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Bad Sushi Night -- Brad Garrett Attacks

8/13/2007 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Things got downright racial last night in Malibu, when a paparazzo taunted Brad Garrett, calling him racist to his face. Garrett then took out his anger on the wrong guy, bitchslapping a TMZ photog.

It happened outside Nobu restaurant around 11:30 PM, after a photog from the FAME photo agency questioned the "Everybody Loves Raymond" star about a joke he made about black people earlier in the week. According to several witnesses and FAME, last month Brad noticed a black photog taking his picture, and in Kramer-esque fashion quipped, "I didn't know there were black people in Malibu. Go back to where you came from."

Fast forward to last night, where the 6'8" behemoth reached his boiling point when the same black photog questioned him about the alleged comment. The photog told Garrett that there were "more black people here this time," to which the actor replied, "Yeah, I know ... when did they let you out?" Furious at the comment, photog told Garrett, "You're racist. You should be ashamed on [sic] yourself."

Obviously frustrated, Garrett then lost his cool completely. Instead of reacting to the snapper making the comments, Garrett approached TMZ's cameraman and unleashed his right hand, smashing the camera into the photog's face.

Calls to Garrett's reps were not immediately returned.


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Blocking Idiots    

Matter of fact, slap the bitch again next time

2627 days ago


I guess since many of you think it's funny, and OK that that man slapped the photog, it would be OK for me as a black person to ask a white photog "When did you get out of the mental hospital, don't you have herpes to spread?"....and then I can slap him just because....Guarentee I would be put in jail, and TMZ would post 10 pages of that BS. TMZ sucks, and so do uninformed racist... especialy Americans, you all suck.

2627 days ago

Johnny SoCal    

Brad "Kramer" Garrett cannot sue the photogs for harressment
The photog can file a police report and Brad can be arrested for assault & battery
The photog can then file a civil suit for Brads' 15 minutes

2627 days ago


I didn't know there were black people in Malibu either. Big deal he made a comment. Blacks throw out anti-white comments all the time but, if a white says anything......people go insane. We our a country of Double standards.

2627 days ago


Hey lar: What's a maroon? Did you mean moron? you moron

2627 days ago

Andy Hilton    

Leave the celebrities alone!
The "paps" are nothing but paid stalkers!
If I were to follow someone all day taking their picture, I would be imprisoned for stalking...

2627 days ago

mary scabet    

I am so disappointed at what brad garrett said,I watch his show Till death and I don't thnk I will be watching it again,I really thought that he was better than that, So sad, and I really liked his new show.

2627 days ago


Am I the only one who noticed that Brad Garrett never played on "Seinfeld"? " . . .and in Kramer-esque fashion quipped" . . . He may be a racist, he may have been provoked, he may be a jerk - but he was never "Kramer".

2627 days ago


and why wasn't he arrested?

2627 days ago



2627 days ago

Johnny SoCal    

54. I didn't know there were black people in Malibu either. Big deal he made a comment. Blacks throw out anti-white comments all the time but, if a white says anything......people go insane. We our a country of Double standards.

Posted at 2:12PM on Aug 13th 2007 by Jenny
Yeah, Jenny we do live in a country of double standards! Why does it cost so much to get my suits cleaned at the dry cleaner? It's dirt cheap for women, damn!

2627 days ago


As far as I am concerned he was provoked the second time. If the Photog is able to bring up the fact "that he is Black and there with more Blacks" then why can't Brad respond. Racist? possibly.. Who isn't? I run into more and more Black People who are the "biggest" Racists of the Bunch. Find me someone who isn't Racist? They (meaning White or Black) might argue and say they aren't but when it "gets right down to it" there is something that would "make them explode with a Racist remark". I think there are different degrees of Racisim. We should all be willing to learn and work on understanding different Races instead of pointing out who is Racist and who isn't. As long as there are Humans on Earth there will be some form of Racisim.

2627 days ago


WWWWAAAAAA, a paparazzi got bitch slapped????? Boohoo. He got what he deserved. They ALL need to be bitchslapped. Let the actors, actresses, musicians, have some private time. A photographer does NOT have ANY rights to get into the face of ANYONE, nor take their picture without consent.

2627 days ago


It seemed as though the black papparazzi was telling Brad he had his black friends there to jump Brad. He definetely instigated the altercation. The TMZ crew i'm sure said something way out of line to get this story. You guys always say that actors "ask" for fame so they need to deal with all those papparazi. Thats bull. How come you don't do it to elected officals? Because if you snapped 1000 pictures(with flashbulbs) at a senetor or a governer who was with their kids, you would be arrested. When I see how the papparazi treat spears while she is with her kids, I want to smack each and everyone of the photographers. The damage they do to these innocent kids is criminal.

2627 days ago


I think it's great that Brad lost it. The paps should be ashamed for instigating him like that. I would have bitch slapped all of them. They make me sick anyway.

2627 days ago
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