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Jenna: I'm Not Skin Flicks and Bones!

8/21/2007 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a gold necklace draped over sternum and ribs, XXX hottie Jenna Jameson made it clear that she's not wasting away. She's just pornalicious!

TMZ cameras caught the former hardcore heavyweight last night, with her ultimate fighter beefcake boytoy, Tito Ortiz, outside of Koi in Hollywood, where she told us that we "better stop calling me skinny, because I'm healthy and I'm happy." Ready for my shot, Mr. DeMille!

After the scolding, the really, really, really not fat blonde got into her ridiculous Rolls Royce Phantom and sped off into the night. Perhaps for a snack.


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I'm glad she's happy but I'm sad she's delusional. She's anorexic and in denial. Poor thing, looks awful.

2618 days ago

No she didn't......    

I rarely comment on these things but I think someone pointed out that it appears that she does read these so I'd like to chime in: Ms. Jameson, you are in dire need of help. You are wasting away. Don't you have any close friends that you can confide in or something? Do you really want all of your hard work (people, people calm down!) to go up in flames? That money you made will be gone quicker than you know it if you keep using. That is if you are around long enough to keep this up before the money goes...It's just a matter of time. I read all of these comments. Some were rude, some were mean, some were just idiotic, but it appears that you have hit a nerve in American society. The money and influence you have had and made is slipping away. We don't care if you need to go to rehab. We'll wait. And while you are there, can you get your voice, literally and figuratively, back. That with the weight loss is painful. One last thing: You are SO above the guy you are with - just another sign you need help. Good luck!

2618 days ago

Old, tired, crazy, psycho Britney SUCKED    

OMG...she used to be happened to her?

Jesus....I've seen healthier looking people on those " for 10 cents a can feed this whole village" infomericals.

Sorry Jenna....from Hot sexy porn nasty skinny AIDS looking patient isn't good.

2618 days ago


She looked hot before, now she looks like that thing on Tales From the Crypt......Freeeaaakyy!! I think she must have the HIV, or addicted to heroin! Just yucky, deffinately would not watch that on any Porno!

2618 days ago


At one time she was attractive, now she looks like hell.

2618 days ago


Maybe if she shaves her head and has her skin surgically removed she would be at her desired weight. Wouldnt look much different.

2618 days ago


Can You Say Skank ?? She's Stoned or Stupid,Hard to Tell. But She Sure is The Nasty You Would Expect a Porn Queen to be !!!!!

2618 days ago


If she didn't have bolt-on breasts, her chest would be concave...she is that emaciated. Now she's screwed up her lips (the ones on her face), so that her upper lip is so big it casts a shadow above it, making her look like she has a little John Waters moustache. Ewww.

2618 days ago


One word... METH! Who's read her book?

2618 days ago


god she looks sick. i don't know if its drugs, aids, or an eating disorder but she just looks awful. i hope someone gets her some help soon.

2618 days ago

Steven Millan    

Somebody needs to get Jenna Jameson a cheeseburger---no,make that two cheeseburgers---and a bag of Doritos---no,make that two bags of Doritos---to eat !!

2618 days ago


OMG she does look like Joan Rivers!

2618 days ago


What did she use to look like? Where can I find a picture? And is it really true that she had a botched operation?

2618 days ago


Ok--I admit it, I am probably out-of-the-loop, old fashioned n' all--but when the heck did porn stars become main stream celebrities??!! I find this REALLY disturbing for some reason. Yeah, she can do whatever she wants for a living; however, young and impressionable people visit these sites and watch entertainment news shows on TV. Makes me ill to hear her talk about her success and how she has liberated and empowered women, blah, blah, blah....

If I understood correctly in the video, she is now starting her own clothing line. Goodie-goodie-gumdrops I can hardly wait!! Do you think I will be able to pick something up out of her "career wear" line at Dillard's or Talbot's for work??!

Maybe she and Paris Hilton will take the fashion world by storm--they can open up their own haute couture house of fashion. They can name it "Two-Hoes House of Fashion."

2618 days ago


I have bought Jenna's calender for the past four years. I am even a member of her fanclub. But it is true. She is really too skinny now. Tito is Latin. He should bring her to his mom's house and give her some good latin food. And why is she talking in that voice? I don't remember her sounding like that. Anyways if she looks like this in next years calendar, Sad to say, i won't buy it. Hope she thickens up again before next year comes.

2618 days ago
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