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Shar Jackson: K-Fed's a Good Father!

8/19/2007 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As if the couch potato K-Fed versus baby dropping Britney battle couldn't get more interesting, Fed-Ex is enlisting a new face into his custody brigade: his (other) baby mama!

Federline's chesty former flame Shar Jackson was caught popping out of the 2nd Annual "Hot in Hollywood" event at the Henry Fonda Theater last night, and when asked about the brewing legal battle, Jackson dropped a bomb: "Kevin is a great dad!" Who knew?!

Apparently, the criteria for becoming a first-class father of four doesn't include having a job. Party on!


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Get a Clue    

That's all I need to hear. Kids go to K-Fed.

2590 days ago

Mary Beth    

Does anyone in Hollywood really have a " job" ?

2590 days ago


How much is Britney's camp paying TMZ to run these biased stories? You keep calling him a couch potato and saying he only wants the money, but, it would seem that HE is the one with the best interests of his children at heart. You will notice that Shar has only ever had positive things to say about his parenting skills and she could have trashed him at any time.

Stop trying to make it look like he only wants money- this poor guy is busting his ass to save his children. Your disgraceful supporting that child abusing slut.

2590 days ago


you can totally tell thats lie.

2590 days ago


Shar Jackson is one classy lady. Kevin was plain lucky when he landed her. She has always been nice about both he and Britney. She could be bad-mouthing them all the way to the bank, but she is not.

All I have to say is, I hope that she gets some decent child support from that creep. Out of all the adults in this situation, if anyone deserves a break, it is Shar Jackson.
She really comes across as the kind of woman you would want on your side, supportive, understanding, and kind. BEST OF LUCK SHAR. YOU GO GIRL!

2590 days ago


Who comes off as a better parent? Britney or K-Fed? Do I get a third choice to pick?

2590 days ago

Desease control    

Her boob looks deformed. I have seen that lot lately pictures of women who have had inplants. After ahile scare tissue forms around the inplant and makes a big dent in thier chest. It looks freakishly awful.
Shar said she spendt 15,000 on a tummey tuck. where did she get the money.
she doesnt work. I bet k-fed got it from Britt and passed it on to shar.
Shar has said K-fed has never paid child support.
Iguess he just gives her money whne he gets it from Britney,
She well be asking him for 5,000 for a boob job soon.
Britney knows when she steps out the cameras are there and all those flashing light bulbswell scare the kids but she does it anyway.
i think she has a deal going with the paparatzie she tells them where shes going they take pics and then they share the money with her.
whats strange is how much bad presss she gets then she does something else crazy for more bad press. its almost like she is invintng the press.
she doesnt realise the camreas are there to make fun of a fallen pop star not beacuse she is anthing great. She is so out of it.
Mybe shar can reach out and help britt or at least tell us all what were dying to know.
Whats made that woman act so crazy?
Brt doesnt even realise shes not sexy any more shes just discusting.

2590 days ago


God, you people are naive. Of course Kfed is after the money. A good father doesn't leave his pregnant girlfriend to go "partying" with Britney all over Europe. He is also out partying as much as Britney, though it doesn't get covered b/c that is not 'news'. He has been asking for full custody before all of Britneys antics, why? Hmmm, $$$$$

2590 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Of course Char is going to say that KFed is a good father. He pays her child support that he gets from Britney. He is the most disgusting dud in Hollywood in a very long time. Has he ever had a job? He's always been after Brit's money. Now that the pre-nupt is about to run out, he's all of a sudden wanting custody of the kids. What a SLIME BALL.

2590 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

In all fairness to Britney, Shar has benefited greatly from Britney’s money! Don’t believe for a second that she hasn’t received some of that Britney divorce money for her and her kids. How much money do you think K-Fed contributed to her and their two children pre-Britney? Probably not a lot. Do you really think she’s going to rock the boat on that one? Hell no! Besides, how many people knew who Shar was before Britney? Not that many. Britney made them both famous.

2590 days ago


give poor Spear's kids to Shar to raise - she is an upgrade!!!

2590 days ago


Exclusive? she's been saying that for a while alreadys

2590 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Brit, you and your mom should get out of that Cesspool called Hollywood right now. Take some time off and get out of town. FedX is a gold digging creep.

2590 days ago


I TOTALLY agree with #8. Kfed is such a great parent that he left Shar while she was pregnant & made a total fool of her? How can she ever teach her little girl to respect herself when she obviously has NO respect for herself? She must be playing nice to keep getting Kfed's, I mean Britney's, money. Also, while Britney was pregnant, Kfed was widely reported as going out and partying all the time, and of course no one cares what he is doing now. His 15 minutes of fame were over the day Britney left him & unless he is holding one of those babies I bet a picture of him is worth nothing. Britney has definately gone off the deep-end, but who wouldn't go a little bit crazy if you had 30 paparazi following you around 24/7?

2590 days ago


Let me get this straight. He left a pregnant woman for another woman. He didn't pay child support. He wasn't in the picture with his other two kids until it came time for photo ops with Britney and his little girl with Shar frolicking in the pool and Britney proudly cooing that she was an awesome stepmother (never mind that they weren't married yet, so she wasn't a stepmother). And he only started sniffing around his other two kids, like a dog in heat, after he and Britney split.

So Shar Jackson's word should be credible because she didn't enforce a father paying what is mandatory under the law for his children, and because she took an "oh well" attitude regarding the father not being there for her two children until it was suitable and desirable for him and suitable and desirable for her, publicity-wise?

Anyone want to explain to me why that makes her word on his NEXT two children mean anything credible when she chose to father HER children with THIS loser?

2590 days ago
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