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Alleged Wife-Thumping Bishop Surrenders

8/24/2007 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Atlanta bishop who allegedly gave his wife, fiery evangelist Juanita Bynum, an almighty beatdown in a hotel parking lot has turned himself into cops. Good heavens!

Thomas W. Weeks was formally charged with felony aggravated assault and "making terrorist threats," according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but made no comment on his way into Fulton County Jail. A hearing is scheduled for 11:00 AM at the jail.

According to the police report, Bynum said that Weeks "choked her, pushed her down, kicked and stomped her," and "continued stomping" her into the ground. He also threatened to kill his estranged wife.

Bynum posted a comment on her MySpace page: "I am currently recovering from all of my injuries and resting well ... this too shall pass."


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Prayer Warrior    

In AlL ThAt HaS HaPpEnEd Or OcCuReD We As BeLiEvErS ArE CaLlEd To WaR In InTeRcEsSiOn FoR ThE MaNy SoUlS ThAt HaVe BeEn AfEcTeD By ThiS OuTcOmE... EsPeCiAlLy ThE FaMiLIeS & LeAdErS ThAt LoVe & SuPpOrTeD JuAniTa In ThE MiNiStRy. To SoMe MaYbE A SpIrItUaL MeNtOr BuT KnoW ThAt GoD Is WiTh HeR AnD BeSiDe HeR AnD My GoD ShAlL SeE JuStIcE CoMe FoRtH On BeHaLf Of ThIs WoMeN Of GoD " FoR No WeApOn FoRmED AgaInSt HeR ShAlL PrOsPeR......." Be At PeAcE For GoD Is InCoNtRol !!!!!

2616 days ago

Albert Howard    

Wow OMG!

2616 days ago

Desease control    

Right on recvoery never heard such jiberish. That is a perfect example of why these Tv preachers a.k.a false teachers are gulity of leading so many to helll.
They wee taught by soemeon who only had thier own agenda in mind.
So there followers only know a few cute chrtain catch frases and dont know the word of the bible.
What people should be praying for is that these false teachers TBN multi millionirs get rebuked sharply like the bibel tells us regarding false teachers.
If you are new to the Lord and all you hear is this TBN nonsesen than you are brain warshed by con men and not real peole of God.
All the TV preachers are into is feel good sermons so they dont affend anyone who might make a donation.
They preach to spend time making money and having a good time rather than live a life that well get you life everafter.
Look at paula white web site shes standing there in front of a picture of the world and she got her arms reached out and says you can have it all.
That by going by what she says she knows how to balance everything.
Her plan is to make herself rich . she has no clue what you should be doing
She cant do it for herself in her own life hows it gonna work for you.
Shes not livng her life by what t he Bibel says to do.
The last time I saw her show she wasnt preaching anything she was excersizng with a hot guy who was a personal trainer.Not that theres anything wrong with that ,but
wheres God in all this.People dont tune into TBN to get a self help simaar.
there worried about thier souls and how to get right with thier maker
not how to get rich and look good.
Shes taking advange of simple minded peole who dont know any better and send her a donation.
when you donate to these fals teachers you are sending people to hell in a hand bag.
They wouldnt get as muchdonations if they got up there and preached it like it is,
whos gonna stand up there in todays do not judge climate and
say hey if your gay your going to hell.
Use key words false teachers and read what it says and you well see these TBN
preachers fit it to a T ee.
TBN made over one hudred million tax free dollars last year alone.

2616 days ago


Let's see how GOD works this out.You know he' s exposing people. He will turn this event around for thier good,lets just wait and see before making a judgement call. Althogh who are we to judge,GOD_IS_REAL .

2616 days ago


Well, between this and Paula White, our ladies of the Gospel are also just ladies. Be it Prophetess, prostitute or school teacher, to get physically attacked and fear for your very life is devastatingly scary. I cannot imagine her fear at that moment. and dont need to. Divorce not an option?? This too shall pass?? Hmmm.... God wants you alive my sistah to preach his word... not going down as a good saint but dead. God's punishment is greater than anything Man can do to this coward. i dont care if she did provoke him. stomped and kicked like a dog aint right.

2616 days ago


ok, 1 more thing.... PLEASE READ ROMANS CH 16 vs 18.... that sums it all up. Let's get back to the hurts but the truth really does set us free. False teachers. Whew!!

2616 days ago

Desease control    

Go to and read about paula and randy white.
Paula has been drinking and having sleep pvers with another pastor at the church.
Randy has a friend who used to e a porn sat and he says he like guns and to drink wine.
He admitted having a girl in his car that petted the dash of his bently.
No enough filth for you
thats not evn the worst of it.
There church took in 40 mil. last year and they are
22 mil in the RED !!!
Paula and randy took the churchs money and now they are
spitting up.
Paula has warshed her hands of the mess and is sarting a new church with her new boyfriend.
Randy is going to stay there and try to keep donations comming in.
They have 23,000 members in there church thats 23,000
souls that were lost to con men all in the name of jesus.

Isnt there a watch group that should be keeping someof this lawlessness out of the church?

2616 days ago


This is not the 1st instance of violence in this troubled relationship. She has admitted in public to bricking his car; You are also aware that she began this relationship while he was still married; We should expect better character from our leaders. The marriage was a hoax and a farce from the beginning! For the most part they did not live together; there have been constant accusations of infedility from both sides.

Furthermore, Ms. Bynum has been down this road before; the marriage goes south, provoke your husband, play the victim, come out victoriuos. Rest assured there is a book, a conference, CD series, DVD, and possibly a movie deal in here somewhere.

Weeks used her to make his name known, now she will use him, to make her name significant once again.

Only the black church in america is silly enough to tune in to this soap opera and believe the outrageous behavior by these characters is anything akin to holy or righteous.

2615 days ago


Satan is the enemy of all christians no matter how small or big you are and if we are not constantly on guard he can catch anyone of us unaware. I pray that Bishop and Phophetess Weeks marriage is made stronger and becomes a triumph for the Lord because what the devil ment for harm God can turn it around for good. There are women who do not know how to be strong they will see with God you ca do all things. As prophetess stated this to will pass because God is on thier side, the wedding video proves it. May God strengthen and encourage both of your hearts during this time of tribulation.

2615 days ago


She is already planning her next CD, or whatever she sells., and will put on a huge show when she shows back up again..And they will eat it up... I am a believer, and Jesus is my Savior and Lord. BUT, these preachers and prophets and posers, are just mostly jive. I have been watching Rev. Fred Price for many years, and was I shocked when he said that if anyone wished him ill or said anything against him, they would probably die. He believes he is "anointed" by God, and that he is above criticism or comment.

I don't mind that he has a yacht, a plane, an enormous mansion, 7 luxury cars, $25 million in the bank. Blessings are fine with me. Just don't call for someone's death if they happen to question your actions. We are all the same to God - just a bunch of sinners.

2615 days ago


Some of the comments are pretty harsh.
Here is food for thought:
Just know that God is STILL in control!
Be Blessed.

2613 days ago

Things Aren't As They Seem    

As we look up we want heaven in the sky, earth is our reality. God knows we are human and he doesn't expect us to act anyway unrealistic but to be kind to one another. We are all human, unfortunitly the humanistic side of Bishop Thomas was less than appealing. Yes you can pray for them but the effort has to be on each individuals part to do the right thing, not for us but for themselves. Looking from a spiritual prespective the question is what is the relationship between him and God? Did it stand the test of time? He had to go through it to get to it. One point we all need to know is do not exempt yourself for we are all not far removed. In other words in could have happen to anyone of us. Let's not judge the situation but understand it. There was trouble in paradise and it just rose to the surface which is good now deal with the problem.

2613 days ago

Blood Diamond    

If this is TRUE? then this is better than one life to live and all my children with a twist of passion. Looking forward to the next chapter. God Bless then all.

2612 days ago

Kingdom Stand    

What is more embaricing is that people in America will so quickly pass jugement in situations that they know nothing about. No man is perfect regardless of the acheivements they have conquered in life. What each of us needs to do is examine ourselves and prepare for Christ's return.

The day will come when the saints shall judge the world.!

Talk about that!!@!@!

2611 days ago

monique pie    

Please, please keep in mind God is to be worshipped, praised, and lifted up not people. I don't pass judgement on either one but if you listen at what is being said instead of what is being lived you will be deceived every time. Just my opinion and I am sticking with it.

2611 days ago
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