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D'oh-erty! Pete Skates on Police Blunder

8/21/2007 10:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pete DohertyYou'd think that by now, police would've gotten the hang of arresting rock wreck Pete Doherty.

But Kate Moss' ex-boytoy was let off by a judge yesterday, after coppers in east London couldn't get him in front of her within 24 hours of his Monday arrest on suspicion of drug possession. Doherty had been arrested around 2:30 AM Monday, after performing with his band Babyshambles at a festival. But, according to reports from the UK, Judge Susan Williams had to let him go, saying, "Anyone arrested for a breach of bail must be brought before the court and dealt with in a 24-hour period."

Of course, Pete's escaped big trouble several times before, having been threatened with jail less than two weeks ago. It's unclear how his recent arrest will affect that case, in which he admitted driving illegally with crack, heroin, ketamine and pot.


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This is guy is so freakin' disgusting. You can practically see the meth sores on his fac not to mention the sweat! God...Kate Moss must have been else can you explain her giving this thing the time of day??

2589 days ago


None of this matters because they will find his body some day and that will be the end of him "getting off". He's on his way to a dirt nap as we speak. He won't get the last laugh.

2589 days ago

Lenn K.    

This guy will be dead before he reaches 40 years old. The drugs, the alcohol and cig smoking for all these years. This guy is deadman walking!!

2589 days ago

+DJ FunkyGrrL+    

Talk about luck... He needs to get some help for his drug addiction.
Having a gf who (once) had a drug issue isn't much help.
Because I never heard if Ms. Moss had any intervention for her issues

2589 days ago

Pop Crunch    

What's up with the cops?! They can't find a star in 24 hours?

Also, this guy is fugly.

2589 days ago


He is definetly a meth user. It makes you age real fast. Teeth rot and you get sores on your body. He really thinks he got one over on the cops but they'll get the last laugh when they find his nasty, dead body in a dirty crack house. Great to be a pop star hey?

2589 days ago


Can this guy have an lethal overdose, please?

2589 days ago


i give him less than a year and he will be dead because of an o.d
what a loser ,c-mon you have it all and you us choose to throw it away i dont feel sorry for him at all. loser

2589 days ago


You know....he is high and whatever...

But all Brits have bad teeth... sorry lol I would know, and it sounds like a stereotype, but hey

it's true.

2589 days ago

Vote this douche out of office    

I've never heard of his band or heard a single song they play, but I know his name and it is synonomous with "addict" in my mind. That's sad because from what I hear he is really talented........if you ever needed proof kids, here it is: Just Say No.

2589 days ago

ms mama    

Who cares about ugly Amy Sadaris??????????????????

2589 days ago


To the Police: The more you leave him alone, the faster he'll overdose and die and go away. Do us all a favor, let him score some supergood heroin, crack and whatever else he's on, and let him alone for a couple days. Then, simply respond to the inevitable phone call of whoever it is that will be finding his lifeless body. No more problem.

Just let me know if you need more professional advice.

2589 days ago


Hey headline writer, you do realize that his name is pronounced "Dockerty" right? So that pretty much renders your pun useless. Do your homework next time!

2589 days ago


The meth is eating his face..........I'm expecting a headline of : Doherty Found Dead.

What a shame because he was once talented.

2589 days ago



His last name should be pronounced: DIRTY

2589 days ago
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