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Driver Pleads in "A Christmas Story" Deaths

8/29/2007 4:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hector Manuel Velazquez-Nava pleaded no contest to two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, in connection with an April crash in L.A. that killed film director Robert Clark and his son, Ariel.

Clark, the well-known director of "A Christmas Story," and 22-year-old Ariel were killed when Velazquez-Nava's GMC Yukon crossed the line and hit Clark's Infiniti head-on.

The 24-year-old faces up to six years in state prison when he is sentenced September 27.


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6 years?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! That's it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! What the hell is wrong with our legal system?!?!

2619 days ago


He was here ILLEGALLY tmz, why do you fail to mention that?

2619 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Dam* drunk drivers. Six years (out in ?) to think about the two good lives he took and the family he destroyed, because he chose to get behind the wheel of a car when he knew he'd been imbibing. How do you make reparations for something like that? I couldn't live with it.

2619 days ago


Make him serve his time in a MEXICAN prison!!!!! When is the US gonna wake up and finally do something about these illegals?

2619 days ago

Edit much?    

If Hector was indeed here illegally, he should be deported immediately and forced to stand trial in his own country. Why the hell should our tax dollars pay for that illegal piece of drunk-driving trash to have a "fair trial"?

2619 days ago

Whippet Good    

Were these the poor guys who were killed on PCH? Trying to place the original story...

2619 days ago


Only 6 years for taking two lives? Appalling. I hope that drunken murderer gets the full sentence.

2619 days ago

Jeff R    

This is simply outrageous. Driving drunk and killing two people should warrant a life sentence. My deepest condolences to the Clark family for not only the loss of their loved ones, but for the failure of the legal system to provide proper justice.

2619 days ago


I hear your frustraion! On the other hand though, Hector (or WTF ever his name is) SHOULD be tried in the US because he killed two Americans. It sounds like there will be no trial though as he pleaded no contest but still, tax dolars will got to his court fees and the expnese to keep him in prison. And trust me, if the US sent him to Mexico to be punished, Mexico wouldn't do a damn thing. The goverment could care less if a Mexican citizen kills an American or two.....
I say we send the Mexican "goverment" a bill to pay for Hectors court cost, attorney fees and jail stay.

2619 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Legal, illegal. This story is not about the illegal agenda. Illegals come to try to improve their lot, in general. The point is drunken driving. I know legals who have done this. This guy has to face what he's done.

2619 days ago


I went to high school with Ariel. He was a great person with unbelievable charm and talent. One of those people who was friends with everyone, always nice and never said anything impolite or offensive.

When Ariel and his father passed we were all devistated. What is becoming equally as devistating is the fact the legal system is giving only a slap on the wrist for an offense that has scarred the hearts of many people.

Six years is nothing, some people now have to live the rest of their lives without a friend.

2619 days ago


This is an issue of -
A) Another IDIOT drunk driving
B) The legal system AGAIN failing the victims
C) An illegal who shouldn't be here on our roads

Sorry if this seems like an "agenda" but we have enough of our own a-holes on the roads and we don't need to start throwing people who dont belong here into the mix. Your right, there are Americans that do this and thats wrong too but it is more infuriating when it should have been avoided because the person shouldn't be here.

2619 days ago

Edit much?    

Yes, Sarah, your point is well taken and what you say makes a lot of sense. We should send his home country's government the bill for any expenses relating to Hector's crime that are normally paid for with American tax dollars. And while I agree with you also, #9, the fact that the drunk driver is an illegal immigrant cannot be ignored. These two wonderful Americans who have lost their lives might still be around today if it weren't for the actions of this drunk driving illegal immigrant, Hector.

2619 days ago

Boxy Roxy    

I loved that writer and that story! I was so sad that he and his son were killed. How senseless, how unnecessary, and what a waste. I hope the killer rots. And knowing he was illegal, I hope he double rots.

2619 days ago

Boxy Roxy    

I agree with #11.

2619 days ago
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