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News Flash: Another "Bachelor" Engagement Called Off!

8/15/2007 4:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hunky Navy Lt. Andy Baldwin is once again a confirmed "Bachelor!"

One week after ABC announced their newest Frankenbachelor candidate, Baldwin and his Season 10 bride of "Bachelor", Tessa Horst, have called off their sham marriage. No way!

Baldwin tells In Touch, "When the fantasy wore off and the reality set in, we both realized that we weren't ready to be engaged"-- especially with the cameras gone! The relationship is allegedly still on, but Tessa is holding off on moving to Hawaii to be near the cardboard muscle man. Alo-HA!

At least TomKat can rest knowing they still have the most contrived marriage in Hollywood.


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I have never been interested in this show before until this past season. I totally thought these 2 would make it to the alter FOR REAL.....THANKS TMZ FOR REPORTING THIS STORY!

2594 days ago


This guy is gay and he picked up the ugliest girl in the show just to cover up.

2594 days ago


The show is a sham. Probably the Doc was looking for
a TV/MOVIE career and so were all the ladies.
He can have his pick of women and I'm sure it's not Tessa.
He probably had some drop dead gorgeous woman while he was
doing the show! I'm sure the SHOW bought the engagement ring too!
Move on and find a "real" guy Tessa.

2594 days ago


Boy, the only thing more exciting than this would be another arrest for that Playboy Centerfold of the Month from 18 years ago.

Now I get to go tell Uncle Manny that Tessa's available for him.

2594 days ago



2594 days ago


Erik J: Thank you. I haven't laughed this hard for days. Several in office stopped by to see what was so funny and left laughing.

2594 days ago


Who in the hell still watches this incredibly insulting, degrading, vomit-inducing and mind-numbingly stupid show? 10 creepy guys and 3 *bachelorettes* in six years along with 250 women and a lesser number of men throwing themselves at a perfect stranger, degrading themselves and literally BEGGING to be chosen to enter a fake made-for-TV relationship . . . WTF? Yes, there's Trista and Ryan, but it stands to reason that with all those people sooner or later you might end up with one actual hook up among all the BS.

I always thought it was interesting that Mike Fleiss, the creator, is famous Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss' cousin. Apparently prostitution is a family business.

2594 days ago

Goerge Bush    

NEWS FLASH..................who cares????????????????/

2594 days ago


...... And your 15 minutes of fame just ended.... so long. Send the Eskimo chick ( or whatever she is ) back to her igloo. Send The Navy Dude Back to being a doctor........... (What kind of doctor waste's his time Doing Reality TV? I know A Loser)

Bye Bye losers!

2594 days ago


One out of eight Bachelors have worked. I think it was Krista. The show is a total farce plus it's laughable. How many men who look like him need to go on TV to find a girl? What a joke! Then all those girls have made complete fools out of themselves. Then go back home and face all there family and friends. It's just funny! Also a little sad! Don't ask me why but I do watch these reality shows. Some I get hooked on and some I don't. But the Bacherolor one is the funniest of all. OOPS! I don't think the show is meant to be funny.

2594 days ago


Thank god.... Could you imagine the children? Yikes Frankenspawn.

2594 days ago


Seems many of you know a good bit of information about this show to NOT CARE & taking time out of your BUSY, BUSY days to post a comment about it. Guess the article did what TMZ wanted it to do.........:)

2594 days ago


Why don't they just change the title of this show to "THE BREAK-UP" or "THE PERMANENT BACHELOR" -- the predictability is making ABC lose it's credibility!

2594 days ago


I can't stand the posters who waste their precious time saying "Yawn" or "Who cares." If it doesn't interest you, don't click on the link to read it and don't waste our time having to read your boring posts about supposedly not being interested.

And by the way, The Bachelor isn't going to be stationed in Hawaii forever. As far as I remember,he did mention that he only had about 2 years left in Hawaii and then will be stationed somewhere else in the world. Being a military wife is not easy; I speak from experience.

2594 days ago


I do like this show. It shows me how "desperate I am not". But I did like the woman he picked. I also love most reality shows. Love "Hells Kitchen" and from day one I liked Rock. Rock to me played the "family card" and from day one I fell in love and wanted him to win. Bonnie was so great and was able to stay under the radiar for so long that she made it to the last 2. (she looks like Elizabeth from the view). But , going back to "The Bachelor". I believe if you are really looking for love and not fame it can happen. Trista and her fireman have been married for a few years and have a new babyette. (babyette) did I create a new word? Have to patient it. To live in Hollywood/CA. does not work. Anythng can happen if you work for it and live in non La La Land.

2594 days ago
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