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The Mayor and Mirthala Step Out

8/10/2007 11:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, 54, and his newsbabe vixen, Mirthala Salinas, 37, were spotted by a TMZ spy while shoe shopping at San Fernando Valley's Fashion Square Mall -- girlfriend needs some new zapatos!

Senorita Salinas was suspended from her TV news duties at Telemundo after a three-week investigation, because she was reporting on the Mayor's separation from Corina (his wife of 20 years) -- while reportedly being the cause of it! Ay Dios mio!

Our eyewitness spy reports that the Mayor was happy to pose for a picture, but Ms. Salinas, in jeans and heels, attempted to avoid being photographed. The Mayor then wanted to see the "photo" being taken, and literally took the cell phone from our spy to flip through the photos -- photo approval anyone?! Noticias a las 11!


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"#64. (Non-Hispanic ANglo) Both Antonio Villaraigosa and Mirthala Salinas have besmirched the reputation of every Hispanic in America. Not only are Hispanics illegal immigrants from Mexico, the males are playboys with a lot of sperm and the females are whores."

I can't believe you just wrote that...have you not learned anything in school?...That is such an ignorant comment to make and I am not even going to waste my time to give you a lesson on the term Hispanic...obviously you didn't get the required education to even know what Hispanic means... go to college and actually get an education... and if you did go to college... you should ask for your money back because you obviously didn't learn anything. You are not only assuming that all Hispanics are "illegal Mexicans" but you are insulting all Hispanic women, which makes you a racist / sexist.

And about the mayor and the reporter... it is very shameful... but you cannot categorize this incident with a whole race... it could happen with any ethnic group of people... and it is racist to say that this "besmirched the reputation of every Hispanic in America" because not every Hispanic/African-American/Asian-American/Caucasian is that way... everyone makes mistakes and bad ones.. I am not saying that what they did is right but I am saying that it is wrong to categorize an entire group of people because of this incident...

I would also be very disappointed if Ms. Salinas keeps her job with Telemundo because she has no journalistic ethics after she reported on an incident caused by her... how can the public trust her possibly biased reporting?... if she had any professional integrity she would have refused to do any reporting on the mayor at all from the very beginning.

2524 days ago


In my opinion, I think it’s very sad that the mayor didn't have enough respect for his wife and children to tell them the truth. He only hurt his family and because of that a lot of people lost respect for him. What a shame!

2524 days ago

Trucker Lemonade    

Dont forget Villaraigosa was a member of the East Los Whitefence gang. He spent most of his days tagging freeway overpasses until he got stabbed in the hand and neck.

He got out of the gang, went onto run for student body president. The rest is, as they say... history, ese!

2523 days ago

Born In The USA    

Hey, Lexygirl, let me explain something to you: Americans don't need illegal aliens to clean their toilets or mow their lawns or pick their corn. We do just fine working hard all on our own, so don't be claiming we're all primadonnas who don't want to get their hands dirty. My folks were farmers who picked their own crops. I worked as a motel maid cleaning 28 toilets a day, making 56 beds, etc., for years. I ran my own housecleaning service for five years, I sometimes worked two jobs as a maid and a bartender to make extra money, and I once worked three jobs just to make ends meet. There are plenty of Americans who will work hard labor, but they want to make a decent wage doing it so they can at least survive. Illegals have forced wages down so bad that many Americans can't get a job at all, let alone one that pays the rent. Illegals live 30-60 and in one case 150 people in one single family dwelling in Riverside and Orange and San Bernardino Counties and they don't put money into the local economy, they send it to Mexico and Central America to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars a year. Whatever money they do put into the local economy and/or taxes is negated by the fact that one illegal earning $8-10,000.00 a year will use at least $30,000.00 a year in goods and services made available to them for free by our wretched vote-greedy politicians.

Americans are sick of all this crap yesterday, and the tide is turning; slowly, but change is definitely in the air, and soon we will have our country back and maybe I can go to the grocery store in the middle of the day instead of at 1:00 in the morning and not be overrrun by hoardes of illegal aliens on the sidewalks, in the stores, on the streets, on the freeways, everywhere, it is truly awful.

2520 days ago


Kate your living in a fantasy land if you don't think CO has the same issues on illegal immigrants as CA. The one part everyone seems to forget is that all these illegal immigrants pay rent, buy groceries, clothes, movies etc that add to our economy as a whole. They do give back to our society. Who is going to do the jobs that are taking for minimum wage. Surely not your sons and daughters that are spoiled with cars and cell phone and sweet 16 parties that are biggger than weddings. These people make less than $1,000 per month Your kids cell phone is at least $300

2516 days ago


How does our jerk of a mayor end up getting a bunch of immigrant haters smack talking about him? You can just say he is a jerk and stepping back and away from the woman he loves cuz he doesn't want her in "photo op" confirms he is a jerk. He could be purple and he'd still be a jerk so back off, haters! This picture has nothing to do with immigrants, etc.

P.S. I wish people would remember that many of their relatives came here as "immigrants" and didn't get treated very well and didn't like it. Seems like the haters will use ANY opportunity to be haters. Must suck to be you. Get a life.

2514 days ago


# 28 are you serious to say," You are merely Tanned skin Caucasians." how does that work?????

2510 days ago
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