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The Mayor and Mirthala Step Out

8/10/2007 11:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, 54, and his newsbabe vixen, Mirthala Salinas, 37, were spotted by a TMZ spy while shoe shopping at San Fernando Valley's Fashion Square Mall -- girlfriend needs some new zapatos!

Senorita Salinas was suspended from her TV news duties at Telemundo after a three-week investigation, because she was reporting on the Mayor's separation from Corina (his wife of 20 years) -- while reportedly being the cause of it! Ay Dios mio!

Our eyewitness spy reports that the Mayor was happy to pose for a picture, but Ms. Salinas, in jeans and heels, attempted to avoid being photographed. The Mayor then wanted to see the "photo" being taken, and literally took the cell phone from our spy to flip through the photos -- photo approval anyone?! Noticias a las 11!


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KUDOS TO 31 AND 32!!!!!

2631 days ago


Re: #30

I don't know what you mean by "sanctuary city." Illegal immigrants are apprehended and deported in LA when the federal government sees fit to do so. Villaraigosa doesn't treat illegal immigrants any differently than previous mayors Hahn, Riordan or Bradley. I don't know why Villaraigosa is being held to a different standard.

2631 days ago


Lexygirl: This is definately a "representative of Latino Culture in LA". The Latinos voted him in! They thought he would represent US in a better light than all the stereotypes that are out there. He suckered us in by using his family during the election. Yes, he said he had an affair but he was forgiven by her and LA looked past that. He is a disgrace. Timothy McVey is not a public figure? Is he governer? Hell NO! This goes for anyone in the spotlight! But most of all to minorities! Bill Clinton didnt make all whites look like 2timing asses!

2631 days ago


Truth Teller you couldnt be more wrong. This inept mayor of LA will not allow his city govt cooperate with Federal Authorities when it comes to identify ILLEGAL ALIENS in the city of LA. He has announced that LA is a sanctuary city and he feel that Illegal Aliens have a right to be here in LA and America when in fact they dont belong here.

They are draining our social services and destroying our schools. They feel entitled and think they have more rights than an American Citizen. If they want to be here then they need to get in line and come over legally. Try reading up on the situation before you spew your inaccurate lies.

Build the wall, punish employers who hire Illegal Aliens, and deport the ones who are caught. They dont belong in our schools or in our hospitals taking away resources that belong to AMERICAN CITIZENS.

2631 days ago


I can't believe this putana gets to keep her job. She dongs 3 different politicians to get the story.(The ThreeAmigos?) Does this mean that all Latina reporters have to do the same thing in order to work at their stations and newspapers? Are there no standards demanded by the Latino community from their media? I thought women working in journalism had come farther than this.

2631 days ago


Re: #37

Mirthala Salinas works for Telemundo, which is owned by NBC Universal, an AMERICAN company. It's not an extension of the Mexican government.

The Mexican government is racist and keeps the people down? Really? Newsflash: Our own government supports leaders in Latin America that perpetuate ecoomic inequality. That's how you get cheap labor. When somebody who might help the people gets elected, our government labels that person a "communist" or a "terrorist." And the majority of poor people in Mexico are Indians who have been on that land for thousands of years.

If you don't like how things are run down there, then elect an American president who will change US foreign policy towards Latin America. Start by getting rid of NAFTA.

2631 days ago


I apologize for saying Cheating is a typical of the Latino culture. That was wrong of me. I know that all races cheat and such. However, I will not apologize for voicing my opinion about illegal immigrants. If you live in Southern California especially the San Fernando Valley you cannot deny how drastically it has changed due to the influx of illegal immigration. Villaraigosa has contributed to this by showing up at the illegal immigration rallies and voicing his support. I challenge anyone to prove a illegal immigration raid has taken place in So. California in the past 5 years. You won't find any because it has not happened. I realize that it is not only Mexicans who are illegal immigrants but when you live in So. California that is the majority there. You cannot dispute the facts presented by poster #17. The truth hurts but its reality. And by the way....I am half Mexican. My mother immigrated here LEGALLY and learned English. My mother knows more about American History than native Americans. She agrees that the current flow of illegal immigrants don't love or respect this country. They've come for the fast money (tax free), free healthcare, free public services..and then will go back home.

2631 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Los Angeles, you deserve what you get. During his election, the voter turnout was less than 10% and you obviously didn't care who you put into this office. This guy lies constantly, cheats on his family, supports the illegals, and whores himself for any media camera. (are there any spanish speaking Cameras out there?). Los Angeles is Democrat country. He's a perfect representative for the "don't judge me" liberal democrat in Los Angeles. Now he's on Hillary Clinton's election campaign board. Just a perfect choice for Hillary. A womanizing cheating liar of a man. Just like her husband. "Viva Antonio Viagra"!

2631 days ago

Ms. Hysterical    

I love it when the latinos say they are being singled out. Does anybody out there press 2 for french, italian, swahili, german, japanese... or ANY other language other than spanish. We know who makes up the overwhelming majority of ILLEGAL immigrants. Thank you, thank you, thank you for those arrogant marches you held last year ; it woke the country up to what was going on.

2631 days ago


Kate: If there have been no illegal immigrant raids in the SF Valley, then blame BUSH. That's who is responsible for enforcing the immigration laws.

And to the person who said that Latinos put Villaraigosa in office: Latinos, whites and blacks elected him. And he is doing a good job.

The guy left his wife for another woman and all of this junk that he has nothing to do with gets projected onto him.

2631 days ago


Monica was only donging one guy, and if she had been doing three like this putana, it would have been truly astounding. People would have been demanding an inquiry into the whole intern program. Nobody is "blaming" Latinos for this mess. It is just that you need to insist that there be higher standards from your media, like why is this whore going back to her job after a 2 month vacation? Does she still have credibility as a reporter in your community? She must or they wouldn't be allowing her back. I doubt if Katie Couric could be doing 3 politicians she is reporting on and still keep her job.

2631 days ago


Antonio Villaraigosa IS NOT doing a good job as the Mayor of Los Angeles. My opinion is that you have to be young and uninformed about the highly competent mayors we have had in Los Angeles in the past to amuse us with your silliness.

2631 days ago


#5 & #10 you are both absolutely 100% right........This guy is such a hypocrite.....I can't stand him........

2631 days ago


The media lie to us everyday about the war, lies that get people killed. Why don't you demand higher standards? The media is a joke! You have no right to criticize somebody else. Get off your high horse and look in the mirror.

2631 days ago


Well, I think Villaraigosa is doing a good job, and I am old enough to remember past mayors. There have been no riots on his watch, and because he has a good relationship with all sectors of the city, development is booming. People feel safe enough to invest here again.

The 1992 riot cost the city billions of dollars, fuled in part by a breakdown in communication between the mayor and the police chief.

2631 days ago
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