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Dead Woman's Hubby to Brandy: Stop It!

8/16/2007 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BrandyThe widower of the woman who died in a car accident involving R&B singer Brandy Norwood is furious that Brandy is out partying it up while he's still mourning his wife's death.

TMZ spoke with the attorney for Awatef Aboudihaj's husband, Marquane Hdidou, outside of court today. He said his client is extremely angry that he sees pictures of Brandy out clubbing so soon after the crash, which took place last December. Perhaps he saw them here?

In court today, the judge allowed the four parties suing Brandy in civil court to combine their cases: Hdidou, his wife's two kids from a previous marriage, her parents, and Mallory Ham, the man who survived the accident. A trial date has been set for January 28.

As for the criminal case, the investigation is still ongoing and no charges have been filed. Why does it take eight months to investigate a car crash?


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Whatever this guy should stop browsing websites like TMZ while he is supposedly mourning!


2623 days ago


What everyone is getting on the band wagon for this lady? How sad, the kids, the new husband, the parents.. all feel that this is PAY DAY?
they probally threw their hands up in celebreation that some poor person didn't kill her
there wouldn't be a pay day in sight.. Oh yeah, those idiots, who probally are here illegally, would have sued everyone from the auto maker to the carpet maker after this accident.
sad reality of the USA.. it's the SUE us A

2623 days ago


#25 I could not have said it better myself.

#29 you are an idiot. You consider Brandy's "partying" almost a year after the ACCIDENT to be so taboo, but it's no big deal if the woman's husband just wants to extort money to exploit his dead wife whom you so callously suggested that he hated???

2623 days ago


She said she was on her phone. This has caused many accidents, and yes, deaths.

2623 days ago


Sorry for HIS lost!! Brandy is the person that killed his so why would she stay home and cry??? She must be like I have to get out there before I have face time in JAIL!! HELLO in his case all him cares is about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ if I lost some I wouldn't sue for $$$$$$$$$$$$$ it shows you that he didn't care about his wife!! It's not like his wife is going to come back after Brandy pays UP!!!

2623 days ago


I guess brandy should sit in her room 24/7 wearing black and stop living.

as someone just text stop CRYING you will get paid.

2623 days ago


What the hell is she supposed to do sit in the house and perhaps slit her risk.....I have a problem with ignorant greedy people and I can see right through his ass .....If he was a man of god then he would move on and forgive her.....I think Brandy has to live with the stigma that she was involved in that horrible crash .....If people wouldn't be taking pics of her while she is trying to enjoy her life cause as well all know "LIFE IS TO SHORT!"
Thats like me wanting to sue cigarette companies because My only living aunt died of lung cancer........People need to get a grip on reality and know that Jesus is the one who blesses us with favor and I tell you I know for a fact that he wont let you guys Bring Brandy down!
I honestly think 2 that tmz is responsible for alot of this bad poblicity ........Brandy is in my Prayers and so are all of you !

2623 days ago


Brandy was NOT on a cell phone when this happened.

That's a rumor. And Brandy did not hit the woman, either. Brandy's SUV hit a car, that car ran into the victim's car. So send your "killer" e-mails to her, instead.

2623 days ago


Sorry but the only reason there is a lawsuit against Brandy for this accident is because she is a celebrity. If she were a regular person off the street there would be no lawsuit. It would be ruled an accident. Brandy was not far as I've heard.... so this is just rediculous, and I hope any and all judges throw this out in all courts of law. The family is not mourning their mothers/wifes death, they are writing out christmas lists and figuring out where they are going to take their next trip after they get a settlement from Brandy. The survivor of the accident, just got the lawsuit idea from the other family. It's just money hungry greedy people, and it makes me sick !!!!

2623 days ago


His wife is 6 ft under and she's partying. It's too bad she won't be charge for involuntary manslaughter. However, I hope he gets a big pay day from the insensitive washed-up has-been.

2623 days ago


It's not like Brandy died in the car accident, she should be out partying and celebrating life. The husband could do the same with his wife and make a little Weekend at Bernies thing out of it. Bottom line is I would've been clubbing right after the accident, I mean should almost died, close calls deserve celebration.

2623 days ago


December. Perhaps he saw them here?

In court today, the judge allowed the four parties suing Brandy in civil court to combine their cases: Hdidou, his wife's two kids from a previous marriage, her parents, and Mallory Ham, the woman who survived the accident. A trial date has been set for January 28.

As for the criminal case, the investigation is still ongoing and no charges have been filed. Why does it take eight months to investigate a car crash?

Brandy Sued by Survivor in Fatal Wreck
Victim's Husband Sues Brandy Over Fatal Crash
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Reader Comments
(Page 1 of 4) | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Most Recent | Next 15 Comments1. That creep should just be worried about getting his money, he probably didn't even like his wife...

Posted at 1:47PM on Aug 16th 2007 by anonymous

2. Keep crying, you will get some money.

Posted at 1:48PM on Aug 16th 2007 by gingergirl

3. What does he want to do stay at home until January the 28th? F him.

Posted at 1:48PM on Aug 16th 2007 by anonymous

4. Brandy should give up alcohol, for christs sake she killed someone!

Posted at 1:49PM on Aug 16th 2007 by Robert

5. "HALLOWEEN" in October TMZ.

Posted at 1:50PM on Aug 16th 2007 by costaMesaboy

6. Her life is NOT his life; his grief is NOT her grief. He's just trying to get publicity by pissing and moaning. He needs to be quiet and TMZ needs to stop giving him coverage.

Posted at 1:50PM on Aug 16th 2007 by Snarksnarksnark

7. Brandy should be in jail. What about his kids?

Posted at 1:50PM on Aug 16th 2007 by mangey

8. Jesus it's been 8 months what is she supposed to do?? This guy is obviously just trying to get as much pubilicty for this so that Brandy has to pay out her ass in court. And all in the name of his dead wife. Nice.

Posted at 1:51PM on Aug 16th 2007 by M

9. Sorry but this dude is in the wrong! What is she supposed to do? Stay home for two years? She WAS NOT drinking when the accident happened - it was exactly that, an ACCIDENT! I feel bad for Brandy!!

Posted at 1:53PM on Aug 16th 2007 by Molly

10. If it were me, I would not be seen out having the time of my life for a looong while, like Rebecca gayheart after she killed that little boy 10 years ago, in fact i have just started seeing photos of her at movie premiers here recently so brandy should layoff the most photographed spots in hollywood because whatever pic they get, TMZ is gonna title it:
BRANDY HAVING THE TIME OF HER "LIFE" AT OPERA LAST NIGHT when she could have just been there for a business deal or a friends birthday.

Posted at 1:54PM on Aug 16th 2007 by I don't know

11. #4 Robert - Brandy was not drunk, nor did she have any alcohol in her system at the time of the accident. That has been proven already. Pay attention before you make false comments!

Posted at 1:54PM on Aug 16th 2007 by Kristy

12. If that was your loved one who was killed I know you wouldn't be saying those awful things about the husband! For God sakes Brandy had something to do with someone's death and you guys are on her side????WTF???? These kids lost their mother and brandy can't do anything else but party???? I'm sure the husband wants money... funerals aren't cheap either is raising a child on your own... BRANDY PAY UP!!!!!!!!!!! I really do hope she she gets what she deserves KARMA IS A BITCH BRANDY!!!!

Posted at 1:56PM on Aug 16th 2007 by BRANDYKILLED SOMEONE...

Okay the person I just copied and pasted above needs some SERIOUS ANGER MANAGEMENT classes! Loser! This was an accident! If Brandy was not a celebrity this would have been over with a long time ago. You should really watch what you say about KARMA - otherwise you are going to get in an accident and kill someone. Mark my words.

2623 days ago


So what? What's she supposed to do, mourn the loss with the widower? Give her a break!

2623 days ago


It was an accident people, get over it!!! We are all human beings capable of flaws and mistakes. My heart goes out to family of the deceased and to Brandy. She was not drinking,
according to the police reports so this means it could have happened to anyone of us. Both parties involved I'm sure are heartbroken, but realistically, Brandy had no emotional attatchments to the deceased so she wouldn't feel the pain or grief that they experience.
She needs to go out and release some of the stress, she's facing possible jail time and a monster of a lawsuit that she probably will never be able to pay. It would even be a good idea for the deceased family to get out and try to move on for their own sake. GOD chose to
take this woman away for some reason and he also chose for Brandy to be involved for some reason. Who are we to question his will? I PRAY FOR PEACE OF MIND FOR ALL CONCERNED!!! It was not a deliberate, evil act committed. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!

2623 days ago


Why was Brandy NOT charged with vehicular homicide ???

2623 days ago
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