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Get On Team Heidi!

8/25/2007 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"The Hills" star Heidi Montag isn't just going to feed the feud flames between herself and co-star Lauren Conrad, she's also gonna profit from it!
Heidi Montag
Montag's announced on her MySpace page that "Team Heidi" shirts will go on sale next week. Oh, yay! And if you're desperate to get yours before then, you can enter a contest and win one. Imagine being the first person on your block to have one of these priceless gems! They'll likely retail for 15 bux.

You can now complete your Christmas list.


No Avatar

please go away!!!!    

This girl is desparate. Please make her go away. Stop the madness.

2562 days ago

Mystery Meat    

She looks like a cross of Ashlee Simpson and Sandra Lee from the Food Network. She's so fugly!!

2562 days ago


her head is HUGE!!!!!!

2562 days ago

Big Mike    

What a nast looking skank - - Seriously, who in the hell would ever buy a shirt from these two donkeys.. This tells you how delusional they are and also how broker they are ! ! ! NEED MOENY, TRY TO SELL T-SHIRTS.... HILARIOUS - - Pretending you are rich is tough... This girl really does look like a horse.. she is ugly as hell...

2562 days ago

Big Mike    

Oh my gosh, I have never seen a person who is so ugly, that thinks that she looks good. Get a clue girl, you are nasty looking...

2562 days ago

Big Mike    

Is that her face or did her neck throw up? She looks like she was beat in the face with a hammer. Can you imagine what the poor children of these two would look like. Now that is scary.

2562 days ago

Big Mike    

OK, there is not one post on here that is positive about this girl or her boyfriend. Do they not have a clue? Also, selling t-shirts, now that is funny as hell! They want so bad to be famous and they will never get it. News to this ugly girl and her ugly boyfriend, people do nto know who you are, they do not want to see or hear about you and the only people wearing your stupid t-shirts will be you and that guy that you date. You both have huge heads that don't fit on your bodies. Please do not have children because they will be teased to the point of suicide. Yuck is all I have to say about how she looks.

2562 days ago

Big Mike    

Um Heidi, why should we know who you are? and why should we care? Do you really think people would wear a shirt with your name on it. You both must be on some really good drugs. Have you taken the time to read what people think about you. It unanimous, they think you are ugly, attention starved, delusional, fake, broke, and the list goes on and on. Hint to you, go hide now and save yourself the embarassment. You are becoming a bad joke really quickly.

2562 days ago


What the hell is wrong with this chick, did her mother drop her on her head a few to many times, or is she really thinking that everyone likes her, and her wannbe wife beater b/f/

2562 days ago



2562 days ago


I have no idea who she is, but it's ugly as hell. She can't be a model or a celebrity in any way, shape, or form. So tell me again why she's even on a celeb site? No more please. As for those t-shirts? It's pretty sad when you're such a NOBODY that you have to hock your own shirts for money, or to try to get famous. This "lady" reminds me of another Kimberly Stewart. One of those chicks that no matter what they do no one will ever be interested in anything they do.

2562 days ago


Heidi used to be cute! what happened? Spencer is only with her to get on the show.....he is a manipulater, BAD! too bad she doesnt see it. She is young though and will have to learn the hard way unfortunately.... Hate the nose job, doesnt fit the face, too small for the large face she has!

2562 days ago


Lay off the "no-ass-at-all" pills, if you are gonna show some booty, its best to have one!!!
nice legs though! :-)

2562 days ago


Who CARES about this retarded excuse for a human being?? Seriously, STOP showing her and her tool-of-a-boy. She is one of the ugliest, most annoying and literally stupid-as-hell girls I've ever come across. She will do anything to be in the spot light, and doesn't deserve even her pathetic 15 minutes.

Team Heidi? HELLLLLLL no!

get a REAL job, lady..
and stop pretending to the next britney & kfed

2562 days ago


Uh, nice figure and outfit actually - veerry nice. It's amazing how good women can look if they got off their a$$es and worked out regularly.

2562 days ago
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