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Woody & Soon-Yi: Strange Love

8/30/2007 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ten years after their marriage, the bizarre, passionate love affair between Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn is as strong as ever! Mama Mia!

The 71-year-old director and his rapidly aging 36-year-old baby mama strolled the streets of gay ol' Paree with their gargantuan friend/driver Nicolas on Wednesday. The circus has officially come to town! Woody tried going incognito in a bucket hat, while Soon-Yi kept it real ... unfortunate ... in her mom jeans! It's hard out here for the sexy adopted daughter of your longtime ex!

Woody & Soon-Yi prove the only bond stronger than father and daughter -- is husband and wife!


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What a bunch of uneducated people! First...get a dictionary and look up pedophile/pedophilia BEFORE you start making assumptions about what those words mean. Second...many of you need to take 7th grade English all over again. It seems that you failed the first time around. But maybe that is why you sit on TMZ's website, bashing others for the way they look. You all MUST feel inadequate in the age, education, and looks department to be disrespecting people the way you are. Care to share a picture of yourself with us? Yeah...didn't think so. You DO know what they say about people in glass houses, don't you.....???

2609 days ago

pay atention    

I think he doesn't have a clue that the public really does view him as a pervert!! He thinks no one even remembers what all happened so many years back. He thinks everyone just thinks of him as a great Hollywood actor/director. The thing is, I think the ONLY thing people really think of when they hear the name Woody Allen is Pervert!!!!

2609 days ago


Soon-Leave With Cash looks like a mac truck rear ended her skull. Does she really give him head???

2609 days ago


Why the comment "rapidly aging" when referring to Soon-Yi Previn? ...and when she's pictured next to Woody Allen no less!! Please get a grip on your problem with women over 30. With Britney, Paris and Lindsay representing the 20-something females, I would hope that women would be looking forward to reaching an age where their brains are finally functioning.

2609 days ago


to number 15 - you apparently don't live in NY state. My 21 year old son was accused of statutory rape with a 17 yo girl. Legally, he is considered a pedophile/sex offender.

2608 days ago


Woody Allen's behavior with his daughter/wife is just plain nasty. The excuse that she is really not his daughter because she was adopted is lame. She is his daughter regardless if there is a dna connection or not. However, he is a wonderful writer and director so he should be credited for that.

2608 days ago



2603 days ago

Lola La Pistola    

Forget his personal life for a moment, you must admit Woody Allen is a comedic genius! Some of my all time favorite movies are Woody Allen movies.

Play It Again, Sam is brilliant!

2557 days ago


ok, he wasnt "married to mia" , he just had a thing for little girls....sicko. Now Soon yi can worry that the little girls in their lives he may trade HER in for a younger model. SICK.

2549 days ago


@Steve - Being together for a long time does not make a normal relationship - you should know better than that. They both simply trapped in their situations because they disgust everyone else who might have been a possible partner.

Well now they have adopted a daughter, which means Woody Allen will soon have a new girlfriend.

1637 days ago


Albeit really not funny that they "celebrated" Fathers Day. What did they do for Mother's Day? And What about Grandparents day? Ohhh. Twisted.

1583 days ago

yellow stinger    

soon yi and woody allen are the ugliess couple ever, one perverted geezer deserves another perverted skank.But I think Soon yi was very sneaky and knew right along what she was getting herself into even if she was young when it happened but I don't think she was smart enough to realize how the media would nearly destroy her with the embarrassment of knowing the whole world knows she slept with her mothers partner and this made her naive and immoral.

1481 days ago
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