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Wentworth Miller: The Great Uniter

8/30/2007 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wentworth MillerAs part of a spread in the latest issue of GQ Germany, Wentworth Miller says "My father is black and my mother is white. Therefore, I could answer to either, which kind of makes me a racial Lone Ranger, at times, caught between two communities." And the "Prison Break" star shall lead them!

But hang on a sec: The quote is four years old and was uttered when Miller played a biracial man in the movie, "The Human Stain." While Miller may not seem to be anything but lily white, his lineage is all over the map; he is of African-American, Jamaican, English, German, Cherokee and Jewish descent on his father's side, and of Russian, French, Dutch, Syrian and Lebanese descent on his mother's side.

What great mystery will we next learn about Wentworth?


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his boyfriend is a hottie, they make a cute couple.
he should just come out already.

2556 days ago


He's so freaking good looking, who cares what his nationality is or isn't

2556 days ago


omigod you are so deluded , the guy is gay and has been in a relationship with another actor for nearly a year.
get over it.

2556 days ago


There’s this rumor going around that Wentworth is secretly dating Luke McFarlane (an actor from the show “Brothers and Sister” and cutey T.R. Knight’s ex) for the past 6 months. Back in 2006, Prison Break’s first season, he addressed the Australian press about the gay rumor surrounding him.

“No, I’m not gay. I know these rumors are out there…I’m cool with the fact that they exist, I mean this is about fantasy. Certain people are going to have certain fantasies. If someone wants to imagine me with a woman, or a man or one of each, that’s cool with me as long as you keep watching the show.”

Good to know that he turns the attention back to the show, good plug Wentworth! And smart too, who knew he went to Princeton.

After reading through different websites, they indicate that both are quite serious about their relationship. It’s also reported, from someone working at Fox, that Wentworth is becoming a tad difficult to work with (i.e. not doing press junctions / interviews for the upcoming season of Prison Break) because he doesn’t want to answer questions about him being gay or not.

It’s a sad state of affair when actors these day’s are being pushed out of the closet, literally. First it was Lance Bass, then Neil Patrick Harris, and then that adorable T.R. Knight. Leave the poor guy alone … it’s his personal life.

2556 days ago

Wet For Went    

He better say something new soon in an interview or I'm gonna kick his ass!

2556 days ago


"Holy Crap", Batman. The United Nations all-in-one. Bam!!!

Just kidding. Your HOT!

2555 days ago


How does feel to be African American, French, Jamaican, English, German and....Gay?

2555 days ago

R u nuts?    

Yes, he is gay but it is always controlled...I just don't think you recognize how awful and hard it will be for him if he comes out of the closet...that is why he will refrain form further comment on the matter...

2555 days ago

t rules at all times    

how in the hell can u be all those things i mean damn another tiger woods i wish they would just pick 1 and leave at that!@#$%^&*(P

2555 days ago


Who cares what his background and orientation are? People are so fascinated by differences in one another. ..He is a talented actor. .and should be proud of himself...thats his claim to fame...whats yours...???

2555 days ago


I'd like to know why saying someone is gay or speculating is a "judgment", like it's such a horrible, horrible thing.... how does Miller's sexuality affect anyone here again??

And, completely off-topic, but THANK YOU TMZ for leaving the Owen Wilson story alone -- he asked to be left alone for now and I'm really shocked (in a good way) that TMZ is actually doing that! Bravo!!

2555 days ago


why is saying he's gay hating? stop your homophobia.

2555 days ago


it respects it. he is great!!

2555 days ago


he is my fav --hot hot marry me cincinnati girl

2555 days ago

. . .    

God, who cares. Everybody is multi-racial these days. He's nothing new or different.

2555 days ago
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