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"The Hills" Heats Up

8/9/2007 3:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MTV president Brian Graden says that part of what makes "The Hills" so successful is that the real-life drama never ends -- even when the show stops filming. Showstoppers Lauren Conrad, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag -- who return to the idiot box on August 13 -- keep generating good gossip all year long. Said Graden to Entertainment Weekly, "It's kind of postmodern marketing. We're living in an age of TMZ and Perez Hilton, and 'The Hills' indulges that." It does?

The endless gossip serves "Hills" stars/monster couple Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, who claim that the series doesn't accurately represent their romance. "We don't fight in real life," said Pratt. But Pratt/Montag frenemy Lauren Conrad disagrees. "They can never make you say or do something," she said. "You can always blame editing, but they can't do magic." Presto! Your ex-best friend is now a smarmy jerk!

Is "The Hills" here to stay? "I don't know if I could do another season," said Heidi. "Being on a reality show is not very glamorous." But having your boyfriend pimp you out is?!

And though boobtastic Heidi expressed weariness at playing the reality TV game, Svengali boyfriend/manager Pratt said "There's a difference between reality TV and being on a show narrated by Lauren. She could be on reality TV for 20 years." There's a blood-curdling thought.


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make them go away, please for the sake of humanity make em go away

2609 days ago

Cat Stevns    


2609 days ago

Get a Clue    

Only in America would these two clowns be celebrities.

Why does America glorify snot-nosed, self-absorbed trust fund kids that are not educated and have no clue about real issues?

The world laughs at America.

2609 days ago

St. Olof    

I don't know how people like this get ahead in life. They are shallow and honestly think people like them. No talent in the whole lot of them. They deserve to be working in the fast food industry - even that might be too good for them.

2609 days ago


Ugh, why can't we have people who are actually interesting and smart and positive be famous? Why always the loosery douchettes?

2609 days ago

George Bush Hates Freedom    

WTF is this show about and why is TMZ so obsessed with these people. Here's a little peice of advice, if these people are so despicable, stop writing about them: ie. greasy and gummi, Kim (fake ass) K, Hilton and her stupid anerexic friends. These people are an embarassment to young America!

2609 days ago


I flush and flush, yet they won't go away.

2609 days ago


Go away both of you. Your disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2609 days ago


Hey Frenchie Freddie The World Laughs More At The French!!!!!

2609 days ago


These are horrible, horrible people... it's sad that they need this kind of attention. Just because you have people talking about you doesn't make you famous. If we took a poll right now of who could fall out the face of the earth and no one would care... I would venture to say that they would win, hands down.

2609 days ago


I think that team Hiedi is a bunch of bull i also think that they need to get a real life and quit picking on lauren she doesnt care anymore about them anymore they need to just quit being little kids and grow up and be adults about things and not make drama in peoples lives but oher than that heidis b/f is a real looser but i am for lauren shes great

2609 days ago


Brain Graden is right. Self-deluded dopes like Heidi will always equal ratings. People love to hate em'. And like those who have gone before - Richard Hatch and Omorosa to name but a few - she'll blame everyone from the friend she betrayed to the editors for her poor judgement and actions.

2609 days ago


TMZ - Enough with these two already!!?! If I have to see that guy's FUG face again, I am gonna barf! Please, NO MORE?!?!?
I'd much rather look at close up pics of Brit's cellulite or even Paris' herpes!!
These two are gross, they deserve each other, MOVE the F' ON!!!

2609 days ago

Bash a Pap    

I am never watching MTV again.. wait.. I haven't watched it since they took the videos off the air.

2609 days ago


These two wanna~bes are never gonna be!!! I would rather watch a test pattern for 8 hours then watch these Idiots pretend to know anything about love, honesty, freindship.
Dismiss and move on!!

2609 days ago
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