage certificate.

Brown was supposed to appear on tonight's "Larry King Live," but was a no-show because Mel and herClick to View baby are sick.

Mel's rep tells TMZ the couple are "very happy" and "very much in love. They have had a deep friendship for a number of years," adding, "that has developed into a loving relationship." As to the reason for secrecy, Mel's rep says there was none. "They just value their privacy."


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Yeah, I said it    

Jesse, could you elaborate on the killing and stealing? Did you really go to school with this fool? Seriously, I'm interested in knowing more and I'm sure some of the others would like to know more as well.

2632 days ago


i think the ultimate revenge would be for eddie to get custody....Mel B to me seems like a unfit mother......

2631 days ago

Cool G-Ma    

Is that Harry's son?

2630 days ago

Prosthetic Forehead    

Wait a minute --- you mean this story isn't about Mel BROOKS' Secret Vegas Marriage???

2626 days ago


Let me see if I got this straight:

Lame Eddie kicks it with lame ex-spice has been...ex-spice has been turns up with child, eddie demands test, says kid isn't his...has baby, is proven that eddie hit that, demands eddie takes responsibility for child, runs to vegas in June and secretly gets married to some nobody, has Eddies money and demands privacy from the media and the public???

You have got to be kidding me.

Is it me, or do all of these Hollywood types subscribe to the lowest of the low behavior? Eddies kicking it with Tracy Edmonds her divorce from Babyface final? Look how Brad Pitt dropped Jennifer Anniston to go running to Angelina Jolie. One word: K-Fed. Please. To say that all these folks are popular and rich and are leading their lives in the public eye, they all do seem to have tendacies like hoes...use one up, push on to the next. Or, use you for what I can get, then drop you off the next cliff. Its annoying.

Even worse, because of the notoriety thats attached to all of these proceedings, these fools pass this stuff off like its entertainment!

Bump it. I'm sick of all you Hollywood Hoes. I'm out like Lindsay Lohan's rehab misadventures.

2623 days ago

Yeah, I said it    

#65, I agree. From what I read so far, this guy sounds like black? version of K-Fed. But he sounds worse than K-Fed, at least K-Fed does stand up for kids, whatever his motives may be. This guy didn't stand up for Mel B. when she was preggers and say "hey, we've known each other for years, we love each other, screw Eddie (no pun intended), I'll be the daddy to your child!" Then again, that wouldn't be expected of him because he doesn't even take care of his OWN kid. She's in it for the attention and money and he's in it for the same. Plain and simple.

2618 days ago
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