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Nick's Mom Issues a Statement

8/27/2007 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a statement from the Linda Hogan, wife of Hulk and mother of Nick. Her son was involved in a serious car accident in Florida on Sunday:
The Hogan family
"My son Nick and a friend were involved in a car accident last night. Nick suffered minor injuries and has been treated and released from the hospital. At this time, his friend, John Graziano remains hospitalized. Nick is currently at the hospital with John and his family. His sole concern is for the well being of his friend. On behalf of my family, we ask that your thoughts and prayers be with John and his loved ones."


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Old, tired, crazy, psycho Britney SUCKED    

Being a stupid...irresponsible...spoiled brat sure adds 15 years to your life.

I find it odd..that the kids all look a lot older than they say their true age is.

2578 days ago



Very well said.

2578 days ago


I am praying for the health and well being of Nick and his friend. To the families my prayers are with all of you at this devastating time. You never know when the Lord has other plans for us. It just wasn't Nick's time to go. I hope both boys have a speedy recovery. I have a son about the same age. These kids today just need to slow down in life.

God Speed to all

2578 days ago


Looks like he quailfies for NASCAR...
Speedy Recovery to you both

2578 days ago


Most times it's the passenger, and not the crazy driver who gets hurt the worst...he doesn't deserve to have a drivers license. If that poor kid dies.....tragic

2578 days ago

ex baller    

I wonder if Brooke and her mom eat each other out!!!

2578 days ago


well if the friend passes away (which i hope he does not) could nick possibly be charged with murder if found that he was really was speeding and driving wrecklesly? kids and theyre fast cars.......i know it was an accident but it still upsets me....

2578 days ago


Why did Linda make the statement? Sense when has Terri missed a chance with the media?

I don't think he would have had that car if Linda had her way. She seems to take a back seat to Terri. I hope he will step aside and let her try to be a mom. It's a little late but maybe she can turn things around with their kids.

2578 days ago


I pray that nicks freind john is okay and that nick learns that he needs to slow down in life and behind the wheel of a car

2578 days ago


I have served the Hogan family on an airplane before - yeah - they were in first class -- and they were the nicest, most genuinely grateful and decent people I have ever had the fortune to serve. If only all of our customers were that polite! Hulk just smiled and didn't ask for anything - he just wanted to sleep. The big guy is always busy. The whole family is really cool, and my heart goes out to them -- it's great that Nick pulled through - and I hope that John pulls through so he will not have to live through the guilt of accidentally hurting a friend.

God bless you Hogan Family, my prayers are with you!

From a friend in California.

2578 days ago


66. thanks for your comment

This just makes me so angry. As a mother, I struggle each day to make sure that I instill in my children a sense of responsiblity..not just for themselves, but for the community we live in and the people around us. Will my children make mistakes, sure, but this even was so entirely preventable....he has had at least 2 other reckless driving tickets and has smashed up a bunch of cars (including one that "mysteriously burst into flames")!!!

This kid and his parents were "shown" at least two other times that his behavior was immature and foolish (not to mention dangerous). How many more tickets or smashed up cars were needed before these parents got a clue? If those weren't signs what more did the parents need?

Oh, that's right, it's not until your kid pretty much kills himself and someone else that then you realize that maybe giving your teenager a new "death machine" each time he crashes the old one isn't a good idea.

It's not easy to be a parent and sometimes you have to make hard decisions. But telling you child "No, you are not getting another car" and "No you are not getting your license back" after the kid has shown numerous cases of bad judgment are no brainers. It really makes me wonder where Hulk's head is at. I just saw an biography on him and he worked his ass off to become the star he is. No one handed him light of that, how could he just totally drop his parental responsibility. STOP TRYING TO BE A FRIEND AND BE A PARENT!

I really pray that this young man in the hospital is OK. Such a terrible tragedy...

2578 days ago


I'm glad that Nick is going to be OK. I hope his friends pulls through. From what I can tell (the stories I've read) this was a pure accident. Everybody can make a mistake and it isn't like he was drunk or high like some other celebrities around town.

2578 days ago


How sad it is to see what some people have recorded here with this family in such a predicament. It just goes to show that the moral fiber of this world is in the loo.

Love and peace to you Mr. and Mrs. Hulk !!

2578 days ago


what a dumb ass

2578 days ago

just asking    

#38 Just asking

How many chances do you think this family should get? How many cars has Nick wrecked while speeding, how many times was he stopped for speeding? If you think he is such a sweet boy with good parents let him race up and down your street! My prayers will be with you in the game of Russian roulette that you and yours won't be hit and killed by this boy that makes a habit of serious mistakes and dad rewards him with another fast car.

Posted at 2:58PM on Aug 27th 2007 by geesh

I never said he wasn't at fault or needed more chance from his parents. He was speeding and that is breaking the law not with standing what will happen to the ypung man.
As for the number of times he has been stopped for speeding I'm sure you have the time to go look it up. It was already mentioned on the wire services today. (I'm not your secretary)
Never described him as sweet. No, you idiot I would not like a speeding motorist driving down my street or your's.

Sharpen your comphrehessice skills. I said his consciounce will bother him about this forever and pray and give thought to the parents and family.


2578 days ago
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