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Shar Jackson: K-Fed's a Good Father!

8/19/2007 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As if the couch potato K-Fed versus baby dropping Britney battle couldn't get more interesting, Fed-Ex is enlisting a new face into his custody brigade: his (other) baby mama!

Federline's chesty former flame Shar Jackson was caught popping out of the 2nd Annual "Hot in Hollywood" event at the Henry Fonda Theater last night, and when asked about the brewing legal battle, Jackson dropped a bomb: "Kevin is a great dad!" Who knew?!

Apparently, the criteria for becoming a first-class father of four doesn't include having a job. Party on!


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#67 So what? She did hurt the family that Shar had with Kevin. If that's negative to state that fact , it's only because Britney made it so.

2598 days ago


#87 I'd rather be a "nobody" by your definition and have my kids than be a somebody like Britney who's losing custody of her kids little by little. At least Shar isn't behaving like Britney in public.

2598 days ago


Does Shar even have an ounce of self respect or dignity? K-Fed starts up with Brit as Shar is pregnant with his child. Marries Brit and hooks up to the gravy train.
Brit suffers from postpartum psychosis, this is why her behavior is incredibly erratic.
K-Fed parties his nights away, as well. I really do not know whom should have custody of those babies at this point.
Those poor boys! .........K-Fed is in no way a 'good father'. He would not have left Shar during her pregnancy. He wanted money, honey. Shar is just trying to gain a piece of the pie, too.

2598 days ago


i think they planned this to get hold of brits money.

2598 days ago

Desease control    

Intertainers from the very beging of time were court jesters they were hired by Kings
and Queens to make them laugh. If they failed to make them Laugh it was off with thier Heads.
For real they realy got there heads cutt off if they failed to intertain.
I guess it was shwon to mean a distrespect for the king .
If the king chose someone ar r st thetop of there game in performing
and they failed a private porformance for Roalty it was almost like comiting treson and there for they didnt desrve to live.

This is what is happening to brittney spears right now.
She wa s Americas littel darling.
the USA being the richest sate on the plant we all as americans consider ourselfs to be littel kings and queeens in our own minds.
We worship the ground our intertainers walk on.
we take them up so high on a pedastal that when they dont meet our
standards of a good repectable show then it is OFF WITH THIER HEADS.

How amny of you perverts out there have had brittney spears magazines
hidden under your bed.

Now that you see her with 2 kids and a loser of a husband a warshed up caree,..rl,eagal troubles abound and not even any hair left to tear out....
ok now your pissed and want her head on a plater.

Peolpe have a sick obssion with clebs beacuse of the 24/7 media coverage.
Right now the media is totaly focused on one poor 20 something young girl
who si going threw a pretty ordinary divorce despite the media attion.
Were al chosing sides on every move she makesbut one thing seeems to be the toatl coniesus of the untied sates and that is Off with her head she failed to intertain us... we are bored and pissed.
America was built on christaine values.
This is not christ like how we are treating brittney spears.
we love our intetainers when they are putting on a sexy show for us
but the minute they dont we hate them and beyond that we want to destroy them
and take pleauser when thier heads are getting cutt off.
When we see an intertainer we thought was perfect and they turn out to be only human it makes us look at our selfs enstead of being intertained and we dont like that.
Would jesus be proud of the nation that is built on the Bibel?
If he were to read the tabloids ( wich he wouldnt) he would get an ugly picture of
The USA were not a God fearing nationa any more all we fear is not getting intertained.

ohh man I got to go to church on man sprit is hurting....ouch

2597 days ago


Is this not the same women who sat on T.V 8 months preg. crying her eyes out? HEY SHAR!! HE LEFT YOU FOR ANOTHER WOMEN! FOR A BIGGER PAY DAY!!! AND THE ONLY REASON HE IS BACK IS B/C HIS CASH COW CUT HIM OFF!!!! How old is this girl?

2597 days ago


ya, kevin has his kids best interests at heart? thats why he only started to be a good daddy when brit threw the divorce word at him right????
britney goes out a couple times after her seperation and that makes her a bad mother but kfed was running around partying all over the world since brit was pregnant with the first one and that makes him a good dad???
the double standard makes me sick....
if going out and partying once in a while and leaving your kids with a qualified babysitter makes you a neglectful mother, then i think most of north american moms need to be under investigation for child neglect.
and im sure shar will tell everyone and their dog that hes a good daddy....with brits money..... how good of a daddy was he to abandon his first one by shar and while she was prego!!....

i dont like britney....but im starting to feel sorry for her....but if i had so many ppl attacking me in the press daily about my looks and my parenting and everything else, i might act erratic too....
actually i think id be in a psych ward
shes a strong woman to still be standing....
you go brit...ignore everyong and be the best momma you can be....

2594 days ago

Yeah, I said it    

#158, thanks again for your advice. I have taken anitdepressant prescribed my dr. bc of this mess, I stopped taking them when I realized I didn't need them. I wasn't depressed, just angry, frustrated and disappointed. They say these things to my hubbie to kiss is butt, when there has been times where they've complained about him to me. I guess they were straddling the fence. Not to toot my own horn, with me gone, business has not been the same. Money problems, his everyday frustrations,etc. I've told him that these people mean him no good, but he just blows me off. He's one of those people that don't want to admit he screwed up.

He's asked and/or begged me numerous times to come back to work and help him delegate and/or fix this problems. Being doing it for yrs, but until he realizes that he has these toxic people around him, there's little I can do to help other than to advise him to get rid of them. Even these evil people he has in his life see that he's unhappy and miserable without me there to take on "the world together". I will take your advice on the slander but he has to be a big boy and see for himself what was good for business. It;s gotten so bad that life-long customers have went elsewhere for services, because they are not treated fairly and have noticed things are not the way they used to be. These people he has around are looking out for #1. I just pray and hope that he does something about it until we are broke and/or bankrupt.

I don't want to sound like a whiner but I can see how Brit cut certain people out of her life, including her hubby. I can see how she snapped when she thought she found "the one" only to see him for a user. I don't agree with the way she hooked up with him, but like most women, she thought that she could change him and make him a better person. I'll have to give Brit this, she at least accepted his kids, even though she might have been the breakup of that family's unit. But if he really wanted to be a family man, he would've tried his damnest to become somebody, God knows Shar had the connectioins.

2593 days ago


Misti just so u know Shar was on Moesha and has had other parts in movies and shows so I doubt she's poor. I especially doubt that SHE was asking HIM for the money. When in the beginning it would most likely have been the other way around.

2590 days ago


Wait Misti sorry about what I said. I never heard she got plastic surgery before.

2590 days ago


I think Kevin is a big lowlife loser who preyed on hollywood women and charmed them into having his children and is now living off there financial success and obviously he is not going to blow his cover on not being a good dad. He is a man that had no success or fortune and is now just playing the role to really hit the big jackpot. As far as Shar is concerned, she made a low blow on her celebrity rap BS and insulted Britney has she ever sold millions of records or much less even came close to making the money Britney makes just by waking up in the morning through her residual income I doubt it. So Shar wake up he used you to but you dont really have that much right!!!

2546 days ago


Everybody just shut up about Brit, Kevin and Shar for a moment. Think...what would you do if you were broke and a 400 million dollar woman declared her love for you. Would you A) Marry her, get her pregnant twice and then divorce her ass and go back to the true love of your life or B) Stay broke and die. I would go with option A as long as my love ie Shar understands the deal and is willing to go along with it...wink wink. Shar and Kevin are geniuses. Britney is the only fool here!

2541 days ago
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