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The Mayor and Mirthala Step Out

8/10/2007 11:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, 54, and his newsbabe vixen, Mirthala Salinas, 37, were spotted by a TMZ spy while shoe shopping at San Fernando Valley's Fashion Square Mall -- girlfriend needs some new zapatos!

Senorita Salinas was suspended from her TV news duties at Telemundo after a three-week investigation, because she was reporting on the Mayor's separation from Corina (his wife of 20 years) -- while reportedly being the cause of it! Ay Dios mio!

Our eyewitness spy reports that the Mayor was happy to pose for a picture, but Ms. Salinas, in jeans and heels, attempted to avoid being photographed. The Mayor then wanted to see the "photo" being taken, and literally took the cell phone from our spy to flip through the photos -- photo approval anyone?! Noticias a las 11!


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This guy is a walking disaster. He burns everyone. Don't think for one minute that Latinos, everyday people, are going to give him further support. He has shamed himself, his family, and his community.

2633 days ago


to kate is not the immigrants that force to press one for english
is the greedy companies doing business that want to get richer and richer
it's easy to blame the immigrant he doesn't talk back
so let's blame the idiots of our ignorance too they probably guilty any way
one more charge who cares.

2633 days ago


as long as he does his job is non of your business
so shut the hell up and take care of your own affairs
go clean the house or something get a stupid hobby
leave him alone.

2633 days ago

Phoenix Guy    

Mirthala Salinas is a Hispanic whore.

2633 days ago


What does that mean, he has shamed his community? Villaraigosa's actions reflect on himself, nobody else. Why should you feel shame for what somebody else did? That's Catholic brainswashing. Get out of that mindset. It just holds you back.

The guy cheated on his wife, he didn't rob a bank.

2633 days ago

Phoenix Guy    

Both Antonio Villaraigosa and Mirthala Salinas have besmirched the reputation of every Hispanic in America. Not only are Hispanics illegal immigrants from Mexico, the males are playboys with a lot of sperm and the females are whores.

2633 days ago


Trailer Trash ^^^^^^^

2633 days ago

Politician = Lying Dog    

The mayor is just like every other politician out there, regardless of race. They stand on a platform that will get them to where they hope and in the end hope that their skeletons don't come out of the closet and ruin their plans.

As far as "that woman" is concerned, I heard she was the one who broke the news that the divorce was because he was cheating! HELLO! That is definitely an attention-whore and someone who wanted to further her own career and didn't care who got hurt in the process.

I guess LA's Golden Boy of Politics is showing his true colors... $h*t painted with golden paint. District Attorney of Los Angeles is no better. Lay with the dogs and you'll get fleas!

2633 days ago


Anonymous #66. do you mean to say that in the hispanic community it is more shameful to rob a bank than it is to cheat on your wife? LoL! Now that is beginning to make me see the light.

2633 days ago

gloria jativa    

What a shame the governer involved with this opportunist,nowyou are her man, tomorrow who knows, you the mistress just remember LO QUE TU SIEMBRAS VAS A COSECHAR, pobrecita . Dios tarda pero no olvida.

2633 days ago


Applause to “Kate” and to “I HATE this Guy”, too.

This little turd ceased being the mayor of the bulk of Los Angeles the moment he climbed into the back of that pickup and cheered on illegal aliens to continue to break the laws of our land. When he was sworn in, he committed to uphold the law. He is just a low life criminal like the people he really represents.

And I’m right there with you about the lazy immigrants who won’t make the effort to learn the language. But why should they when McDonald’s, Toyota and any number of liquor companies blanket our city with billboards en español. It’s as disgusting as watching the mamacitas pushing strollers down the street with a whole gaggle of niños training behind…all future Mayor Villaraigosas…disgusting LCD of society…all of them.

2633 days ago

Allred Tree    

Mirthala is not only ugly, she stinks, has std's and is very STUPID IMO!

Antonio is already hating her since he had to admit to what is going on and HE HATES HER FOR IT. He is a very selfish man and will be dumping her like the garbage she is before she can ask for a tortilla.

2632 days ago


Kate #5 you are the biggest idiot and ignorant person on this board. I am a 4th generation Mexican American who has a Doctorate degree, is married and very successful. I am married to a successful Mex. American who also has a graduate degree. Imagine that? We can do other things besides have kids out of wedlock. I know plenty of "White Americans" who have multiple kids, unmarried and divorced. In fact, in the school system, Whites make up 90% of all of the emotional disturbed kids, cutting themselves, because their parents do not have any family values that put their children first. So get over it and stop making blannket statements about a group of people. You idiot!

2631 days ago


1. Corvina didn't leave him because of her, rather she left him because of his Korean hottie.

2. Sad fact: Men and women have always acted this way. Women cheat to get money. Men cheat to get sex. They try to lie their way out of it.

3. All the less should we trust politicians to be more moral than us, because they are us! All the more should we honor the men and women who remain faithful, despite all the temptations to which flesh is heir.

2631 days ago


I was in Yosemite the other weekend and the mayor was sitting right behind us while we were having drinks. When we recognized him he came to our table to put on his political face. All he could emphasize was that he was there with "the boys". He must have said this about 10 times. It was so obvious he was trying to make sure that we did not think he was there with his girlfriend.

2631 days ago
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