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First Pics of Lindsay in Utah

8/15/2007 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained these pictures of a smiling and happy Lindsay Lohan as she takes a break from rehab at the Cirque Lodge in Orem, Utah.

The actress walked around the town yesterday, took in the gorgeous scenery and hit up Beaches Tanning Center before making her way back to the Lodge. We're told that Lindsay bought a $20 spray-on tan from Beaches, in addition to several more $16 tans. Lindsay was "very nice" to the folks there.

We're told she went to the mini mall to work out at the Gold's Gym, which is contracted out by Cirque. The Tanning Center is right next door.

As TMZ first reported, Lohan has been a "model patient" in rehab and is currently working on her sobriety at the world-renowned Mormon facility.

You go, girl.


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Most places don't try to force smoking cessation -- you work on the immediate addiction(s) that are getting you in a raft of trouble.
The special privileges are, to me, not a good thing -- I still feel that overall that "rehab" is just too amenities-oriented, their own literature doesn't sound really focused on 12 step recovery, but more "feel good". This isn't about LL particularly, though -- it sounds like the place is too much about fun for everyone there.
On the other hand, she does at least look like a normal, relatively happy, young lady -- someone you would smile at on the street. Cleancut is a good look for her, a welcome change.

2604 days ago


Cirque...Cirque...Cirque....Looks like a member of the Staff with Lohen...Looks like the Staff member has the cig lighter, Staff is smoking a cig, and most likely , to be on Lohen's good side, gave Lohen a cig to smoke....Nice..........Who are you kidding????

2604 days ago


I am proud of Lindsay and I hope she can keep it going after she finishes with rehab. She has a lot too offer with her awesome personality and good acting and good looks too. My daughter is 15 and I hope she doesn't fall into that spell!! Lindsay could be a really positive role model if she could just quit the drinking and drugs. Good Luck Lindsay and God Bless You!!!

2604 days ago


Her ass outta be in jail

2604 days ago

Georgia Peach    

Okay, another let's-design-our-own-rehab program so we don't have to take it seriously. I hope the poor girl survives all of the unsuccessful attempts to get her straightened out.

2604 days ago


Lindsay has sexy armpits!

2604 days ago

Steve in DC    

What a cutie...... It's so sad that she now has plastic boobs ....and so sad that she smokes...

2604 days ago


The fact she is holding a cigarette (like someone else mentioned here)tells me the place is not doing anything much for her.
And going to a tanning salon while she is there? Who allows that?
Sorry but it doesn't sound strict enough for someone trying to beat addictions.

2604 days ago


Gee, I dunno, walking around town, tanning, working out at the gym.... and they call it re-hab. To me it sounds like vacation. I been to re-hab and I certainly didn't walk around town enjoying the scenery. Some of these people need a real awakening with real rehabilitation and real therapy. No wonder they "slip" back into old habits. Maybe jail is the answer for these repeat offenders. Re-hab does not save the life of the one they plow down while drunk. I know us common folk would be in the can already and not have the choice of re-hab instead of jail. All these young rich idiots need to grow up like their parents should have taught them to.

2604 days ago


This is Rehab not Jail!! She is going there to get better. Im sure she is depressed and tanning makes you fell less depressed. Of course it was spray on and the real tan is what raises the seratonin levels. But then you get depressed about skin cancer.
I think it is good for her to go tan. I hope she gets better and makes a lot of movies! She can be great again if she just straightens out her life.

2604 days ago

mom of 5    

It is really sad that these young people make so much money. and no one to help theme. all most people want from theme is there money. She has alot of talent. but she is another waste of hollywood fame like Britney Spears. She seems to me like she is trying rehab again to avoid going to jail. Well maybe if she goes to jail does some time like every other red blooded american. Maybe that will be the cure for her. Who knows I wish her luck. But I am really FED UP of reading about her.

2604 days ago

get a grip    

Who in their right mind cares about this person except for the people that know her. Do we know her as a person, no! We look at her through the eyes of photographers and have all these stories reported to us but never from the persons own mouth.This persons job is to be an actress and nothing more. She is paid for her services just like any other job. What makes her so special. I think the American public should start to look at people who have a job that really impacts peoples lives like a paramedic,nurse or police officer (just to name a few). Her personal life is not the great tragedy or the must need to know event of the day and in no way shapes or effects the course of peoples lives.

2604 days ago


Uhm Cirque isn't a "MORMON facility" It is a privately run enterprise. Not everything or everyone in Utah is Mormon. Very ignorant assumption.

2604 days ago

Donna West    

She'll fall again. Don't doubt it.

2604 days ago

I agree with someone up there who said Lindsey is as addicted to media attention as she is drugs . I think they all are, Lindsey, Paris, Nicole and so on . They LOVE the attention because without negative attention , they'd have NONE at all .

2604 days ago
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