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When Charles Comes to Bark

8/29/2007 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dog murderer Michael Vick has an ally -- the appropriately named NBA great Charles Barkley.

TMZ caught the basketball legend (at 6'6" he's easy to spot) outside of Hyde last night, where he told cameras he didn't believe Vick should be kicked out of the NFL for life, instead thinking, "He should get kicked out for a couple years and get another opportunity." Opportunity to do what?!

"Buffy" alum and "American Pie" flute diddler Alyson Hannigan wasn't exactly sentimental over Vick when TMZ asked her the same question earlier in the day, the banged-up redhead replied, "Karma's gonna get him!" Meow!


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Corey Haim is HOT    

these two look different,,

I hope he is kicked out for life,, what he did does not deserve a second chance, he was so so so deeply involved in this horrid act of dog abuse that it is just not an OOPs it's an issue that cannot be given a slap on the wrist.

2620 days ago



2620 days ago


First you bitches!!! IF Vick likes dog fighting let him fight my dog. I know for a fact he would never be able to play football again!

2620 days ago


I agree with Barkley. After Vick serves his time he should be allowed to go back to work.

2620 days ago


TMZ always takes quotes at face value and doesn't look at what else they said or why. Barkley said the other night that Vick was stupid and deserves all the punishment he gets. Yeah, he did say that eventually he should be let back in if he cooperates, changes his life, and his sincere in all of his apologies, but only after a couple of years off. Barkley is in no way a supporter of Vick.

as far as Arthur Blank's comments goes (as seen here on good ole TMZ), he has no choice but to leave him on the roster so he can get his $22 million back. If he cuts him now, he can't get any of it and he would open himself up to a players union greivance...but TMZ doesn't care, it says that Blank just wants to keep a good player on its roster and won't cut him. Far from the truth. He'll get cut when he can do it.

come on TMZ, stop making people out to be fools when you're too lazy to uncover the rest of the story.

2620 days ago


You people who think he should be booted for life are ignorant. If you look at the past history of players in the NFL (who went on to play more) dog fighting is one of the least offensive crimes on the list. Let's be honest...everyone loves dogs, but they are just dogs. What about players who abuse their wives or rape women...get some real prospective on this please.

2620 days ago


YUP think he should be kicked out for life, I feel that any one person who gets paid boat loads of money to play a sport and a potential role model should be held accountable for their actions, remember Mike Tyson??? LOL LOOSERS!

2620 days ago


Still love Charles Barkley

2620 days ago

getting tired of crap    

You don't have to boot him for life. What fool of an owner would take him. Even Al Davis considers Vick to be pure poison.

2620 days ago


Here's a lesson for you people who want to see Vick banned for life. Have you ever heard of forgiveness? If the man goes to jail, pays the fines do you not think it is possible for that same man to become a productive member of society again? Isn't that what our judicial system is SUPPOSED to be about? learning a lesson and becoming a better person for it. This condeming for life business is just disgusting. I don't approve of what he did. I think it is vile and cruel but a man deserves forgiveness if he is honestly seeking it.

2620 days ago


he should get tried in dog years, 7 years for every 1 year he gets

2620 days ago

sharon bartel    

Time to vote Pete Rose into Baseball Hall of Fame!!!!

2620 days ago


Hooray Allison, you are quite right! Karma's a bitch..

2620 days ago


People forget about Tonya Harding, she got band for life and she never pleaded guilty.

2620 days ago


If America and PETA were to review the history of this country and how slaves were mutilated, hung, whipped, deprived (particularly the Emmit Till murder) maybe they wouldn't be so quick to jump on the "non forgiveness" wagon. Michael Vick at least apologized for his wrong behavior. To this day, America has not apologized for slavery and its atrocities.

P.S. And by the way, although I don't like pitt bulls and think they should be banned as pets, I think the allegations of Michael Vick are despicable.

2620 days ago
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