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Nicole Richie:

Growin' and Glowin'

8/22/2007 1:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Richie was spotted yesterday afternoon in Westwood, and the lil' mother to be is no longer hiding her 4-month baby bump! The simple new life!

Miss Richie was seen in a gray stretchy dress with black sweater, accentuating the little Madden nestled in her petite womb. Joel Madden, Nic's rocker boyfriend/baby daddy, apparently proposed last week to the soon-to-be incarcerated baby mama.

Nicole revealed to Diane Sawyer that since her pregnancy, she has learned to "just say no." Thank god!


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She has to know she looked near death before, for people to think she looks better pregnant. I bet she goes home and heads straight to the computer to see if her pictures have showed up. I bet Julia Roberts has never done that.

2617 days ago


NOFANHERE - You are an a-hole. First of all if you didn't show until you were 6 months pregnant sounds like you have the problem.

Keep up the good work Nicole, looking great.

2617 days ago


Nicole looks great and is handling these stressful situations that she's dealing with with a lot of grace. We're rooting for you, Nicole.

2617 days ago


Cutest pregnant girl I have seen. her boobs are huge now. Big improvement over the skeleton jogging on the beach.

2617 days ago


She is famous for being SICK!!!! Everyone STOP buying magazines with her on the cover, so she wil go away already! TMZ what are some real stars doing?

2617 days ago

britstarr from mississippi    

I think she looks fantastic and her and joel are going to make great parents, !!! I feel she really has learned her lesson about drinking,driving and the drugs, this was just what she needed and for god's sake nicole,"stay clear of paris all together please " !! she has no friends,except her crew of paris-sites clinging on to her and your so much better than that!!!! actually i think paris is having some real jealousy issues ,now that you've found a great guy and are going to be a mom soon ,what does she have... not much, except a dwindling inheritance from her grandfather and her dad !! bless you and your new family you've been given !!!

2617 days ago


Irene, could you please tell us what you mean by "keep up the good work, Nicole" ? What work?

2617 days ago


Some people never have anything decent to say about anyone - they should be more critical of themselves than of others ! I am not a fan of hers either but I think she looks wonderful and I hope she turns everything around and is a wonderful mother ! We need more decent, young mother figures in the public eye - there are too many trashy, slutty, has beens (no names mentioned!) that treat their kids like animals in the public eye nowadays. Wish you only the best Nicole !

2617 days ago


She should abort that baby-she has done drugs both liquid and other thru her entire pregnancy. It would be a major miracle if she gives birth to a healthy baby. Besides-who wants a coke-head bimbo for a mother?

2617 days ago


ZZZ - What I'm saying by that is that she looks good, doesnt seem to be doing drugs & she's gaining the weight a normal healthy woman should gain when carrying a child. YES, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A BABY! What is wrong with you people???? I'm not a big fan of hers either but to wish her bad evil things is terrible. One a-hole writes she should abort the baby. I find these remarks juvenile & mean. Another says she didnt show until she was 6 months along, that's totally rediculous, you start feeling the baby moving at 5 months & every pregnant woman is different, some gain, some dont gain much.

BTW - are u people really gonna say that noone of you out there has done drugs, got your act together, had a baby, etc etc.


2617 days ago


20 bucks she is still doing drugs.

2617 days ago


Nicole - you look great. Keep some of the weight after the baby is born.

I keep reading about how Hilary Duff is so much better.....and she is definately a better person, more intelligent, has morality and self respect. I agree completely.

But lets not forget that Joel Madden, who is in his late 20's dated her for years - while she was underage - and kept her a virgin (her words). How do you put down a guy who respects a relationship enough to stay away from sex when he knows it's not legal or not what the woman wants. HE WAS GOOD TO HILARY - things didn't work out - he moved on. He is trying to do the right thing. Give him a break.

2617 days ago


Actually, unlike all those other skanks who barely got out of high school, Nicole was a student at Arizona State U. She dropped out in her 2nd year ( I am sure GED Paris convinced her that she did not really needed college because her dad was rich.)

She is going through what numerous others have ogone through: DUI, etc. Let's all get a life and wish her the best, as we would any young girl who finds herself in a similar jam.


2617 days ago

O J Simpson    

No matter how much money the kid will still be an illegiatemate bastard

2617 days ago


No offense Irene, but gaining weight , looking good,and not doing drugs when you're pregnant are hardly "work"! I think there are some nasty comments here, but they have been earned. THIS WOMAN HAS HAD TWO DUI'S! She could have easily killed people. She is also quite the bitch on that show of hers, hardly likeable. Anyone who has seen her interact with children, and babies on the show knows that she should NOT have kids. I don't believe that it's ALL fake because it's a show. Many things are staged, but she is still showing her true personality-that is why they call it a reality show. She needs to spend more time redeeming herself, and proving herself before people will trust and like her again, and stop writing negative comments.

2617 days ago
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