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First Pics of Lindsay in Utah

8/15/2007 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained these pictures of a smiling and happy Lindsay Lohan as she takes a break from rehab at the Cirque Lodge in Orem, Utah.

The actress walked around the town yesterday, took in the gorgeous scenery and hit up Beaches Tanning Center before making her way back to the Lodge. We're told that Lindsay bought a $20 spray-on tan from Beaches, in addition to several more $16 tans. Lindsay was "very nice" to the folks there.

We're told she went to the mini mall to work out at the Gold's Gym, which is contracted out by Cirque. The Tanning Center is right next door.

As TMZ first reported, Lohan has been a "model patient" in rehab and is currently working on her sobriety at the world-renowned Mormon facility.

You go, girl.


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She looks happy..........but wait has she forgotten her DUI and Coke charges waiting for her when she gets back? i think she needs to be in touch with reality, i would be pretty scared for whats in store if i was her. i really hope she thinks she cant get away scott free.
she sucks at acting anyway. oh well

2623 days ago


Uh, tanning salon, gym, day trips...

I thought this was supposed to be one of the 'toughest' rehab facilities in the country.

I should have it so tough!

2623 days ago


Give me a break! If she was an everyday person (like most of us) where would she be?? You bet, she'd be a guest at the "grey bar hotel." And I agree with a previous comment.. she is afterall an actress. Equal treatment? Hahahahahahaha. Only if your wallet (or purse) is full! Go get a life Lilo.

2623 days ago

BF From Atlanta    

I agree! Who cares about this skank loser. I wouldn't do her with someone else's equipment.

2623 days ago


quick frankly,,,im so sick and tired of hearing about the HOLLYWOOD TRASH...who worries about what little skanks like Paris, Lindsey, and Britty are doing??

2623 days ago

green apples    

I attended NA. It is not unusual for in-house patients to have home visits. Often times during home visits, patients are allowed to spruce up by going to hair salons and the like. Lindsay is just doing what any celebrity would do. I have to agree with others, people are confusing rehab with prison. She is out of jail on bail. Period. She did not kill or molest anyone. She is not going anywhere. She is too famous. I will be methadone free for 2 years come November. I did this on my own because I could not afford rehab and I did not want the attention. While I am cigarette free now, I was not while detoxing. Detoxing from alcohol and drugs are hard enough. Leave her alone about the cigarettes. Also, people need to stop stereotyping Mormons. Contrary to popular belief, other religions do not allow smoking, drinking, illegal drugs and the like. Being Mormon does not put one above any of this or makes them immune to any of these problems. I saw Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen yesterday. It's a really cute movie Lindsay starring in it. I have to agree with People magazine, "Lindsay, what happened?" Get it together girl. I am a big fan of yours, however, the party is OVER! It's time to wrap this thing up. Face your consequences, deal with it. While it is not all your fault, you are responsible for your actions and you will be held accountable for them sooner or later. Take time out from "Simon sez" and get on the road to recovery. While there is no cure, you can stay sober. "One Day at a Time". You really did it this time and have angered a lot of people. The rest of us just want to see you get that Oscar before 30 we know you are capable of getting. You simply cannot do this being drunk and high. Your past record clearly shows this. The choice is yours.

2623 days ago


Lindsay Cokehan, not Lohan is more appropriate....

2622 days ago


I wonder if anyone else gets to come and go as they please. I bet there is other people in there that would like to go get a tan and walk the streets.

2622 days ago


Everything this gal does is for show she don't care, all smiles after wat she did. Everything is a BIG joke for her until someone is dead. Keep on laughin

2617 days ago


Why does the media gives daily updates while she was in Utah...I mean stupid omments as to if she was wearing sunglasses on a perticular day, like DUH ! And if she was smiling or not, or went for walks ! ! ! ? ? Doesn't the press realize billions of humans do these things every day ? ? The flake will be back in re-hab atleast 2 more times ! !

2617 days ago


agree with comment #15...she needs to take her ADDICTION seriously and distractions are not going to help...if you keep glamourizing (even if she is glamorous) her stay in rehab..she's not going to understand her unbelievably irresponsible behavior...ya'll have to stop glamourizing drug addiction...she could have killed someones child or parent..that is serious...leave her alone while in rehab...she is there for help...stop minimizing what she's there for...she needs help...let her get it..and if anyone understands addiction or rehab..cigarettes ARE allowed only on few and far between breaks...let her work on one addiction at a time...Jeez ,,who could give up BREAD and COCA-COLA at the same time...see what i mean??,,,

2610 days ago
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