Latest Frankenbachelor Created!

8/9/2007 3:46 PM PDT

Latest Frankenbachelor Created!

Like cockroaches, Fidel Castro and Nic Cage's career, "The Bachelor" series just will not die! It's alive!

For the 11th season of the fauxality show, ABC has electrified 34-year-old bar owner Brad Womack -- the next hunky buffoon to set women's rights back 40 years! A rose for your integrity?!

Starting September 24 -- and following in the kinda-hot-kinda-not, white bread footsteps of Alex Michel, Aaron Buerge, Andrew Firestone, Bob Guiney, former NFL QB Jesse Palmer, Byron Velvick, Jerry O'Connell's brother, Travis Stork, "Prince" Lorenzo Borghese and Navy Lt. Andy Baldwin -- Womack will get his chance to wine, dine and swine his way through 25 desperate, fame-seeking single wannabe bimbo brides! Ah, the sanctity of marriage.

Meanwhile, gay marriage is legal only in Massachusetts.