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D.A. to Lindsay -- You're Not a Felon

8/23/2007 5:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan ChargedTMZ was at the Beverly Hills Courthouse this morning when the L.A. County District Attorney filed criminal charges against Lindsay Lohan. The charges are seven misdemeanors -- NO FELONIES. And, there may be a plea bargain today at 1:30 PM PDT.

Lohan, who was busted twice since Memorial Day weekend, was charged with two counts of driving under the influence. If convicted of both, she'd face a minimum of four days in jail. If a felony were filed, Lohan could have faced several years in state prison.

As to why no felony charges were filed, the DA says Lohan's cocaine traces "were below the .05 grams required by office policy for felony filing."

Sources tell us there were also problems even proving she was in possession of the drug.

Lindsay GalleryAs for the second case, a law enforcement source tells us the manner in which the cocaine was seized was questionable. In addition, the source says the amount of cocaine "didn't meet the threshold for filing."

But there's more to the story: In deciding whether to file felony cocaine charges, the D.A. always looks at the person and the circumstances. In Lohan's case, the fact that she was busted twice in a short period of time actually helped her. It shows someone is struggling with an addiction problem. The fact that each time she was busted, she immediately checked into a rehab facility also helped her case. Also, her age -- 21 -- and the fact that her upbringing was extremely unstable -- also worked in her favor.

One law enforcement source put it this way: "Prosecutors in this county see a lot of kids in crisis. There are lots of kids struggling with addiction. The first sign of trouble usually involves a car. We're not going to throw every one of them in prison. It doesn't make sense."


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sexy hollywood kid    

That sucks, I wish she had at least one felony.. that bitch

2616 days ago


What a Joke..... Ms.Lohan should face charges as anyone else.

2616 days ago



2616 days ago

give me a break,,    

wow,, she is so lucky,,
hopes she understands how lucky she is,, and keeps her crap together now,,

2616 days ago


The FBI should step in because these California Cops and Judges are crooked and easily paid off by celebrities

2616 days ago


She just turned 21 and had 2 DUI's and 2 drug possessions in 2 months and that works in her favor? She needs to hit bottom and prison will help her do that. She is in another faux rehab right now scheduling photo ops - she hasn't learned a thing.

2616 days ago


wow. now if everyone were given the benefit of the doubt...this makes me hate her more, cause I see many people struggling with addiction each day, and when they get caught they go straight to the slammer, no questions asked.

their families and what theyve been going through in life aren't taken into account.

stupid "W" folks!

2616 days ago

Real Deal    


You go girl and we wish the best and speedy recovery!

Love Ya

2616 days ago


Let's just hope that everyone involved slaps her with enough civil lawsuits to make her life a living hell for a few years. Drain her of what little money she hasn't spent and she will end up as a clerk at a dry cleaners.

2616 days ago

All American Girl    

I wonder how much money they were paid from Lohan to drop charges...

2616 days ago


this is bull****! they need to lock up this loser.

2616 days ago


So maybe a serial killer should get more leniancy than the one-time murderer!

Another case of "victimization" of the criminal!

2616 days ago


Her lawyer knew that if she checked herself into rehab, pronto, the DA would let her off the hook.
If it were you or I, the DA would be out to fry our asses!

2616 days ago

Dawn Day    

In others words...too many people (i.e., movie studios, producers, directors, etc.) have too much money invested in her to let her do time in jail like the average Joe would have to do.

2616 days ago


This is absolutely crazy!!! She didn't just have 2 DUI's in as many months she also:

Crashed her car
Fled the scene
Chased someone down with her car
Carjacked a car to do so
Kidnapped 2 people in the car
Ran over someone's foot with the car

This is an absolute joke and if I was a taxpaying resident of California, I'd be really pissed!

2616 days ago
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