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Puts Britney on Blast

8/29/2007 1:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This morning on On Air with Ryan Seacrest, R&B singer/songwriter Ne-Yo discussed what occurred in his failed working relationship with Britney Spears. Brit still works?

Ne-yo: Click to hear!
Ne-Yo explained that he wrote 6 to 8 songs intended for Spears, which she loved, but once she shaved her head and went into rehab, all contact was lost as Britz didn't return calls. In the meantime, Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger listened to the songs and purchased two of them. That's what we call a "jack move," folks! Ne-Yo now claims Brit-Brit is a little upset -- because he sold Nicole songs intended for her. Ya snooze, ya lose y'all!

Ne-Yo remained a gentleman during the entire interview and didn't take a few golden opportunities to trash the pop wreck -- even suggesting that a comeback is possible if she can separate her private and professional lives. No kidding!


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Ne-Yo is awesome! He does not need Britney or her money! He is a very talented person! Go Ne-Yo!!!

2582 days ago


Good thing these songs will be sung by someone other than Brit. Everything she touches turns to "mold" these days anyway.

2582 days ago



get your facts straight - i never said that to you, go back to your posts, moron, that was someone else that said that...

2582 days ago


Who would record ANYTHING with this yo yo?

2582 days ago


Not even Britney!

get lot ne yo yo

2582 days ago


Who the hell is Ne-Yo?

2582 days ago


this is old news! ne-yo already talked about this a while ago on mtv canada!

2582 days ago


she's a complete idiot and clearly does not care about her career. also, please don't use my name to post, i've been hora forever ktx

2582 days ago


Stop stalking me, SHELLY. The soup kitchen awaits.

2582 days ago


First and for most there was no breah of contract anywhere, In the know!!! Ne-Yo is basically saying that he is tired of the run a round with her and her people's. I mean the situation is like someone telling you that they want to buy your car and they are gun ho about it and then months later you still haven't heard from them and someone else comes along and give you a better offer....what you going to do say No!!! someone else is eyeing this car already. Remeber this is months that he was trying to get in contact with Brittany's people. Am i am sure that Ne-Yo has good lawyers and thats why he gave the songs away and Brittany better be luck that Ne-yo still put two songs that she really wanted aside for her. So in the know i am goin gto need for you to really understand the whole breachin of contracts thing okay!!! See you are thinking it was a verbal contract that was made but it wasn't ...Britt was intrested in the songs Ne-Yo wrote her and her people didn't say yes we are definetly taking the songs and it is really up to them.....if her people was so concerned about her "COMEBACK" they would have jump on the opportunity and got the songs before someelse did. Ya snooze ya loose!!!!! in the music industry you have to act fast!!!!!! and i agree with Krsytilin he didn't put her on blast...some on people know the difference.....he was just on his grown man things and just told the truth and how he felt...i am tried of people always taking things out od context and that is how the entertainment wolrd is they love conflict with between celebs cause it is ratings so, of course they are going to hype it up bigger and what it truely yall like them apples?????!!!!!

2582 days ago


im sick of the way tmz, making fun of her,by talking like shes from the south,(like y'all)im from the south,and i say,y'all. its sad you make money off her,and never say a thing good about her,you just keep kicking her while shes down. i pray she makes a come back,and tell y'all, to kiss her butt. britney my prayes are with you.the only thing you need right now,is prayes,and someone to love you,all your mom is doing is hurting you more,and you x is after all the money he can get, there not trying to help you, when this is over,i would tell them to hit the road. good luck to you

2582 days ago

Johnny SoCal    


Singers purchase songs from writers just like they purchase beats from producers! No contracts are required for a writer to write songs or a producer to produce beats! You sound foolish! STOP IT SOUTH CAROLINA!
NE-YO writes songs for just about every major R&B and Pop singer in the biz! That's who he is!

2582 days ago


hey, i bet ne-yo man heard about her recently reported stinky south and decided to pass. it had to be one of her bodyguards who she slept with who said it. it's kinda sad if it was that britney doesn't know it. creep is getting paid by her and some other party to snitch on her too.

2582 days ago

in the know    

gee, you're right you ALL know more than me. nevermind that i worked in both jive's a&r and business affairs departments and have full knowledge of how the label works. ONE MORE TIME: LABELS BUY TRACKS FOR THEIR ARTISTS. if an artist and a producer/songwriter decide they'd like to work together or even talk about working together, they have to go through the label to make it official and for any exchange of material/monies to take place. and of course i know who ne-yo is. i remember him from back in the day when he was begging jive and other labels to listen to his stuff. nothing against the guy at all, but he clearly isn't in the mainstream yet and desperately wants to be.

2582 days ago


Neyo can write but his sound is way to nasal!!!

2582 days ago
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