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Holy War! When Televangelists Attack!

8/23/2007 2:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oh my god! Pentecostal televangelist and women's empowerment lecturer Juanita Bynum was attacked at 4:00 AM in an Atlanta airport hotel parking lot -- by her estranged husband, Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III! Holy s**t!

According to police, the couple fought in the parking lot until a hotel bellman stepped in and broke it up. Bynum told police that her husband "choked her, pushed her down, kicked and stomped her in the Renaissance parking lot." Lordy! TMZ spoke with the victim's sister, Tina Celeb Mugshots -- click to launchCulpepper, who said "Juanita is resting."

Miss Culpepper photographed Juanita's injuries, as seen here. Only the lord knows where Weeks is at this time.


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a beaten pastor's wife    

I was an abused Pastor's wife. But, I learned to fight back. He never stopped preaching. I'm no longer married to him. Leave him Juanita. He will continue to hurt you. Run girl run

2615 days ago

Darnell Wilcox    

I would like to express my feelings and let Juanita know that personally my prayers are with her and she is still me inspiration. God bless you and God speed on your recovery.

Bro. Darnell Wilcox

2615 days ago


Juanita needs to stop living a lie and come out of that situation. The truth has finally been revealed. It is time to move on. Being single, happy and safe is so much better than this.

2615 days ago

Keep The Faith Ministry    

Dr.Juanita Bynum

Keep The Faith Ministry in Houston, Texas loves you ! has been bless by your ministry
and we are praying for you ! We pray whatever has come against you will not prosper !

This to shall pass ! We also pray for Pastor Weeks !

We All Love You !

2615 days ago


Some of these comments... just wow... "ooh I think she should pray instead of taking legal action... She got stomped but that's okay he's doing god's work.." freakin nutjobs, seriously.

2615 days ago


Has the 'Bishop' ever heard of Mary Winkler?

2615 days ago


Oh, come on - that looks ridiculously faked! A combination of makeup and Photoshop.

2615 days ago

Sis. J    

From a sista that once spoke out, expressed what I thought the Lord showed me to only have it beat out of me. All I can say is stand and when you've done all, Stand therefore. That's where I gave up. So you stand for us that couldn't and are still too afraid to come forward. Just reading these other comments has made me really know to come out or tell the truth Only gets you laughted at or blamed. Your a woman of God....
... not God! None of us are perfect. I have no stone to throught at Ms. Bynum Only prayers!
You R 1 awesome Lady.

2615 days ago


---------Yes Children !!!-- Everybody clap your hands and say it with me...

2615 days ago


thanx Valerie for summing it up, I'm known for long ranting posts so you saved everyone today.
p.s. you should see the comments on the "hip hop" blogs, nauseating.

2615 days ago


Wow. That's deep. These people lecture other married people on how to stay together. Her husband's book is called "Teach Me How to Love You". Is this how you show someone you love them?

2615 days ago

bobby baby    

Those good ole christian fools. What a crock. They are usually the worse, with their holier-than- thou attitude. Too bad they all don't kill themselves in the process.

2615 days ago


I'd say about 89.999% of the people "in them" are making enough mockery's for 10,000 tmz's all by themselves. (oh oh no - it's the devil, the devils fault)

I think a re-write of "what a friend" is needed, adding the verse:
"what also a privilege to carry everything to satan in blaaaame."

2615 days ago


Musica , You must be a believer in these frauds. They suck money from the people who can least afford it and tjhen ask them for more . They should rot in hell.

2615 days ago


What does the husband look like, is he beat up? There are some unanswered questions here. Why were they out 4:00 am? Why assume that he is guilty? Why do most Christians prejudge on what is going on? Saying that she was beaten up, have anyone seen the husband? But defend first, without getting the Whole Story. There is an Old Saying: That All that glitters ain't Gold. It just might be Fools Gold. Practice what you preach.

2615 days ago
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