Bam: Vito's the New Kobe

8/29/2007 10:19 AM PDT
It's hard to be taken seriously when you've got a tattoo of two animals humping on your leg, but former "Jackass" star Bam Margera tried anyway.

TMZ caught the bad boy skateboarder outside of Koi last night, where he had a cute little dinner date with legend Tony Hawk. Bam tore into lawyers going after his uncle, Don Vito, who is accused of fondling three girls between the ages of 13 and 15, during an appearance at a Colorado mall last year. "These small town lawyers, they want to get their names in the paper .... It's like the Kobe Bryant thing," Bam said. The daredevil added, "But it's done now, so cheers to Vito."

What Bam didn't realize is that Don's drama is far from over. Yesterday, Vito was released on bail yesterday after forking over $50 grand, but he's definitely not in the clear. He'll be back in court on October 22, when the trial is scheduled to resume.