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The Mayor and Mirthala Step Out

8/10/2007 11:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, 54, and his newsbabe vixen, Mirthala Salinas, 37, were spotted by a TMZ spy while shoe shopping at San Fernando Valley's Fashion Square Mall -- girlfriend needs some new zapatos!

Senorita Salinas was suspended from her TV news duties at Telemundo after a three-week investigation, because she was reporting on the Mayor's separation from Corina (his wife of 20 years) -- while reportedly being the cause of it! Ay Dios mio!

Our eyewitness spy reports that the Mayor was happy to pose for a picture, but Ms. Salinas, in jeans and heels, attempted to avoid being photographed. The Mayor then wanted to see the "photo" being taken, and literally took the cell phone from our spy to flip through the photos -- photo approval anyone?! Noticias a las 11!


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Why is Kate a racist? Is it because the truth hurts? All these Illegals Aliens and their supporters are now trying to play the race card because you know you dont have a foot to stand on. Keep playing the race card because no one is listening. You can blame all of this on the Illegal Aliens and their supporters for their Racist rallies they held displaying the Mexican flags in American cities demanding what they dont deserve. If they are so proud of their culture then they should go back to MEXICO and make it a better country. dont come here make demands and when the american people demand that the current immigration laws be enforced you call us racists. Get over yourselves, get an education, learn english, assimilate and get in line like everyone else did that Immigrated here LEGALLY.

2630 days ago


What a snake the mayor is. He cheats on his wife, as he's done many times in the past because he cannot keep his pants zipped and then we have to pay for him to use the police to keep the press from asking him questions about what a pig he is. He is disgusting and dishonest! Can you believe anything he says........I DON'T THINK SO!!!
God forbid he tries to ruin for governor.........ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????
He and the miserable mistress need to crawl back in the hole from where they came. No morals, no decency, NO FAMILY VALUES, no cares about what his children must think; he needs to be run out of office and never run for another political office. He cannot be trusted with any kind of public office. Why should we pay for his indiscretions? What a sick little weasel he is!

2630 days ago

Kate when all intelligence fades we resort to name calling? have you noticed not once have I responded by calling people names. Firstly, I did not vote for George Bush. I think he is an incompetant fool. I agree it is he and his corporate buddies encourage illegal immigration for cheap labor and their whole false premise of "they do the jobs American's won't do" is a bunch of bull. People keep saying it is the Federal government's job to enforce the immigration laws and while that is true MANY states have taken the issue into their own hands because they are tired of having thier public resources drained. California is not one of those states. Villaraigosa has shown support for illegal immigrants on multiple occasions...despite the fact it was LEGAL law abiding citizens that voted him in office. The same people that expect their elected officials to uphold the laws. Villaraigosa has done NOTHING to stop the increasing gang activity in the San Fernando Valley, which by the way is mostly ILLEGAL immigrants from MEXICO. Villaraigosa has done NOTHING to help the overcrowded schools. He has done NOTHING about the emergency rooms that have been forced to shut down because ILLEGAL's don't pay their medical bills...I'm sorry if you think I am a racist because I am stating things as they are.

2630 days ago

mickey lou    

The mayor hasn't met a camera he didn't like! throw the gang banging mayor out of office!
Le's get someone in office who isn't protecting the gang bangers!
Hey Mirthala, enjoy him while you can, he''ll be cheating on you real soon!

2630 days ago


She has also slpet with other high profile Latino players such as assemblyman Fabian Nunez and Alex Mayor Villariagosa - she is pure trash and a homewrecker! And he ...well it speaks Volumes for his character - he lost my vote ! Why does Telemundo52 even bother to send out field reporters to cover these men....when it can be done from the comfort of Ms Mirthala Salinas' bedroom...I know a lot of peole who will not watch if she is on again. She should be fired!

2630 days ago


Then Giuliani shouldn't be President because he did the same thing. He's the GOP front runner and his kids won't even talk to him. He won't win anyway. Everybody hates the GOP.

Hey, what if Hillary wins and Bill gets caught with another woman? It could happen.

2630 days ago


anyone will do a better job then the wack job we have for a president now.

2630 days ago


In order to lawfully immigrate and become a USA citizen, there is an application process, the payment of fees process, an investigation into your character, medical, education and family history process, - so after jumping through all the required hoops - an immigrant is finally granted an identification card for having waited for many years to be legally processed. If you are single, you have to wait 5 years to apply for citizenship. If You are married to a USA citizen, you have to wait for 3 years to apply for citizenship. If you married to a USA citizen, and after 4 years you find yourself divorcing from the USA citizen - you have to begin your wait back at square one as a single person and wait another 5 years. That is the way federal law works. Did you know that there are legal applicants from other countries who have been waiting out to be processed for as long as 45 years because churches and mexican social services agencies assisted the south american IBI to jump ahead of the legal applicants?

Yes, it is true that the Mayor of Los Angeles demonstrates support for the IBI (illegal border invaders) which is why Los Angeles has a bad reputation - Maywood declared that it is a sanctuary for the IBI. What you are referring to as illegal immigrants is incorrect. Legal immigrants from all over the World make application to become USA citizens. They are the people we welcome because we trust their worthiness.

The media and Telemundo needs to stop the b.s. that's confusing the public over what constitutes an "illegal Immigrant". If any people, no matter what their race or ethnicity is, have entered so much as a toe into the USA without legal process, that is a Criminal act - you are an IBI not an illegal immigrant. Antonio Villar and Mirthala Salinas are co-conspirators in that they aid and abet the IBI living in our midst. They are the Racists. They deserve the gossip against their relationship.

Babies? You are a citizen of whatever country your mother was a citizen of when you were born. You are not an instant USA citizen. Only if your Mother is a USA citizen -- you are a real USA citizen. Most of us know who our Mother is. Same can't be said for Fathers.

2630 days ago


This whole immigration mess seems to have a double -edged sword. While I agree laws should be enforced, I also believe that immigrants whether illegal or not, serve a very vital service. Without them our whole economy would suffer. I don't care what anybody says. There are jobs that no American wants. Wouldl you go work in the fields? I think ot. At least the state of California would. suffer. We depend on them to pick our fields, work in restaurants, clean homes, hotels, whatever. I also believe if any immigrant wants to live here, they should learn the language. It's for their own good. I don't like hearing so much immigrant bashing, and since the first race that comes to mind are Mexican, it bothers me more. The Mexican government is not helping to make life better for it's own people, so therefore they come here, in any manner possible to have a better life.
As for our mayor, I had alot of respect for him. He seemed to be a right on kind of guy. His conduct lately leaves me wondering if he has it all together to be the kind of Mayor Los Angeles needs.

2630 days ago


I love how people who cheat rationalize their behavior by saying all people cheat.

2630 days ago


Ha that's too funny, it's like oh crap I'm not supposed to be doing this, dam I'm guilty!

2630 days ago


Dear JAA: Whether you liked Reagan or not, he fueled the illegal immigration problem when he granted amnesty. I'm not a fan of GWB because it's clear who he is pandering to, but Clinton/Gore were in the White House for 8 years and they didn't do anything about the southern border either. Look beyond your personal bias at the facts.

2630 days ago


Why is anyone not looking into the selling of a condo below market price to the Mayor's girlfriend, by a lobbyist who lobbies the Mayor and City government and is also a major contributor to the Mayor's political campaigns???

And when was the last time - if ever - you saw Antonio out shopping with his wife in the middle of a work day? This is some low very low-class behavior on both their parts.

2630 days ago


Poor cuckold Corina. Get some mental health support after this and send the bill to Telemundo. No wait .... sue Telemundo and Mirthala for the damage they have done to you and your children.

2630 days ago


Kate and I Hate This Guy,

I completely agree with you both. I took a job in LA in 2006 and within 3 weeks returned to NM. Unfortunately, NM isn't much better.

2630 days ago
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