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Who's Sucking Face?!

8/8/2007 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Which blond and taut member of Hollywood royalty was caught in a bikini clad make out session with a former practical joker in Canada last weekend?
Dyin' to find out???

It's Dax Shepard with Kate Hudson!!

Cheeky Kate got real up close and personal with the former "Punk'd" hunk.
Dax and Kate
The spit swappers, rumored to be dating, confirmed suspicions with this waterfront snogathon Saturday afternoon at mama Goldie's Canadian pad. There goes that whole, "just friends" nonsense!

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Hey, you know what, she hasn't
* Shaved her head
* Worn NASTY extensions
* Had major mental meltdowns in public
* Wipe her greasy hands on borrowed expensive designer clothes
* Cut her mother out of her life - for trying to help her - by 'serving' her with press in tow
* Shown her bare crotch to the press
* Stripped her clothes off for the press and jumped in the ocean

So, she likes ugly guys - she's single, a good actress and is behaving very reasonably - in her own home! Not like that skank tramp other blonde.

2603 days ago


Hollywood royalty???? She has no class and she can't act. Hollywood royalty are actors like Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

2603 days ago

big joe    

nice ass.

2603 days ago

big joe    

nice ass.

2603 days ago


Kiss a guy and the paps catch you and that makes you a slut? Get real, people. She is a single, lovely young woman who happens to be a mom. Her child will not be around her all the time and even if he is, she has a right to date and be with whom she pleases. If she were caught at clubs every night without her child, prancing around in see-through clothing, and taking her clothes off at the beach, well then that's another story...

2603 days ago


This woman is always photographed going in and out of a gym. What does she do in there, sure doesn't look like she is doing anything. Kate would have never made it without her famous mom.

2603 days ago

Black Crow    

Nice to see Hollywood has a new doornob. I wonder who's turn it is next week? SLUT.

2603 days ago


You people are so judgmental! How do you presume to know what happens inside Kate Hudson's personal life. Get a life and remember, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

2603 days ago


I never liked her with Owen. They look too much identical twins........CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2603 days ago


and so much hatin' to britney, and there are worse cases...

2603 days ago

C Ya    

Love her she is great and she is HUMAN.... we ALL want to be with someone no matter how many divorces or kids we have!

2603 days ago


All of you that are bashing Kate, need to grow up and get a life of your own. There is NOTHING wrong with her dating. If you read US Weekly you would know that Ryder was there and Dax taught him how to fish. And for her "parting" that you all say, she was at her moms with her son on a family vacation. Why don't you take a look at Brittney and bash her for her parenting skills and parting. Kate Hudson is nothing like that. And who the hell cares what kind of men she is attracted to. That is her choice!! Seriously grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2603 days ago


In answer to the question about "where's the baby," maybe he's with his dad or his grandparents or an uncle or a niece or a babysitter. Mind your own business, jealous busy-body.

2603 days ago

Never inked up!    

Kate hasn't made a decent flick since 200 cigarettes. This is how a "Mom" is suppose to act according to some of you. WRONG!

Where is her child during all her dates? Just what the kid needs a spolied rotten, what about me?, divorced Mom. I hope Goldie has time on her hands to take care of Kate's kid. Because clearly she isn't.

I'm so sick and tired of peolpe not taking their decisions seriously. Your job now is to protect, love, and SPEND TIME with this boy you decided to have . NOT to be a cat on a hot tin roof.
Grow up girl. Isn't that like 4 different men so far since the break up?
I'm sure some of you think this just fine because, too bad for you, you had to watch it growing up. TSK, TSK, TSK. Its not the norm. Or maybe it is by the looks of things.

2603 days ago


I've got a question. They claim that it's Kate and Dax in the picture. So, why don't we see a picture of them after the kiss that shows their actual faces???????

2603 days ago
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